Best Friend's Girlfriend Throws a Curveball: Jealousy or Justified? 🤔

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Meet our storyteller, a 21-year-old woman who's found herself in a bit of a pickle. She's best friends with a guy, let's call him 'W'. They've been tight since freshman year, and she's always been a supportive friend to him and his partners. But here's the twist: she's a lesbian, and his new girlfriend, 'S', is not so thrilled about their closeness. The drama unfolds when 'S' asks her to distance herself from 'W'. 🎭🤷‍♀️

Meet the Trio: Our Storyteller, W, and S 🎭

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

The Plot Thickens: S Enters the Scene 👀

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

First Impressions: Not All Sunshine and Rainbows 🌈

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

The Unexpected Message: Back Off! 😲

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

The Ultimatum: Distance or Disrespect? 🤔

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

The Dilemma: To Respond or Not to Respond? 🎭

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

Seeking Advice: A Message to W 📝

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

W's Response: Unaware and Upset 😮

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

A Twist in the Tale: S Deletes Her Messages 🔄

anongaybestfriend | anongaybestfriend

A Friendship on the Line: Jealousy, Misunderstandings, and Unanswered Questions 🎭🤷‍♀️

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions and misunderstandings, our storyteller is left questioning her actions. Despite her attempts to clarify her intentions, 'S' remains unyielding, leaving her to wonder: Is she in the wrong? Should she distance herself from 'W', one of her closest friends? The plot thickens when 'W' expresses his unawareness of 'S''s feelings and assures our storyteller that she's done nothing wrong. But with 'S' deleting her messages, the tale takes an unexpected turn. Let's dive into the internet's reactions to this intriguing story... 💬🍿

"NTA, she's disrespectful and controlling. Relationship without trust is 0. 🤔"

tatemalia | tatemalia

NTA. Let W know what she said and he'll decide 🤔

czechtheboxes | czechtheboxes

Best friend's girlfriend is controlling and jealous, causing tension. 🤔

zZombi__ | zZombi__

NTA. Stand your ground and don't let her push you around. 💪

PhoenixEcho1 | PhoenixEcho1

NTA: Friend's gf overstepped boundaries, warn friend about her actions. 👍

humanmartians | humanmartians

NTA. GF's jealousy might be rooted in lack of attention.

BoomTheBear86 | BoomTheBear86

Insecure ex still causing drama? Time to spill the tea! 👀

Ssshushpup23 | Ssshushpup23

NTA, warn your friend about his controlling girlfriend. Hugs matter 💜

Acceptable_Day6086 | Acceptable_Day6086

"NTA, toxic girlfriend. Discuss with friend. Jealousy of gay person? 🤔"

StationJazzlike2978 | StationJazzlike2978

NTA! Open communication is key in any relationship 👍

financiallysoundcat | financiallysoundcat

Possessive, manipulative GF vs. happy BF. Screenshots for future reference? 🤔

Here4SheetsNGiggles | Here4SheetsNGiggles

NTA - Best friend's girlfriend is projecting insecurities onto you 🤔

mentosfruitgun | mentosfruitgun

Toxic girlfriend? 🚩 Warn your friend about her jealousy!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating a landmine: How to confront your friend and his gf? 🤔

UStellaBB | UStellaBB

NTA: Her demand is out of line. Trust your friend.

RollTheHard66 | RollTheHard66

NTA. Respect boundaries and ask for consent when hugging. 👯

SandwichOtter | SandwichOtter

Navigating boundaries with your best friend's jealous girlfriend 🤔

danopat3266 | danopat3266

NTA with incredible hugging skills, but adapt to comfort levels! 🤔

oliviamrow | oliviamrow

Curious for an update! NTA 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Don't let her curveball ruin your friendship! 💪

Venetrix2 | Venetrix2

NTA. Need a hug? Virtual hugs coming your way! 🤗

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Expose the possessive GF to your friend 👀

PilotEnvironmental46 | PilotEnvironmental46

Insecure girlfriend causing tension in long-term friendship. 🤔

Chariesa | Chariesa

NTA. Friend's toxic girlfriend causing problems. Warn your friend! 😠

I-cant-hug-every-cat | I-cant-hug-every-cat

The never-ending drama continues with Update 4! 🍿🍿🍿🍿

Girmillion | Girmillion

Betrayed by a close friend's girlfriend, lost a brotherly bond. 😢

BaoBunny44 | BaoBunny44

NTA - Love knows no bounds! 💜

[deleted] | [deleted]

Misunderstood invite leads to hilarious screenshot exchange and unexpected consequences 😂

BirdsRNtReel | BirdsRNtReel

NTA: Insecure girlfriend causing drama, talk to your friend ASAP! 🚩

UnusualRedFlower979 | UnusualRedFlower979

NTA. Set boundaries and communicate openly to avoid toxicity. 👍

lanigx9 | lanigx9

Expose the DMs and let W deal with the fallout. NTA 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA - Stand your ground and be careful with this situation 🤔

DuskLordX | DuskLordX

Jealous girlfriend targets friend for being closer to boyfriend. NTA.

hurelise | hurelise

NTA, boy should run from jealous, controlling, manipulating girlfriend 😔

Willy3726 | Willy3726

NTA. Possessive vibes from 'know your role' comment. Serious chat needed.

