🎄Holiday Havoc: A Family Drama Unwraps Over Cancelled Christmas Plans🎁

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Ever had your holiday plans turned upside down at the last minute? Our protagonist, let's call him 'Long-Distance Larry', knows this all too well. Last Christmas, Larry's parents invited him to spend the holidays with them, only to cancel at the last minute for a Caribbean getaway. Larry, who lives abroad and doesn't see his folks often, had already spent a significant chunk of his student budget on travel and gifts. The sudden cancellation left him out of pocket and out of sorts. Now, as the festive season rolls around again, Larry's parents are extending another invitation. But Larry's not so quick to forgive and forget. 🎄💔

A Christmas Invitation 🎄

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The Rocky Relationship ⛰️

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The Journey Home 🚂

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The Cookie Request 🍪

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The Financial Strain 💸

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The Unexpected Cancellation ❌

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The Heated Exchange 🔥

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The Demand for Apology and Payback 💔

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The PTSD Comment 😔

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The New Invitation 🎅

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The Stand-Off 🚫

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The Refusal and Accusation 🗣️

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The Unyielding Stance 💪

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A Year Later: Will the Christmas Conflict Continue? 🎄💔

Long-Distance Larry's tale is a year-long saga of family conflict, emotional turmoil, and financial strain. Last Christmas, Larry's parents cancelled their holiday plans with him at the last minute, leaving him out of pocket and heartbroken. Despite the emotional and financial toll, Larry's parents have shown no remorse, even going as far as to blame his PTSD for his reaction. Now, with another holiday season upon us, Larry's parents have extended a new invitation. But Larry isn't ready to let bygones be bygones. He's demanding an apology and reimbursement for last year's expenses. Will this family find a way to mend their fractured bonds, or will this Christmas be another chapter in their ongoing conflict? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🎅🎄💔

"NTA. Dad's therapist gives selfish advice. Parents are bad for mental health."

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

"NTA. You don't owe your toxic family anything. 🙄"

opinionswelcomehere | opinionswelcomehere

NTA. Treat yourself to a nice holiday elsewhere. 🎁

Dr007Bond | Dr007Bond

Dad's made-up therapist story to shut down OP. 🙄🙄🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parents cancel Christmas plans without apology or reimbursement. NTA 🎄

1Preschoolteacher | 1Preschoolteacher

NTA. OP's dad's therapist might be getting an edited version. Fibromyalgia flare-up? 🤔

borisslovechild | borisslovechild

NTA. Understanding the pain, but canceling last minute? They owe an apology. 😊

ShinigamiLuvApples | ShinigamiLuvApples

NTA - Letting go of toxic family for better mental health 🙌

plantsb4putas | plantsb4putas

NTA: Self-centered family cancels plans, disregard your inconvenience. Low/no contact.

SneakyRaid | SneakyRaid

"Accept the invitation, then ghost them. 🤷🏻‍♀️"

MsBitchhands | MsBitchhands

OP seeks a normal relationship with their selfish parents. 💜

Beth21286 | Beth21286

NTA. Stand your ground and cut toxic people out 👌

itsminimes | itsminimes

NTA. Heartbreaking situation. Cut ties with them for a while. 💔

goforbroke432 | goforbroke432

🤔 NTA - Family drama unfolds over cancelled Christmas plans. 💔

sandtigeress | sandtigeress

Standing your ground against family for cancelled Christmas plans. ✊

lodebolt | lodebolt

NTA, they screwed you over for no reason 👎

ShadyVermin | ShadyVermin

NTA 😍 Stay home, have a lovely holiday on your own 🎄

BaffledMum | BaffledMum

🎄Don't back down! They're selfish and cruel. Stand your ground!

plumbobx | plumbobx

NTA and to quote 'a family of a**holes will continue to do so even if the therapists say otherwise'. 🚫🎄 Don't waste your time with toxic people. Focus on your own happiness. 💪

SPolowiski | SPolowiski

NTA cancels Christmas plans on kid, demands apology. 😱

Mirror_Initial | Mirror_Initial

NTA: Dad lies and uses PTSD to mistreat OP. Unbelievable! 😡

Laramila | Laramila

Miscommunication leads to last-minute Christmas cancellation and family tension. 🙄

Fluffy-Doubt-3547 | Fluffy-Doubt-3547

Parents broke trust, prioritize themselves. No benefit in this relationship. 🙅

MariaLynd | MariaLynd

👻 Ghosting Christmas plans? Not the a**hole move.

