Man Plays Straight for a Hefty Inheritance: Ingenious or Inexcusable?

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Imagine being gay and open about it since middle school, only to discover your grandpa's newly found religious fervor might cost you a high six-figure inheritance. Our protagonist, a 26-year-old man, found himself in this exact situation during a family visit. When his grandpa, under the influence of his born-again Christian wife, decided to write him out of the will due to his 'lifestyle choices', he hatched a plan that's causing quite the stir. Let's dive into this juicy tale of family drama, moral dilemmas, and a million-dollar charade. 🍿🌈💰

The Golden Grandpa and the 'Rainbow' Grandson 🌈💰

throwawaystr8forpay | throwawaystr8forpay

A Surprise Revelation 📜

throwawaystr8forpay | throwawaystr8forpay

The Inheritance Ultimatum 💔

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A Quick-Thinking Response 🎭

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The Million-Dollar Charade Begins 🎬

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Family Reactions: Support or Scorn? 🤔

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Doubts and Dilemmas 🌪️

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The Family's Final Verdict 🏛️

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The 'Rainbow Chameleon' Prepares for His Role 🎭

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A Million-Dollar Performance in the Making? 💼🌈

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A Million Dollar Question: Is the 'Rainbow Chameleon' Right or Wrong? 🌈💰

Our 'Rainbow Chameleon' finds himself in a tough spot. His grandpa's newfound religious zeal threatens to cost him his rightful inheritance. In an audacious move, he decides to play straight, hoping to secure his share of the fortune. The family's reactions are mixed, with his younger brother particularly critical of the charade. Our protagonist is left questioning his decision: Is he betraying his community for money, or is this a justifiable response to his grandpa's intolerance? The internet has been buzzing with opinions about this moral conundrum. Let's see what they have to say...🔍🗨️

NTA. Get that cheddar, donate to at-risk LGBT youth or something 🌈

stressrelief375 | stressrelief375

NTA for going back in the closet to secure inheritance 💰

poodle_kitten | poodle_kitten

NTA, play the game and secure the bag 💰💼 But beware consequences!

drphil66 | drphil66

Slay those homophobes and secure that bag, baby! 💰

jadakissed143 | jadakissed143

NTA. Brother needs to zip it and recognize he's out of his zone 😤

kjimbro | kjimbro

NTA finds a beard for inheritance, hilarity and chaos ensue! 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Lying to homophobic grandparent for inheritance: Ethical or risky? 🤔

goddamn_usa_treasure | goddamn_usa_treasure

NTA - Disowned by grandfather, donate money to LGBT charity! 💜

Counter_Clockwise345 | Counter_Clockwise345

NTA. Secure the bag, live fabulously, and support LGBTQ+ youth! 🌈

chatondedanger | chatondedanger

Securing a future: NTA for playing straight for inheritance 💰

SA_Starling_ | SA_Starling_

👍 NTA, secure the bag and make your granddad regretful. 😂

312babybaby | 312babybaby

Brother's inheritance refusal: noble or greedy? 😂

Jay_Edgar | Jay_Edgar

NTA for pretending to be straight for inheritance 👍

SunshineAllTheTime | SunshineAllTheTime

Consult a lawyer to avoid legal trouble with conditional inheritance. 👨‍�

theseattlegirl | theseattlegirl

Secure the bag 💰, be your fabulous self at the funeral 🌈

rose_glass | rose_glass

🌈 NTA. LGBTQI+ member advocates for being true to oneself and getting inheritance.

ThrowRA_spacejunkee | ThrowRA_spacejunkee

ESH for conning grandpa, but I'd do the same! 💰

mmhan91 | mmhan91

NTA: Money makes people do crazy things. Prepare your alibi!

orchidsandcheesecake | orchidsandcheesecake

NTA. Grandpa's wife twisted his mind, she's a homophobe. 🏳️‍🌈

X-48 | X-48

Being practical doesn't make you a greedy a**hole 🤪

QuantityJaded | QuantityJaded

Inheritance drama: NTA, keep the money and silence the guilt.

