Woman Asks Husband for Vasectomy: Unfair Pressure or Justified Request? 🤔

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When it comes to family planning, things can get complicated. A woman, let's call her 'Jane', and her husband, 'John', have one child. John has always been clear about not wanting more kids, a decision Jane has accepted. However, Jane's birth control pill has been affecting her mental health, and last year, she got pregnant while off it. The couple's decision to terminate the pregnancy was a tough one, especially for Jane, who felt unsupported by John. Now, she's back on the pill, but she's not happy about it. She's suggested that John get a vasectomy, but he's avoiding the topic. Is Jane wrong for asking this of John? 🤷‍♀️

The One-Child Policy

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Pill Problems

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The Unexpected Pregnancy

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The Difficult Decision

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Post-Procedure Pain

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Back to the Pill

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The Vasectomy Proposal

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Feeling Pressured

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The Guilt Game

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Bodily Autonomy vs. Shared Responsibility

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Avoidance or Apprehension?

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Pushing for a Decision

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Considering All Options

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A Tale of Pills, Pressure, and Potential Vasectomies

In the aftermath of a difficult abortion, Jane finds herself back on the birth control pill, a medication that negatively impacts her mental health. She suggests that John, who is terrified of having more kids, consider a vasectomy. But John, haunted by a friend's bad experience, keeps dodging the conversation. Jane feels she's being fair, asking him to at least research the procedure. But John feels pressured, even though he hasn't outright refused. Is Jane wrong for pushing the issue, or is John avoiding a necessary discussion? Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotionally charged situation...💔🗣️

NTA: Husband's refusal to get a vasectomy is selfish and unfair 😒

nattyleilani | nattyleilani

NTA: He pressured you for an abortion. He's the a**hole. 💯

CaptainMalForever | CaptainMalForever

He wants sex but not the responsibility? 🤔 NTA.

Themistocles_gr | Themistocles_gr

"No more sex." - A bold move to assert boundaries. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, it's fair to ask for a vasectomy. 💪

tipsytops2 | tipsytops2

NTA for asking husband about vasectomy. Awful if he expects abortion.

justmy2centsforyou | justmy2centsforyou

NTA. Husband wants sex without responsibility. Not acceptable. 🙄

FryOneFatManic | FryOneFatManic

Husband wants autonomy, but not for his wife? 🤔

MyGoldenDragon | MyGoldenDragon

NTA for requesting a vasectomy. Consider tubal ligation as well. 🤔

rlezar | rlezar

"NTA. He wouldn't pressure you to take the pill, he'll just pressure you to get an abortion then abandon you when you do it! What a champ. Of course you can't force him to get a vasectomy. But you can tell him you aren't comfortable being in a sexual relationship where the full physical and mental burden of family planning falls to you. You will not continue to suffer side effects or have a surgery that is much more invasive than a vasectomy because he refuses to take any responsibility for himself. If that leads to no more sex and the likely end of your marriage, so be it." 😳

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

NTA. Taking the pill affects your health, not fair for him.

Tessa_Kamoda | Tessa_Kamoda

Engaging in birth control conversation: NTA, NAH, or ESH? 👍

wanderingmind47 | wanderingmind47

NTA wants husband to take responsibility, but he's hesitant. 🤔

gizzle2019 | gizzle2019

NTA. Your husband's behavior is unfair and disrespectful. 🚫👨‍⚕️

mextrawork | mextrawork

NTA suggests pausing intimacy until mature conversation about vasectomy.

terribleterrabyte | terribleterrabyte

NTA. Take control, leave him, and find happiness elsewhere. 🙏

princessofperky | princessofperky

Her prerogative to not go back on the pill, his choice.

JustMaintenance7 | JustMaintenance7

Husband's fear of vasectomy vs. pressure to take pill. NTA 🤔

TheTask2020 | TheTask2020

NTA. Asserting bodily autonomy and setting personal boundaries. 👏

NorthrnSwede | NorthrnSwede

"Guy feels pressured for vasectomy after pressuring abortion. NTA obviously."

pretenderist | pretenderist

NAH. Husband's refusal to support pregnancy is sad. Can't pressure him.

PitifulWatercress7 | PitifulWatercress7

Seek counseling for a tough situation. 💔

bjorgear | bjorgear

Condoms failed and other birth control is bad for her. 🙅‍♀️

ChrysosAU79 | ChrysosAU79

Birth control responsibility debate: abortion, mental health, and pill methods 🤔

ownbeeswax | ownbeeswax

"NTA, after suffering, it's Lysistrata in my house. No snip, no me."

babyredhead | babyredhead

NTA: Men who pressure partners on birth control are a**holes 😱

skubes27iidc | skubes27iidc

NTA: Take control of your contraceptive choices and communicate openly.