ChrisRuss86 | ChrisRuss86

Sibling plans saved the day! No drama, just holiday flexibility! ✨

DemainTomorrow | DemainTomorrow

Dad's "therapist" is just his drinking buddy at the pub 🤣

Infinite-Term-6500 | Infinite-Term-6500

Take a stand and let them put in the effort. 💪

kevwelch | kevwelch

NTA - Toxic parents, find a family that loves and values you 💜

Dipping_My_Toes | Dipping_My_Toes

NTA. Expect effort to mend, express pain, let them decide.

Aunt_Anne | Aunt_Anne

NTA. Unfair and hypocritical parents; hold your ground and mend bridge. 👍

CraftyPumpkin1861 | CraftyPumpkin1861

"NTA. You deserve an apology and repayment. Don't go see them! 🚫"

mrbnlkld | mrbnlkld

NTA, block them and move on. ✌️

oldlady2013 | oldlady2013

NTA. Stay home and plan something else 🎄

Friendly_Can_4754 | Friendly_Can_4754

Cut toxic family out until they apologize and reimburse you. 🚫

Mtndrums | Mtndrums

NTA. PTSD trauma makes cutting them off understandable. 🙌

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

NTA: Stand your ground and don't let them ruin Christmas 🎄

justdgaf1 | justdgaf1

Don't go home for the holidays! Spend time with nearby friends! ✨

ERK1022 | ERK1022

Secret Christmas cancellation revealed in casual phone call. NTA

KetoLurkerHere | KetoLurkerHere

NTA. Abandoned by family during Christmas vacation, OP dodged a bullet. 🙌


Family drama unfolds over cancelled Christmas plans. NTA, demanding apology.

Initial728 | Initial728

NTA. Family books trip, doesn't tell you, blames you. 🙄

Swiftgale22 | Swiftgale22

Stand your ground! Your parents both sound horrible 😳

sdp82 | sdp82

Stand up for yourself and create your own fabulous holiday! ✨

ivylass | ivylass

NTA: Your tolerance is a gift, but they're inconsiderate a**holes. 🎁

SKDI_0224 | SKDI_0224

🚫 NTA, but the real issue is he caused your PTSD 😱

Appropriate_Speech33 | Appropriate_Speech33

Stand your ground and set boundaries. Don't expect an apology.

barefootwondergirl | barefootwondergirl

🔍 Doubting dad's honesty, doubting therapist's advice, and doubting parents.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cut ties with your parents and focus on moving forward. 👍

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

NTA. Write a detailed email to your dad's therapist with evidence.

GothicandHungry | GothicandHungry

NTA: Keep the peace with low contact 🙌

geekgirlwww | geekgirlwww

NTA. They invited you, asked you to bring stuff that costs you money, then canceled only the day before to take a last-minute Caribbean vacation? 😡💸

SupplierDelay | SupplierDelay

Family's love and guilt: demanding money and future expenses 💰

tied_in_knots | tied_in_knots

👏 NTA: Boundaries are healthy. Your parents are selfish and abusive.

bloodrose_80 | bloodrose_80

Sneaky and petty: avoiding plans with visiting parents this Christmas 😈

pensbird91 | pensbird91

Parents disrespecting you, your time, and your money. NTA! 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Apologize for cursing out your mom? Nah, not necessary.

Trice316 | Trice316

NTA. Stand your ground! 💪 Your parents are being cheap. 👎

RecentFox6517 | RecentFox6517

NTA: Offer for them to visit you. Petty to cancel.

Yeppie123 | Yeppie123

Stand up for yourself! Family doesn't mean accepting mistreatment. ✊

Pristine_Plate_431 | Pristine_Plate_431

NTA: Plan to ghost family, go on vacation, blame therapist.

a_man_in_black | a_man_in_black

Take care of your mental health and cut toxic family ties. 👍

beemagick | beemagick

NTA. Holding your ground and finding peace without an apology.

Repulsive-Sim | Repulsive-Sim

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