🔥 Heatwave Drama: Sydney Hostess Faces Off with Finnish Guest Over AC Control 🌡️

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It's a tale as old as time - the thermostat war. But when it's between a Sydney native and a Finnish guest, things can get heated (pun intended). Our story begins with a 26-year-old Sydney woman hosting her friend Josh and his Finnish girlfriend, Sara, for the night. Little did she know, the temperature was about to rise, and not just on the thermostat! 😅🌡️

A Warm Welcome 🏡

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The Long-Distance Lovebirds 🌍❤️

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The Heat is On! 🔥

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The AC Conundrum ❄️

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The Temperature Tussle 🌡️

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The Morning After ☕

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The Camping Conundrum ⛺

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The Cold Shoulder ❄️

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The Self-Doubt 😕

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The Language Barrier (or lack thereof) 🗣️

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The Celsius vs Fahrenheit Feud 🌡️

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The Fan Solution 🌬️

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The Heat of the Matter: Was the Sydney Hostess Unfair or Just Unfazed? 🔥

In a clash of climates, our Sydney hostess found herself in hot water with her Finnish guest, Sara, over the temperature in her home. Sara, fresh from the chilly Finnish winter, found the Sydney summer unbearable, leading to a night of discomfort and mosquito bites. Despite offering a fan, the hostess' refusal to keep the air conditioning on all night sparked a cold response from Sara and her boyfriend, Josh. Now, our hostess is left wondering if she was too harsh or if the heat just got to everyone's heads. Let's see what the internet thinks about this sizzling situation...🔥🌡️

Sydney heatwave drama: Commenters debate over AC usage and camping

CreepyCassowary | CreepyCassowary

ESH: A cultural misunderstanding over AC control leads to tension.

Faithiepoo | Faithiepoo

Being a good host vs being a good guest: who's right? 🤔

7HawksAnd | 7HawksAnd

Guest misunderstood host's sarcasm, but host was not the AH

jenna_grows | jenna_grows

YTA. Finnish guests find 27°C like the pits of hell. 😈

KatastropheKerz | KatastropheKerz

NTA... but would 1 night of AC be that expensive? 💸

North_Maybe1998 | North_Maybe1998

"YTA dude. Did you even give them a fan? 😂"

sensiblecedric | sensiblecedric

YTA for not considering your guest's comfort in the heat 🔥

TheOtter91 | TheOtter91

"YTA. You could have accommodated her for one night. 😂"

Idontgetredditinmd | Idontgetredditinmd

Mosquitos inside the house? That's normal where I live! 🐰

SG-2000 | SG-2000

Hot climate vs. cold climate: YTA gets schooled 🌡️

collkillen | collkillen

YTA for not caring about your guest's comfort. 😠

cherrywinetime | cherrywinetime

Commenter calls out OP for snarky comment, soft YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA. Hosting guests means accommodating them. Don't be stingy. 😒"

Krisbone | Krisbone

YTA for being cheap on aircon, but sensitive to camping.

MarrkDaviid | MarrkDaviid

🔥 YTA, 23c is hell for people who can't stand the heat. 😓

Welcome_to_Retrograd | Welcome_to_Retrograd

YTA op. Don't be a Scrooge with the AC 🌬️

anotherbutterflyacc | anotherbutterflyacc

YTA for not accommodating a guest from halfway across the world 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

🔥 Drama over AC control! YTA for one night comment. 😡

PanNationalistFront | PanNationalistFront

"YTA learn to be more accommodating for your guests." 💁‍♀️

therealsix | therealsix

Mosquitoes in the house? They find a way, even with screens!

AMerrickanGirl | AMerrickanGirl

"YTA - Humidity is awful, even in Australia. Consider your guest's comfort 😔"

sociallyawkward420 | sociallyawkward420

Sydney hostess faces off with Finnish guest over AC control

CarassiusMax | CarassiusMax

YTA refuses to pay for AC, sparks heated debate. 💨

Ok_Visit_1968 | Ok_Visit_1968

"YTA. Don't agree to host if you can't accommodate guests. 🌡️"

Best-Refrigerator347 | Best-Refrigerator347

YTA. Make accommodation for your guests. Fix your windows 🚫

crashfrog | crashfrog

Guest uncomfortable with temperature and mosquitoes indoors. NTA or YTA?

JustNoThrowsAway | JustNoThrowsAway

Hostess faces off with guest over AC control. YTA drama!

mrschaney | mrschaney

YTA. You should have prioritized your guest's comfort. 😱

Jewish-Mom-123 | Jewish-Mom-123

You're the a**hole. Drama unfolds over AC control 😳

MonkeyPolice | MonkeyPolice

AC control drama: Mosquitoes, blankets, and no screens?! 😱

StreetofChimes | StreetofChimes

AC control drama and mosquito bites: a mild YTA situation

XenoButts | XenoButts

"YTA for not turning on the AC for your guest. 😒"

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA. Being a good host means making guests comfortable. 😊"

Clean_Incident | Clean_Incident

YTA: Ignoring your guest's comfort and mosquitos? Not cool. 👎

01056dad | 01056dad

NTA. Camping discomfort vs. AC drama: who's right? 😐


Slight YTA. Be a chill host, but it's your house.

now_you_see | now_you_see

Sydney hostess faces off with Finnish guest over AC control

sdbinnl | sdbinnl

Mosquitoes indoors? No screens? Let's find out why! 🦟

quakelight | quakelight

🌡️ YTA for not adjusting AC for a single night stay.

labree0 | labree0

Ungracious host? YTA! Understand the struggle of acclimating to seasons 🌡️

Longjumping_Orchid22 | Longjumping_Orchid22

ESH, but don't complain when guests ask for reasonable things 🙏

jingojangobingoblerp | jingojangobingoblerp

🌡️ Feeling sick at 23°C indoors? I can relate! 😷

dodekahedron | dodekahedron

NTA - Summers are brutal! Camping will be even worse! 🐍

ColdstreamCapple | ColdstreamCapple

"YTA If they are guests, you can't run the AC? 😑👍"

disruptionisbliss | disruptionisbliss

"YTA. Hot climates vs. cold climates: The AC showdown! 😳"

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP is the a**hole for not understanding the importance of AC

PrestigiousWedding36 | PrestigiousWedding36

🔥 YTA: Refusing a simple request for AC control is rude.

RedditSuxAWholeLot | RedditSuxAWholeLot

NTA: Embrace the heat and venomous creatures or stay away! 🐍

chill_stoner_0604 | chill_stoner_0604

Uncool host? YTA for not considering your guest's comfort. 🤷‍♀️

kb-g | kb-g

Canadian offers Fahrenheit conversion and calls OP an a**hole.

UnhealingMedic | UnhealingMedic

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