Man Strikes Gold Post-Breakup: Ex-Girlfriend Wants a Share! 😲💰

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Picture this: You're a 48-year-old man who's just won the lottery. Not the mega millions, but enough to buy a house, pay off debts, and invest a bit. You're not planning to quit your job or go crazy, just improve your life a bit. But then, your ex-girlfriend, who dumped you six weeks ago, hears about your good fortune and wants a piece of the pie. 😲💰 What would you do? Let's dive into this intriguing tale of luck, love, and loss!

Striking Gold Post-Breakup 🎰💔

frankieorr | frankieorr

Ex-Girlfriend Enters the Scene 📞💔

frankieorr | frankieorr

The Money Dispute Begins! 💰🥊

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A House Divided 🏠🤔

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The Relationship Backstory 📖💔

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More Relationship Details Unveiled 👫💔

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The Money Matters 💵🤔

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An Item of Contention 🎁💔

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Her Expectations Unveiled 💰💔

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The Lottery Ticket Seller's Luck 🎫💵

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A Lottery Win, An Ex-Girlfriend, and a Money Dispute! 💰💔

So, here's the rundown: Our lucky guy wins the lottery, not a mega jackpot, but enough to change his life for the better. But then, his ex-girlfriend, who ended things six weeks prior, learns about his windfall and wants a share! He's adamant that the win happened post-breakup and she has no claim. Opinions are divided among their friends and family. To add to the drama, he's trying to sell an item of hers worth $500, and she believes he's won so much that he won't miss a few grand. What a tangled web! Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😲💰💔

Ex-girlfriend wants a share of gold post-breakup. NTA, just pests.

GiSS88 | GiSS88

Ex-Girlfriend demands money after breakup? NTA, keep your gold! 💰

britishtoast29 | britishtoast29

Ex-Girlfriend wants a share of lottery win! NTA, keep it all! 💰

SaucinCats | SaucinCats

Ex wants money after breakup, NTA. Prepare for legal battle! 😲

NotSoSmartChick | NotSoSmartChick

NTA. Ex-GF wants share of lottery win? Super jealous attitude! 😲💰

Degofreak | Degofreak

NTA. Don't give her any of that sweet, sweet cash! 💰

iliketohelpyall | iliketohelpyall

Ex-Girlfriend wants money post-breakup, commenters debate who's the a**hole. 🤔

Amberlinwastaken | Amberlinwastaken

Dodged a bullet! NTA. Keep her away forever 😲

andimnus | andimnus

NTA- Keep the gold and enjoy the weight lifted! 💰

ireallywishihatedyou | ireallywishihatedyou

Ex-GF wants share of gold! Commenter says, 'No way! Enjoy!'

FloodLakes | FloodLakes

Ex-girlfriend wants share of lottery win, but OP is NTA! 🤑

Carys_Vaughn | Carys_Vaughn

Ex-Girlfriend demands money after breakup? NTA! Keep your gold! 😲💰

thebojo27 | thebojo27

Is he really NTA? The missing pieces raise some doubts... 🤔

themadhatterwasright | themadhatterwasright

INFO: Were you both financially independent? If so, NTA. If not, consider giving her some (dependent on her support).

ignis-avem | ignis-avem

Ex-GF wants a share of his gold? NTA, keep it!

mjr511 | mjr511

Ex wants share of gold after breakup? NTA, keep it!

Kinlance | Kinlance

Ex demands share, commenter wants theirs too. Drama ensues!

