The Battle of Child Support: A Tale of Two Dads and One Unyielding Mom

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Meet our heroine, a strong-willed single mom who turned her life around, graduated college, and built a beautiful family with her loving husband. But there's a twist - her ex-boyfriend, the biological father of her son, refuses to let her husband adopt the child, yet also resents paying child support. As she navigates the murky waters of legal battles and emotional turmoil, we're left to wonder: is she right to insist on child support from a man who refuses to be a father in any way but legally? 🤷‍♀️💔

A Rocky Start with Ryan

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Legal Battles and Financial Struggles

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Single Mom Triumphs

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Enter Kyle: The Real Dad

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The Adoption Roadblock

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Financial Stability and Rising Tensions

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Ryan's Resentment

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Courtroom Showdown

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The Unyielding Stance

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Pressure from Ryan's Family

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The Adoption Proposal

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Ryan's Reluctance

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The Child Support Allocation

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A Future for Lukas

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A Mother's Resolve

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A Mother's Fight: The Unending Battle for Child Support

In a world where family dynamics are as diverse as the people in them, our heroine stands her ground. Despite the financial stability brought by her loving husband, Kyle, she insists on child support from her ex, Ryan, who refuses to let Kyle legally adopt their son. This ongoing saga of legal battles, emotional turmoil, and financial disputes raises the question: Is she right to demand support from a man who won't be a father in any way but legally? As the internet debates, we dive into the complexities of this family drama. Let's see what the world thinks of this situation... 🌍💬

Don't drop child support, put it in a scholarship fund! 🎓

Dry-Expression | Dry-Expression

NTA. Make his pockets hurt. 💰

muiyanyan | muiyanyan

NTA if he wants to remain the legal father then he needs to fulfill that responsibility. If he lets your husband adopt the son, then he's done. But for now it seems like he'll be paying for his immaturity, literally. I hope you can lawyer up and get that money from him 💰

Insta_Saddie | Insta_Saddie

NTA. Wring him dry. 💸💦

Reddidiot13 | Reddidiot13

NTA: Stand your ground and switch lawyers for a relentless fight 💪

falalalalaw | falalalalaw

NTA - Keep making him pay to be the legal father 💰

Carys_Vaughn | Carys_Vaughn

Heartbreaking story of child support battle and toxic family dynamics 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for wanting child support, but is it really fair?

trickyniffler | trickyniffler

NTA. Keep milking him until he caves or college fund 💰

networkconfidential | networkconfidential

Parental rights and financial responsibility: NTA for expecting both. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Ryan's dodging child support and getting what he deserves 😈

acosu27 | acosu27

🎶 Don't drop that child support, ayyy! 🎶

Mari-Lor | Mari-Lor

Bio dad's refusal to let Kyle adopt leads to child support

DoctorJudgeJimothyMD | DoctorJudgeJimothyMD

NTA. Dad refuses to stop paying child support, being petty.

absolutirony | absolutirony

NTA. Secure your son's future with child support payments. 💪

AreYouALavaBeaver | AreYouALavaBeaver

NTA. You've offered him an out, he can sign away his rights and pay nothing. HE IS CHOOSING TO PAY. If you are living comfortably and don't need the money day to day, put it in a college fund. Have it ready to give him for a wedding, a down payment, a period of unemployment...whatever. That money is your son's. Do not give it away. 💪💰

judge1492 | judge1492

"Ryan chose to be the legal father. Not your problem. NTA."

kt-bug17 | kt-bug17

NTA: Stand your ground and keep making them aware of it! ✊

Eu4n5 | Eu4n5

NTA: Dad's financial responsibility vs. stepdad's generous gift 🎁

pika-chan03 | pika-chan03

Leveraging child support: NTA, use it to get what you want! 💪

Swarzsinne | Swarzsinne

NTA. Playing stupid games, paying stupid prices. 💰

Tessa_Kamoda | Tessa_Kamoda

NTA: Ex's obligation to pay child support, consider adoption for SO.

teresajs | teresajs

Don't let him off the hook! Keep fighting for support! 💪

From_The_Heart1020 | From_The_Heart1020

Adoption: The only way out of child support? 🤔

hham42 | hham42

NTA. Irresponsible dad gets called out, cue 'No Scrubs' theme.

Crafty-stitch | Crafty-stitch

🔥 Drop child support if he drops parental rights! NTA

BiffBusiness | BiffBusiness

NTA!!! Child support is for the child. Accept responsibility!

sleeping-slugs | sleeping-slugs

NTA. Dad's rights matter too! 👨‍👦

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

Mom's dilemma: Should she trust the father's intentions with child?