Defiant-Historian800 | Defiant-Historian800

Not the a**hole, but what's the backstory? 🤔

netherkate | netherkate

Mysterious update? What could it be? 🤔

Z_Laurent | Z_Laurent

NTA, close friendship with opposite sex causing jealousy in relationship 😕

Oddish197 | Oddish197

NTA. Girlfriend's behavior is unacceptable. W deserves to know. 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Show the message to W and address the gf issue 🤔

CherryBomb214 | CherryBomb214

NTA. Controlling girlfriend tries to isolate friend group. Huge red flag. 👍

crawling-alreadygirl | crawling-alreadygirl

NTA. Expose her manipulation and protect your friend. 🤔

Nic0kami | Nic0kami

Setting boundaries and demanding respect in a toxic relationship. 🙌

85Neon85 | 85Neon85

Friend's girlfriend has trust issues. NTA for setting boundaries. 😊

Ardara | Ardara

NTA: OP's best friend's girlfriend is unnecessarily aggressive and insecure 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Have an open conversation with your friend about boundaries. 👍

Matthewrmt | Matthewrmt

Not the a**hole. Tell us more about this juicy drama! 🤔

8ltd | 8ltd

Dodging a bullet! NTA for leaving the ball in his court 🤔

mentionitallll | mentionitallll

Stand your ground and let W handle the situation. 💪

tatasz | tatasz

NTA op. Show W screenshots to expose S's true colors! 🤔

Honey_2313 | Honey_2313

NTA: Communicate with your friend about his girlfriend's jealousy 👍

goofysmurf76 | goofysmurf76

NTA: Girlfriend's superiority complex is causing tension. Unacceptable behavior. 😑

Least-Designer7976 | Least-Designer7976

GF's insecurity and jealousy issues: red flags and intimidation tactics. 😱

Old-Cry- | Old-Cry-

NTA's jealous girlfriend demands no contact. Talk to W.

randomstraightguyyyy | randomstraightguyyyy

Engaging response to jealousy in friendships, promoting understanding 👍

asterlynx | asterlynx

NTA. Controlling and predatory behavior from his girlfriend. Warn him! 😱

Other_Personalities | Other_Personalities

NTA. W's insecurity may ruin her relationship with S. Let it play out. 🤔

Which_Reveal5674 | Which_Reveal5674

NTA, but warn your friend about his insecure girlfriend 🤔

MamanBear79 | MamanBear79

Expose the truth! Your friend deserves to know the betrayal. 🤔

Miiesha | Miiesha

NTA exposes girlfriend's unhinged behavior, secure in relationships 🤔

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

NTA. Stand up for yourself and end the drama! 👏

barnescando | barnescando

Stand your ground! Don't let her control your friendship. 💪

DDecimal | DDecimal

Is your friend's girlfriend jealous of your friendship? 🤔

saeyia | saeyia

Expose the truth: NTA, show him those messages! 🤔

BirdsRNtReel | BirdsRNtReel

NTA. Girlfriend causing drama after only 2 months? Red flag! 🚨

HippopotamusFart | HippopotamusFart

🚩 NTA: Best friend's girlfriend is controlling and disrespectful. Show him!

HiddenDestiny251 | HiddenDestiny251

A harmless hug sparks jealousy. NTA, tell your friend!

Clama_lama_ding_dong | Clama_lama_ding_dong

"Show your friend the messages and let him decide." NTA 👍

MamaFen | MamaFen

NTA. Girlfriend trying to control friend's life after only 2 months 😱

sickeningaquaria | sickeningaquaria

NTA. W deserves to know about his gf's behavior 🤔

pcnauta | pcnauta

NTA, but spill the tea to your friend ASAP! 😳

FeztiTheOtter | FeztiTheOtter

NTA. Insecure girlfriend causing drama. Talk to W about it. 😠

kitkatpaddiewack | kitkatpaddiewack

NTA. Show the texts to W, he deserves to know 😊

paganliam | paganliam

Insecure girlfriend causing drama? Share messages, let friend handle it! 🤔

Giralia | Giralia

Friend's husband crosses boundaries, red flag! You're NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: New girl's insecurities caused unnecessary drama. She should've backed off.

GameAssassin96 | GameAssassin96

"NTA. It's your friendship, not her business. She crossed boundaries."

Kairain | Kairain

NTA - OP did right by telling W. 🙌

Montanapat89 | Montanapat89

"NTA. Can't wait for the update! 🤔"

waste_of_bandages | waste_of_bandages

NTA for being a great friend despite girlfriend's jealousy 👏

Lets_Call_It_Wit | Lets_Call_It_Wit

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