IoSonCalaf | IoSonCalaf

Act straight, get money, come out, get nothing. 🤐💰

fayefirelli | fayefirelli

Pretending for inheritance? A**hole or genius? The ultimate 'f**k you'!

feelinlucky7 | feelinlucky7

Inheritance, deception, and love. A win-win situation...or is it?

margheria | margheria

Playing politics for inheritance 💰🏳️‍🌈🏘️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Embrace the money and empower the LGBTQ+ community! 💰🌈

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Get that money and donate it in his name! 👏

InfiniteConsequence0 | InfiniteConsequence0

Grab the cash! You're not the a**hole for that.

SB-1 | SB-1

Offering to be a beard for a hefty inheritance 😂

Froggetpwagain | Froggetpwagain

Life-changing money! NTA, it's a tempting opportunity. 💰

rhaizee | rhaizee

🙌 NTA - Let's not judge, forgive and be forgiven! 🙏

Ciryl_Lynyard | Ciryl_Lynyard

👏 Quick thinking! NTA for playing the straight role! 🌈

paybacksabridge | paybacksabridge

LOL bro, grandpa's an a**hole, you're NTA. Typical straight privilege 🙄

HavePlushieWillTalk | HavePlushieWillTalk

Sibling rivalry over inheritance: Queer vs. straight morals 😂💰

Andy_Warhole | Andy_Warhole

NTA: Selling out for money, donate to Trevor Project 🤑🌈

eskilla | eskilla

NTA: You're awesome! 😎

Zyphcron | Zyphcron

💰 Acting straight for money: NTA or justifiable deception?

j-allen-heineken | j-allen-heineken

Pretending to be gay for money? NTA or NAH?

TheBaddestPatsy | TheBaddestPatsy

Get that homophobic coin! 💰

glitterypotato | glitterypotato

Savage strategy: Playing straight for a homophobic inheritance 💰🌈

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground and secure your inheritance! 💪

JDBoyes07 | JDBoyes07

Be true to yourself and your needs, without judgment. 🌈

Pterafractyl | Pterafractyl

Supportive comment suggests colorful tribute for dece*sed relative. 🌈

TheRealTinfoil666 | TheRealTinfoil666

Deceptive inheritance dilemma: NTA for taking the money, but conflicted feelings.

Sylvurphlame | Sylvurphlame

Deceiving homophobes for inheritance? Revenge never looked so fabulous! 💃

Library_lady123 | Library_lady123

Generous suggestion: donate to LGBT charity and feel morally justified ✨

CobaltAce51 | CobaltAce51

Embracing your true self and defying societal norms: NTA 🌈

jessie_monster | jessie_monster

Ingenious or Inexcusable? NTA

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

NTA: Inheritance dilemmas, family dynamics, and love with conditions. 😔❤️

DMmeyourfavoritemeal | DMmeyourfavoritemeal

NTA: Play the game for the inheritance, secure your future! 💰

fi4862 | fi4862

Scheming for an inheritance: 🌈 wedding revenge plan! NTA

Dark_Phoenix25 | Dark_Phoenix25

Playing it smart for the inheritance 💰🤫

wesg2 | wesg2

Embrace your true self, but secure your social media privacy! 🌈

thedaybefore1 | thedaybefore1

Inheritance loophole: NTA plans extravagant gay wedding and family home 🌈👬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Securing the bag: NTA's ingenious strategy for inheritance 💰

greatvaluegatsby | greatvaluegatsby

Being true to yourself and giving back. 🌈💪

theforceisfemale | theforceisfemale

Secure the bag! NTA, get that bread 💰

vexx_ed | vexx_ed

Do whatever you need to do to outsmart your grandfather! 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Stick it to the homophobes and secure that bag! 💪

fancywiththespices | fancywiththespices

NTA, get that coin 💰

jas_the_ass | jas_the_ass

Get that bread! 💰 NTA, hustle hard in tough times.

Kaia12cooper16 | Kaia12cooper16

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