Sisterly Love or Babysitting Blues? A Family Feud Unfolds 🍼💔

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In a year filled with unprecedented challenges, family has been the rock for many of us. But what happens when the lines between family support and exploitation start to blur? 🤔💔 This is the story of two sisters, one jobless and homeless, the other a hardworking single mom, and the conflict that arises when their worlds collide. Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster... 🎢

A Sister in Need 😔

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

An Offer She Couldn't Refuse 🏠

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

The Babysitting Deal 🍼

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

A Sudden Change of Heart 💔

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

The Financial Breakdown 💰

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

A Counteroffer and a Confrontation 🔥

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

An Ultimatum 🚪

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The Backup Plan 🔄

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

Tears and Turmoil 😢

worst_sister_ever | worst_sister_ever

A Family Feud or a Fair Fight? You Decide! 💔🥊

Caught in the crossfire of family ties and financial woes, our single mom finds herself in a predicament. She's been housing her jobless sister, covering all her bills, and even offering groceries in exchange for babysitting duties. But when her sister demands a hefty hourly wage on top of all the benefits, our mom is left with no choice but to give an ultimatum. As the tears flow and tensions rise, we're left wondering - is she being fair or has she crossed a line? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭

NTA. Yeeesh, talk about biting the hand that feeds. 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA - Sister demands unreasonable payment for babysitting duties 🙄

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

"She wants free housing, bills paid, and a wage? NTA."

nightmarename | nightmarename

NTA. Sister wants more, but OP says no. Reality check needed 🙈

DogsReadingBooks | DogsReadingBooks

Charge her for babysitting, rent, and bills. No need to feel bad OP 🍼

Mrzlivec90 | Mrzlivec90

NTA but she needs a reality check 👏🏼

Upper_Potato_4894 | Upper_Potato_4894

NTA, but a conversation is needed to address the underlying issues 👍

Gay_Dear_Ann_Wannabe | Gay_Dear_Ann_Wannabe

💁‍♀️💼 Proving the value of babysitting with bills and rent.

Veblen1 | Veblen1

Fair compensation for babysitting: work out the rent and wages! 👍

Six_differentways | Six_differentways

NTA. Sister should be grateful for all you do! 😊

wh_ro_ry | wh_ro_ry

Supporting sister turned demanding babysitter causes family feud 💔

xHappyAcidx | xHappyAcidx

You're not the a**hole! Stand your ground and stay strong! 💪

costco8165 | costco8165

Negotiating with a demanding sister: NTA, it's give and take 👍

andreaak88 | andreaak88

Fair pay for babysitting? NTA suggests charging sister for rent!

FigchenVilliers | FigchenVilliers

NTA, consider paying her a wage to boost her self-esteem 😊

loopylandtied | loopylandtied

NTA, but sister feels undervalued. Find a compromise for independence 💔

noimneverserious | noimneverserious

💸 Outrageous demands! Is she for real? Holy Heck!

JadedSlayer | JadedSlayer

NTA. Sister got bad advice from friend or Reddit, misunderstanding situation 😕

Kim_Smoltz_ | Kim_Smoltz_

Fair and generous suggestion for supporting a sibling financially. 👍

pixelatednarcissist | pixelatednarcissist

NTA: Sister agreed to babysit but now refuses. Fair to stop housing her. 🙅

Nebsy_Websy | Nebsy_Websy

NTA expects sister to babysit, calls her a choosing beggar! 🤪

loxpoxmox | loxpoxmox

NTA—You set clear expectations and offered extra company 💔

InsertMyNameHere9154 | InsertMyNameHere9154

Generous sibling offers compromise to live-in sitter for fair pay 💰

allthemigraines | allthemigraines

"NTA - Sister agreed to arrangement, now wants to break it. You're already doing more than enough. Offer to pay her for babysitting instead."

Aestro17 | Aestro17

NTA. Sister wants to be paid like a live-in nanny 🤔


NTA. Offer her a choice: free housing or paid babysitting 💰

Sea_Marble | Sea_Marble

Creative solution to babysitting dilemma 👨‍👦

waterbuffalo750 | waterbuffalo750

Generous offer saves sister from potential financial disaster 💔

CinderDroplet | CinderDroplet

NTA - Negotiate terms to create a win-win business arrangement 💪

MeMeM-Artsy | MeMeM-Artsy

NTA. Generous stipend, but sister's being demanding. Watch out!

-im-tryin- | -im-tryin-

OP's sister wants to discuss a fair wage for babysitting 💰

babybellcheeserounds | babybellcheeserounds

NTA. Kick her out. 👍

Freckledbruh | Freckledbruh

Sibling agreement: NTA pays bills, sister can leave if unhappy 👍

aquasaurex | aquasaurex

Mom takes extra precautions due to daughter's allergies 🤩

Witchynana | Witchynana

Babysitting for $25/hr? When did that become a thing? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling financial dependency causing stress? NTA for setting boundaries! 💔

bobbelcherskid | bobbelcherskid

Fairness matters! Renegotiating terms allows for equal updates. 📱

Javaman1960 | Javaman1960

Offering an alternative: pay her bills or $20/hr for babysitting 👍

Celt42 | Celt42

Fair deal or financial burden? A sisterly standoff ensues 🍼💔

kaibac18 | kaibac18

Paying bills for sister: job or family obligation? 💰

Sensitive_Ad_1063 | Sensitive_Ad_1063

Calculating the cost of free benefits to silence an entitled sister

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling harmony prevails as babysitting duties are shared 💔

Damagedbeme | Damagedbeme

NTA!!!! 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engaging comment: NTA - Set boundaries with your sister and discuss finances 👍

iolaus79 | iolaus79

NTA saves sister $$$, but is it worth the family feud? 😩

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

NTA. Boundaries set, but she demanded more. $25/hr for family?

synesthesiah | synesthesiah

Playful revenge or financial battle? NTA has a plan! 👍

Farahild | Farahild

Setting boundaries and standing your ground. You're not the a**hole! 👏

laayynneee | laayynneee

Babysitter demands $25/hr, gets reality check 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fair pay for services rendered. No room for complaints 👍

stillpretending13 | stillpretending13

A surprising twist in this family feud 🤩

Freezerzard | Freezerzard

NTA. You're absolutely right and being totally reasonable 👍

Impossible_Town984 | Impossible_Town984

NTA. She sounds like a toddler herself 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fair and square: Pay her for babysitting or pay her bills!

Beckylately | Beckylately

NTA, but cover your a** by giving her a wage 💰

MidnightTL | MidnightTL

NTA. Set boundaries and split expenses to avoid resentment 👍

someawfulbitch | someawfulbitch

Reasonable compensation debate: finding a compromise with your sister 💰

NotSoAverage_sister | NotSoAverage_sister

NTA. Sister's babysitting is actual work, offer a fair deal 👍

Tanyec | Tanyec

NTA. Being an Au Pair is a great opportunity! 💚

bonjourmarlene | bonjourmarlene

👏 NTA! Stand your ground and make her pay what's owed.

bloseja | bloseja

Is sister's demand reasonable or a cry for help? 🤔

sssupersssnake | sssupersssnake

NTA, but should you pay her? Compromise with shared expenses! 💰

raduniversity | raduniversity

NTA: The ultimate sisterly sacrifice that's being taken for granted 😢

OMG-Why-Me | OMG-Why-Me

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