ThrowAwayPregnant111 | ThrowAwayPregnant111

Debate on child support: empathy vs revenge 😂

tunisia3507 | tunisia3507

Mom gets revenge on deadbeat dad. 💰💪

Froot-Batz | Froot-Batz

Slimy, selfish dad wants benefits without responsibility. Mom's on board.

thiccubus8 | thiccubus8

Dad refuses to sign away rights, sparks heated debate. 🔥

Froggetpwagain | Froggetpwagain

Mom fights for child support, shuts down deadbeat dad defenders

CMSkye | CMSkye

Put your child first! NTA for thinking about their future ❤️

latenerd | latenerd

NTA. Get a lawyer to enforce child support payments. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Money for the kid? No problem! It's child support, after all! 💰

RDT21074 | RDT21074

Fight for child support! It's crucial for your child's stability. 💪

Progression28 | Progression28

Stepdad steps up, biofather bails: A tale of love and responsibility ❤️

MaiganGleyr | MaiganGleyr

NTA dad has the power to end child support obligation

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad refuses child support, but why should Kyle pay? 🤔

tandoori_taco_cat | tandoori_taco_cat

"NTA. Child support is about supporting the child, not your lifestyle."

AliceInWeirdoland | AliceInWeirdoland

Heartwarming journey from absent bio dad to loving adoptive dad ❤️

HufflepuffKitty15 | HufflepuffKitty15

NTA, but he's an a**hole. Imputed income prevents job quitting.

AppellofmyEye | AppellofmyEye

Confused dad doesn't want responsibility but still wants recognition 🤔

Latenightsnackin | Latenightsnackin

NTA - Money for child, bio dad can't stop adoption. 👍

whatev6187 | whatev6187

NTA: Consider an investment fund for your son's future instead. 💰

IntermittenSeries | IntermittenSeries

NTA. Karma got your back girl, let it run its course. ✨

Justablackcat | Justablackcat

NTA, Ryan should have used a condom. Natural consequences 😬

Race-Carr | Race-Carr

Dad refuses child support, adoption, and common sense. 🤦‍♂️ NTA.

ManateeFlamingo | ManateeFlamingo

NTA: Dad can't have his cake and eat it too 🍰

Ehvyxo | Ehvyxo

NTA: Mom stands her ground against bio dad. 💪

Armando909396 | Armando909396

Mom stands firm on child support, dad not willing to pay

mssixeight | mssixeight

Letting your husband adopt Lukas could end child support payments. NTA!

jennlovesyarn | jennlovesyarn

NTA: Ryan needs to step up and pay child support! 💰

BaffledMum | BaffledMum

NTA! Pay up or step up, it's the law 👨‍⚖️💰

WhitemareYT | WhitemareYT

Mom's ex blocks adoption, then gets mad when he's legally responsible. NTA

DrunkEwok4 | DrunkEwok4

Dad refuses adoption, now blames mom. 🙄 NTA!

RemoteBroccoli | RemoteBroccoli

Support is crucial! Adoption brought relief and a new family.

Craven_Hellsing | Craven_Hellsing

NTA Ryan can stop paying child support if he lets adoption happen! 🙌

mythoughts2020 | mythoughts2020

Ryan: the massive jerk in the battle of child support. 😡

ronja-666 | ronja-666

"Don't feel bad, it's about what your son deserves!" 👍

notreallylucy | notreallylucy

Stand your ground! Don't drop child support. 💪

smartoajr | smartoajr

Get that money, girl! 💸💪

LuckyAcanthisitta | LuckyAcanthisitta

🚫 Don't drop child support! Stand your ground, mom!

miithwork | miithwork

Overcoming adversity: A single mom's inspiring journey of resilience and success! 🌟

Tigaget | Tigaget

A fiery response to a deadbeat dad in denial. 🔥

Zeboim7 | Zeboim7

NTA. Using children as pawns is never okay. 💔

velella_tor | velella_tor

A fiery comment sparks controversy in the comment section 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Getting the bread from a retail supervisor, not a windfall 💰

yomama69buckaroo | yomama69buckaroo

Mom refuses adoption, dad must bear responsibility. Full stop. ✋

HypeSaysHi | HypeSaysHi

NTA. Dad can't escape child support, even if he wants to. 💰

pamcrdb | pamcrdb

NTA. Child support for HIS child. 👍

Izzy4162305 | Izzy4162305

Stand your ground! 💪 Don't let him off the hook!

CMSkye | CMSkye

NTA. Put child support into savings for your son's future 💰

room32a | room32a

Mom's unwavering stance on child support sparks heated debate

babsiegirl70 | babsiegirl70

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