Davidcottontail | Davidcottontail

Ex-girlfriend wants money after breakup. Don't let her manipulate you! 😲

666POD | 666POD

Ex's greed exposed! NTA for keeping YOUR money! 💰

vampirememe | vampirememe

INFO: Did you spend joint money on the ticket? 🤔💰

shhh_its_me | shhh_its_me

YTA for even asking this? 🤦‍♂️ In what world would you ever be TA? 🙄

affranchiking | affranchiking

Ex and friend think I won a lot of money 💰

CoffinRehersal | CoffinRehersal

Ex-GF wants a share of gold! NTA, keep your winnings! 😲💰

elena374 | elena374

🕵️‍♂️ YTA: OP's shady past comes back to haunt him

michaelad567 | michaelad567

Ex-Girlfriend wants a share? NTA, actions have consequences! 😲

AmbivelentApoplectic | AmbivelentApoplectic

Ex-girlfriend thinks she's entitled to his post-breakup 'lottery' winnings? 🤔

Shertok | Shertok

Ex never supported OP financially. Both independent with children. 💵

West-Cook | West-Cook

Ex calls him stupid for buying lottery tickets, now wants share! 😲

nomnomkeen | nomnomkeen

NTA for not sharing, but your post history is disturbing. 😑

ChinafootIRL | ChinafootIRL

Ex-Girlfriend wants a share? NTA, it's YOUR money, not joint!

teresajs | teresajs

Is Earl in for a surprise? 🤔

Eb10064 | Eb10064

Ex-girlfriend wants a share of gold post-breakup? 🤔💰

litlbirdbigworld | litlbirdbigworld

Ex-GF wants a share? NTA! She's only interested in money 💰

Crummypunk | Crummypunk

Curious about the ex's motive for asking money? 🤔

AnimatedBasketcase | AnimatedBasketcase

NTA. Congrats on the win! Enjoy your shiny new house! 💰

FecklessAlbatross | FecklessAlbatross

Ex strikes gold, wants share! Lmfao NTA, get new friends! 😂

PoGioDark | PoGioDark

NTA: Ex wants a share, but you were already broken up! 💯

ohhollyhell | ohhollyhell

Curious about the money? Joint bank accounts may hold answers!

Just_here2020 | Just_here2020

Red flag 🚩: Ex-girlfriend wants money post-breakup! Stay away!

mercmouth1 | mercmouth1

Ex wants a share of gold? NTA, tell her to skate! 👏

let_it_hang | let_it_hang

Ex-girlfriend wants a share of gold post-breakup? NTA, no way!

BrianM42 | BrianM42

Ex-Girlfriend Wants a Share? NTA, Keep Your Gold! 😲💰

F0zzysW0rld | F0zzysW0rld

Ex-girlfriend wants a share of lottery winnings. NTA strikes gold! 😲💰

Sexy_Vegan_69 | Sexy_Vegan_69

Dodged a bullet! Ex-GF wants a share? Entitled much? 🤯

sugar-soad | sugar-soad

NTA. Protect your winnings and be cautious of legal consequences! 😲💰

DrDiarrhea | DrDiarrhea

"NTA. Ex-GF wanted control over YOUR lottery winnings. Smart move! 💰"

Laquila | Laquila

Lesson learned: Keep your mouth shut about your money! 😲

joenorse | joenorse

Ex-girlfriend wants a share? NTA, it ain't her business! 😲

Dr-CD | Dr-CD

Ex-Girlfriend wants a share? NTA, it's over! 😲

ace0612198 | ace0612198

Curious about why the mutual friend thinks you're the a**hole? 🤔

3v3ryman | 3v3ryman

Ex-girlfriend wants a share? NTA, she's entitled to nothing! 😲💰

powerlesshero111 | powerlesshero111

Winning the lottery twice! 🎉

ElenaBad | ElenaBad

User calls out OP for seeking attention and one-sided story

Ender505 | Ender505

Ex-Girlfriend Wants a Share of Gold Strike! NTA shuts her down 😲

Arteemiis | Arteemiis

NTA. Vultures swarm as someone strikes gold post-breakup! 😲💰

SP_Patrick | SP_Patrick

NTA. Ex wants share of gold, but better off donating. 💰

old__pyrex | old__pyrex

Ex-Girlfriend demands money after breakup? Not the a**hole! 😲

Chuck0423 | Chuck0423

Ex-girlfriend wants money after breakup? NTA, she's delusional! 😲

fishfishmcface | fishfishmcface

Ex's desperate attempt to claim money after breakup. NTA!

Rialspicy | Rialspicy

Profile pic fail: No wonder she dumped you! 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-Girlfriend's audacious claim to ticket sparks fiery debate! 🔥

BigBuffMan69 | BigBuffMan69

Congrats on the gold! No a**holes here, just winners! 🏅

Murdy2020 | Murdy2020

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