Condo Conflict: Man Refuses to Share Property Equity with Live-in Girlfriend 🏠💔

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Love, money, and property - a potent mix that often leads to drama. This is the story of a man who earns $320k per year, his girlfriend who makes $37k, and the $970k condo that's causing a rift between them. They've been living together in a rental condo since 2019, with him covering the majority of the rent and utility costs. But when he buys a new condo in one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods, things take a turn. 💔🏠

The Couple's Current Living Situation 💑

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Work, Home Duties and the New Condo 🏢

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The Dream Condo in a Prime Location 🌆

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Moving Plans and the Financial Implications 💰

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The Equity Dispute Begins 📜

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The Man's Argument 🗣️

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Future Plans and the 'Goodwill Payment' Clause 💍

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Equity or Not: The Condo Conflict's Climax 🏠💔

So, here's the crux of the matter: He's bought a new condo, she's moving in with him, but she's not on the mortgage or the title. Despite her contributing to the monthly costs, he doesn't believe she should have any equity in the property. Their future plans include buying a detached home together and getting married, but for now, the equity dispute looms large. He's even arranged for a 'goodwill payment' in case things go south. But the question remains - is he wrong for not wanting to give her equity in the condo? Let's delve into what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💭

NTA. Holy crap, that's a lot of money 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. That's... not how rent works. 🙄

supermouse35 | supermouse35

💑 Splitting expenses: a fair approach to living arrangements and equity

Ngr2054 | Ngr2054

Partner demanding equity in condo purchase? NTA, that's not right! 😱

AlleyKatArt | AlleyKatArt

NTA: Is splitting equity before marriage really necessary? 😍

CakeisaDie | CakeisaDie

"NTA. Protect your home and your future. You have the most to lose."

Dizzy_Eye5257 | Dizzy_Eye5257

Should he give her equity? Opinions vary on this topic

Jorbarip | Jorbarip

NTA: Girlfriend should contribute to expenses if she wants equity.

4thxtofollowtherules | 4thxtofollowtherules

Giving her equity in the home is like giving her a fortune 💰

hraedon | hraedon

Unfair income disparity creates tension in condo cohabitation 💔

MsGinErso | MsGinErso

NTA: Financial separation is a key aspect of dating vs marriage 💔

tumalt | tumalt

Don't give her equity, she's not on the hook! 😎

ComfortableZebra2412 | ComfortableZebra2412

Man refuses to share equity, but should reconsider given circumstances 🤔

Sojoe514 | Sojoe514

NAH. Girlfriend wants equity in expensive condo, but understands.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground! No rent, no equity. #NTA 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Girlfriend wants equity without contributing. Selfish or insecure?

zaftig_stig | zaftig_stig

NTA: Protecting assets in a relationship, avoiding financial liabilities. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your investment! Don't let her take advantage. 💪

lost-cannuck | lost-cannuck

Future plans: Marriage on the horizon? 💔

lostlonelyworld | lostlonelyworld

Independent living: Why she should find her own place 🙌

theycallhertammi | theycallhertammi

NAH: Girlfriend seeks reassurance in joint home, OP misunderstands power dynamics 💔

gold_dusted | gold_dusted

NTA. You're being fair and she's getting a good deal. 👍

waterbuffalo750 | waterbuffalo750

NTA: If things work out, it'll be half hers anyway 💔

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

Commenter argues for fair compensation and power balance in relationship.

seabassseabreeze | seabassseabreeze

"YTA and NTA. In my country, de-facto relationships are legally binding. So, NTA. But charging your partner rent? That's bizarre. 😱"

InSight89 | InSight89

NTA. Relationship ≠ gf owning your assets. She knows it.

ur_mom_cant_get_enuf | ur_mom_cant_get_enuf

Stand your ground! Her 'rent' is below market value. #NTA

Mpg19470 | Mpg19470

Affordable housing options may have avoided equity conflicts. 🙏

paralorie | paralorie

Renting and equity? Let's unravel this housing mystery! 🤔

Double_Reindeer_6884 | Double_Reindeer_6884

NTA. Cohabitation agreement with goodwill clause? 🤔 Be careful! 💔

SomeBadMasterpiece | SomeBadMasterpiece

NTA, but she feels like she's paying to live with you 😔

SMinnGoph | SMinnGoph

NTA. If you were married or she had paid half, this would be a different story. As it stands, you worked 2 jobs to be able to afford this place, she could easily do the same and she's not. If she stands her ground on this one, it's time to leave her and enjoy your new condo. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Why work 2 jobs? One pays 300k, the other 20k." 💰

Thistime232 | Thistime232

Unfair rent split? She pays $240/month vs your $2400/month. 🤔

aurora_gamine | aurora_gamine

"She's basically your maid while working full time. Huge red flag."

rhaeniella | rhaeniella

Planning for the future: Girlfriend wants equity, NTA.

shadyshadok | shadyshadok

Lazy girlfriend refuses to work, expects me to pay bills 😴

justtenofusinhere | justtenofusinhere

Not the a**hole: Man refuses to share property equity 🙌

soulpeace2 | soulpeace2

Not the a**hole. Let's hear the juicy details! 🤪

AshesB77 | AshesB77

Smart move! Protect yourself and your property. She should contribute.

LoveBeach8 | LoveBeach8

NTA: Stick to your guns, she deserves nothing. 👏

Additional-Sport-836 | Additional-Sport-836

NTA. Unmarried girlfriend wants equity without sharing mortgage responsibility. 🏠

OrendaRuesTheDay | OrendaRuesTheDay

NTA: Consider creating a savings account to address income disparity 💰

minix4242 | minix4242

NTA, but different values make this relationship unlikely to last 😕

FlyAroundInternet | FlyAroundInternet

Married but still want to be his girlfriend? 😂

Ecstatic_meh | Ecstatic_meh

Debate over equity sharing and splitting costs in relationship 👍

sew_busy | sew_busy

NTA, but watch your language! Don't judge her unfairly. 🙅

vajaxle | vajaxle

Engaging in a fair discussion about property equity in relationships 💔

Alarmed-Part4718 | Alarmed-Part4718

NTA. Don't listen to haters! Stick to your future plans 👍

xtimonee | xtimonee

NTA, but you should break up. 🚫💔 You clearly look down on her.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Is love enough? The question that's tearing them apart.

pashaaaa | pashaaaa

NTA. Relationship ultimatum: share or break up. 💔

Weskit | Weskit

NTA. Run away as fast as you can. 💔 She's trying an end-run around the cohabitation agreement. 👫

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, protect your assets and prioritize your financial security 💰

chubbywhiteboy420 | chubbywhiteboy420

NTA. Equity confusion causes relationship tension. 💔

rydenshep | rydenshep

Protect yourself: Get iron clad paperwork for property ownership! 👍

Miserable_Panda6979 | Miserable_Panda6979

Ouch! $1mil for 1000sqft? NTA, but my head hurts 😫

procaffeinator3000 | procaffeinator3000

Unmarried, no contribution, not her house. Relationship at stake 💔

Own-Classroom-1660 | Own-Classroom-1660

NAH, but charging rent seems unnecessary. Discuss future plans together 👍

theunhappyharpist | theunhappyharpist

"NTA. Why build a life with someone with low motivation? 😳"

GaGypsyGirl | GaGypsyGirl

INFO: Do you compensate her for housework? YTA if not.

spinstercore4life | spinstercore4life

NTA: Girlfriend's entitlement to property equity raises red flag 👍

Fewson12 | Fewson12

NTA. Age doesn't matter, she's clearly immature and entitled. 😂😂

HelpMeUpPls | HelpMeUpPls

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