Thanksgiving Host Demands $500 Deposit to Keep Politics Off the Table! 🦃💰

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Ah, Thanksgiving, a time for family, food, and...fierce political debates? 🦃💬 One brave host, tired of the constant political bickering at family gatherings, decided to take a stand. In a bold move, they demanded a $500 deposit from each attendee, promising to return it at the end of the night if politics were kept off the table. But what happens when two family members refuse to pay? Let's dive into this drama-filled Thanksgiving tale! 🍿

A Warm Thanksgiving Getaway 🏖️

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The Political Pugilists 👊

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The $500 Solution 💰

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The Refusal 🚫

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My House, My Rules 🏠

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The Fallout 🌪️

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The Final Stand 🛡️

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A Thanksgiving Showdown: Cash or Clash? 💰🦃

In a bid to keep the peace during the family Thanksgiving dinner, our beachside host came up with a unique solution - a $500 deposit to ensure a politics-free evening. However, when sister Kari and her husband Bob refused to pay, they found themselves uninvited. Despite pleas from the grandparents, our host stood firm. Now, with the holiday looming, the family is divided. Will the deposit demand keep the peace or has it only added fuel to the fire? Let's see how the internet weighs in on this turkey of a situation. 🦃💬

NTA. Setting boundaries to avoid political conflicts at Thanksgiving. 😂

tsumtsumfaithie | tsumtsumfaithie

Donate the money to a charity they argued against 👏

RegretOk194 | RegretOk194

Demanding a $500 deposit to avoid politics? Tacky and divisive! 😑

beautifulmind90 | beautifulmind90

NTA: Brilliant rule to avoid conflict and stirrers. 👏

StiffyMcFly | StiffyMcFly

NTA. Brilliant move to keep politics off the table! 👏

HenriettaHiggins | HenriettaHiggins

Avoiding politics and religion at family gatherings? Genius move! 📲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Thanksgiving drama: $500 deposit to keep politics off the table! 😱

ssj4majuub | ssj4majuub

Divided opinions on demanding deposit to avoid Thanksgiving politics. 🤔

Fangehulmesteren | Fangehulmesteren

"YTA. Charging $500 to avoid politics? That's unbearably controlling!" 🤣

Responsible-Try6108 | Responsible-Try6108

Excluding family from Thanksgiving? YTA for complicating things! 🙄

ivylass | ivylass

YTA demands $500 to keep politics off the table? Ridiculous! 😑

VulcanDiver | VulcanDiver

NTA Genius!!! Bob & Kari are adults & get to decide for themselves. You are not accountable for their choices or actions. Kari will need to explain to her kids & to your Mom why she is choosing politics over family. ETA — for the time & energy I have put in to this post I feel I should be invited to this warm place holiday feast! LOL... this will absolutely need an update. Wishing you & yours a very Peaceful Thanksgiving! 🎃🎉

Alarming_Reply_6286 | Alarming_Reply_6286

YTA for demanding a deposit at a family event 😑

elliptical-wing | elliptical-wing

YTA demands $500 to avoid politics. Insane! 😳

Moon-Queen95 | Moon-Queen95

YTA demands $500 to avoid political discussions. 🦃💰

TirisfalFarmhand | TirisfalFarmhand

"YTA. Families should be able to talk about important issues." 🙄

probablypurple | probablypurple

Defining politics is key to avoiding heated Thanksgiving debates! 🤔

ProperAd2449 | ProperAd2449

Debate over $500 deposit to keep politics off Thanksgiving table! 🤔

aboutsider | aboutsider

"NTA. This ingenious idea keeps family peace first! 🦃💰"

Huge_Industry_1259 | Huge_Industry_1259

YTA demands $500 deposit to avoid politics 🦃💰

Disdain690 | Disdain690

Uninviting them would have been better! YTA! 🙄

sinfolop | sinfolop

Parents pay deposit to avoid political debate with obnoxious sister. NTA

Dogmother123 | Dogmother123

YTA targets two people, deal with them or don't invite! 🙅

rutfilthygers | rutfilthygers

Controversial $500 deposit keeps politics off the Thanksgiving table! 🦃

azula1983 | azula1983

Curious about the $500 deposit rule at Thanksgiving dinner? 🦃💰

Kris82868 | Kris82868

Demanding deposit to avoid politics? YTA! Remove yourself instead! 😒

LogicalVariation741 | LogicalVariation741

Controlling host demands deposit to avoid political arguments 🦃

Beaufort62 | Beaufort62

"YTA. $500 deposit to avoid politics? That's nuts! 🏀😳"

Awesome1296 | Awesome1296

Last-minute rule change for Thanksgiving gathering sparks understandable frustration.

My_Dramatic_Persona | My_Dramatic_Persona

Debate over party deposit and political leanings sparks heated discussion

Cool_Cartographer_33 | Cool_Cartographer_33

OP's Thanksgiving hosting privileges revoked forever 🙌

smolbirb123456 | smolbirb123456

YTA. Abortion: politics or health? Discuss with loved ones. 👩‍👧‍👦

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA demands $500 deposit for politics-free Thanksgiving dinner 🦃💰

ladida54 | ladida54

YTA for demanding $500 deposit to keep politics off the table! 🙄

fromhelley | fromhelley

Defining 'political talk' and its unexpected interpretations. 🤔

losethemap | losethemap

ESH: Awkward Thanksgiving with unwanted guests and disappointed parents. 😳

jose_ole | jose_ole

YTA for trying to police what counts as politics. 🙄

TakenOverByBots | TakenOverByBots

Thanksgiving host demands $500 deposit to avoid politics 🦃💰

Zacherius | Zacherius

Mixed feelings on setting a $500 deposit to avoid politics 🤔

Ancient-Transition-4 | Ancient-Transition-4

NTA: Thanksgiving should be about family, not political arguments 🦃

muskiesfan1 | muskiesfan1

YTA for playing money games instead of being honest 😒

sateitishia | sateitishia

Thanksgiving host demands deposit to avoid politics. YTA confirmed.

philemon23 | philemon23

NTA: Demanding money to avoid political debates is controlling 🙅

isi_na | isi_na

YTA. Civil conversations should be normal. $500 deposit is ridiculous.

cellophane_angel | cellophane_angel

Parents paying deposit defeats the purpose. No incentive to avoid politics.

ImprovementKey243 | ImprovementKey243

Fiery debate over politics and money turns Thanksgiving into battleground! 💥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Distrustful commenter questions host's intentions in keeping politics off table

Zoomer3989 | Zoomer3989

Invite them, ask them to leave, and enjoy family time! 😊

IndyWineLady | IndyWineLady

Demanding $500 deposit to avoid politics? YTA, dial it back!

KiratheCat | KiratheCat

YTA: Don't be a petty dictator, just uninvite them! 🙅

The_Real_Scrotus | The_Real_Scrotus

NTA. Deposit won't stop politics with self-absorbed Kari & Bob! 🙄

Spiritual_Frosting60 | Spiritual_Frosting60

Rude couple brings up politics, host demands ridiculous $500 deposit! 🦃💰

No_Progress3195 | No_Progress3195

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