Eagle_Pancake | Eagle_Pancake

🩺 Woman stops taking pill, asks husband to handle birth control. NTA

Dana07620 | Dana07620

"NTA. Birth control should be a shared responsibility. 👥👥"

RidleyAteKirby | RidleyAteKirby

NTA: Husband needs to man up and get a vasectomy. 🤔

Toyotafan123 | Toyotafan123

NTA, husband's manipulative pressure. Discuss options with OBGYN. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Husband's responsibility to prevent pregnancy after pressuring abortion. 🤔

Affectionate-Hat-57 | Affectionate-Hat-57

NTA. Communicate your feelings about abortion and body autonomy. 👍

kreeves9 | kreeves9

NTA...fair request, but hypocritical stance on contraception. 😐

Elinbj | Elinbj

NTA: Husband should get vasectomy if he doesn't want more kids 🤔

Nathan_77 | Nathan_77

NTA - Justified request or unfair pressure? 🤔

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

NTA, but have you considered other birth control options? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, husband should step up after witnessing labor and BC.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman shares her justified request for her husband's vasectomy

LAM_humor1156 | LAM_humor1156

NTA: Woman requests husband's vasectomy, highlights gendered birth control burden. 🤔

sleepwalker34 | sleepwalker34

Husband's hypocrisy and manipulation leads to justified request for vasectomy. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband's refusal to communicate: NTA, but serious f**king issues! 🤔

hammocks_ | hammocks_

NTA - Husband's double standards: man up and face reality! 🤔

princessharleigh | princessharleigh

NTA. Fair to ask husband for vasectomy after his pressure.

ollyator | ollyator

NTA. Husband has 3 choices: vasectomy, condom, or abstinence. 🤔


Husband's hypocrisy: Unfair pressure on wife for vasectomy? 😐

Fettnaepfchen | Fettnaepfchen

NTA. Female birth control has side effects, vasectomies are safer.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Taking control of your own body and desires 💪

HappyLucyD | HappyLucyD

Husband's immaturity puts unfair pressure on wife for vasectomy. 🙄

pugfacekillaaa | pugfacekillaaa

Hypocritical husband refuses vasectomy but pressures wife for abortion. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Men's desire for control over reproductive rights discussed. 🤔

bdbaylor | bdbaylor

🔥 Woman suggests a clever strategy to address unfair pressure for vasectomy

kaitou1011 | kaitou1011

NAH. Respect each other's autonomy. Find a compromise or move on. 👍

MatlockHolmes | MatlockHolmes

Vasectomy: Easy peasy or big damn baby? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Shared responsibility: discuss options with doctor for fair contraception. 👍

CaChriSo | CaChriSo

NTA. His choice, his responsibility. No need to complicate things. 👍

ferociousFerret7 | ferociousFerret7

NTA calls out double standard and challenges OP to stand firm. 🤔

poopsiedaisie | poopsiedaisie

Huge double-standard: husband okay with abortion but scared of vasectomy? 😳

Sahris | Sahris

NTA: After he forced you into an abortion, fair request 😊

PasDeTout | PasDeTout

Empowered woman sets boundaries for birth control and reproductive choices. 💪

RueGman | RueGman

NTA. Communicate your needs and seek couples counseling for support. 👍

judge1492 | judge1492

NTA: Husband's fear is valid, but conversation about shared burden needed. 👍

Alseids | Alseids

He wants no baby but expects you to suffer? 🤔 NTA!

Nebelherrin | Nebelherrin

Bold ultimatum: vasectomy or 18 years of child support? 🤔

GeeWhiskers | GeeWhiskers

NTA. Copper IUD as alternative to vasectomy, but snip is easier. 🤔

A_wild_Mel_appears | A_wild_Mel_appears

NTA: Hypocritical husband pressured wife, now it's his turn. 🤔

Colly_fleur | Colly_fleur

No baby, no vasectomy? 🤔

aeiou-y | aeiou-y

Husband's bodily autonomy vs. wife's request: Unfair or justified? 🤔

redheadeddisaster | redheadeddisaster

Woman shares her justified request for husband's vasectomy after multiple pregnancies 🤔

NachoMama34 | NachoMama34

"YTA, unfair double standards! His body, his choice. Just stop having sex."

FuckUsernameSettings | FuckUsernameSettings

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