The Baby-proofing Controversy: A Tale of Two Friends and a Staircase 🍼🏠

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Ever had a friend visit your house, only for things to take a dramatic turn? This is a tale of two friends, a baby, and a staircase that became the center of a heated controversy. Our heroine, a 23-year-old homeowner with no plans for children, found herself in the middle of a baby-proofing debate that would test the strength of her friendship. 🏠👶💥

Setting the Stage 🏠👭

cauliflowerno9508 | cauliflowerno9508

An Exciting Visit 👶🍼

cauliflowerno9508 | cauliflowerno9508

A Close Call 😱🚪

cauliflowerno9508 | cauliflowerno9508

Crisis Averted! 🚧👶

cauliflowerno9508 | cauliflowerno9508

The Accusation Begins 🗣️👩‍👦

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The Baby-proofing Debate 💥🏠

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A Personal Attack 🗣️💔

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The Aftermath 🌪️👶

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The Social Media Storm 🌩️📱

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The Internet Weighs In 🌐🗣️

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The Baby-proofing Controversy: Was Our Heroine in the Wrong? 🤔💭

In a whirlwind of accusations and heated debates, our heroine found herself at the center of a baby-proofing controversy. From a close call at the staircase to a social media storm, the incident tested the strength of her friendship and sparked a debate among their friends. Was she wrong for not baby-proofing her house for her friend's visit? Or was her friend expecting too much? Let's dive into the internet's top responses to this dramatic tale. 🌐📢

NTA: Baby-proofing debate sparks outrage and misused vocabulary 🤔

Dszquphsbnt | Dszquphsbnt

NTA - You're not responsible for baby-proofing your house. 🚫🏠

fuzzy_mic | fuzzy_mic

NTA. Mom defends not baby-proofing friends' houses, receives support.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Crawlers are dangerous as f**k. Mom should've baby-proofed.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but always double check the basement door for safety 🙌

eqmess | eqmess

NTA: Mother neglects child, blames friend. 🙄

Graxakinem | Graxakinem

NTA. Parents shouldn't expect childless people to be child experts 🙅

brightspot678 | brightspot678

Friend neglects child, commenter says NTA. 👍

teresajs | teresajs

NTA. Baby-proofing expectations are unrealistic. Safety is mother's responsibility. 👍

guppytub | guppytub

Cutting contact with an immature brat? 🙅‍♀️ NTA, go for it!

AngelinaWolfAngel | AngelinaWolfAngel

NTA. F is a mombie. 😳

v2den | v2den

LOOOL! No kids, no gate, no problem! NTA and new friends!

africanwanderer | africanwanderer

NTA: Heroic friend saves baby, negligent parent gets a reality check

ConstructionNo2780 | ConstructionNo2780

NTA takes responsibility for toddler's safety, but requests reasonable accommodation. 🧒👀

xKalisto | xKalisto

NTA: Entitled friend expects baby-proofed house, absurd 😱

jkos95 | jkos95

Not your kid, not your responsibility. NTA 🙌

MalsPrettyBonnet | MalsPrettyBonnet

Parenting fail: Friend neglects baby, NTA calls her out 😱

rawsugar87 | rawsugar87

NTA: Your home, your rules. No need to babyproof.


Friendship fallout over baby-proofing: NTA, drop her a**!

hkjok | hkjok

NTA. Immature social media blasting, time to end the friendship. 🚫

Most_Poet | Most_Poet

NTA. Trusting a friend with your child, not your valuables. 👨‍👦

NotHisRealName | NotHisRealName

NTA, but let's not forget the importance of child safety 😬

chubby-wench | chubby-wench

Her guilt is showing. You're not the a**hole. NTA 😉

tri220987 | tri220987

NTA. Your friend's negligence ruined your friendship. Dodged a bullet. 👍

GothSpite | GothSpite

Friend is toxic, blames OP for her own failings 💯

cara180455 | cara180455

Friend expects OP to buy baby gate, shifts blame on them. NTA

cyanidelemonade | cyanidelemonade

Parenting responsibility debate: NTA for not baby-proofing your home 🙏

S_204 | S_204

Mom not watching child, expects others to baby-proof. NTA.

HollyGoLately | HollyGoLately

NTA: Your home, your responsibility. Why baby proof for others?

PurpleJager | PurpleJager

NTA. It's the parent's responsibility to assess safety. 👍

baconcheesecakesauce | baconcheesecakesauce

NTA. Parent should have watched their baby more closely. 🙉

Bazzlekry | Bazzlekry

Friend's overreaction to baby-proofing incident leaves OP shocked 😮

99percentsureimadude | 99percentsureimadude

When baby-proofing goes wrong... entitled parents take the stage! 😂

JAvantGartist | JAvantGartist

NTA. Friend's baby-proofing may lead to social isolation. 😞

chileanfruitlover | chileanfruitlover

NTA: Mom should've been more careful. Safety is her responsibility 🚧

Wicked2707 | Wicked2707

Friend's bad parenting: expecting others to take responsibility 🙅

Zombiesquirrel57 | Zombiesquirrel57

Don't invite her back! She's being a mombie 🚫

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

NTA mombies are crazy... reconsider your friendships. 🙄

SmilingSkitty | SmilingSkitty

NTA- Friend expects too much, berates for not childproofing. 😱

Piercedbunny | Piercedbunny

NTA! Friend's entitled ass should have watched her child better 😠

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

No baby proofing in the 80s, NTA, world doesn't revolve around her 🙄

Revolutionary-Yak-47 | Revolutionary-Yak-47

Defending against babyproofing criticism with humor and pet safety

phurrball15 | phurrball15

NTA. You're not responsible for baby-proofing your house 🚫

meganskegan | meganskegan

NTA. You did good, she's overreacting. Baby-proofing responsibility lies with parents. 👍

depressivedarkling | depressivedarkling

NTA. Parent takes responsibility for child's safety and belongings. 👍

hurricanecricket | hurricanecricket

NTA: Quick thinking saves toddler from staircase danger 🙌

Maemmaz | Maemmaz

Keeping an eye on my toddler, baby-proofing seems unnecessary 🙏

catsnbears | catsnbears

Parent emphasizes personal responsibility for baby's safety in public places.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Falling down the stairs wouldn't have killed him, but ouch!

ElectricFleshlight | ElectricFleshlight

Friend calls out entitled parent, hilarity ensues! 😂

antiquity_queen | antiquity_queen

NTA. Friend's FB crusade backfires after un-babyproofed outing. 🙄

yay_darkness | yay_darkness

Projection and blame-shifting: NTA for not baby-proofing my house 🙅

FatGuysNoseBleeds | FatGuysNoseBleeds

NTA, it's the mom's responsibility to watch her child. 👶

singlemum07022018 | singlemum07022018

NTA: Baby-proofing for guests? Just keep dogs away and clean up.

unconfirmedpanda | unconfirmedpanda

Baby gates for a short visit? No way! 😳

Thecardinal74 | Thecardinal74

"NTA It was her responsibility to be watching her own child anyway. I don't believe in going overboard child proofing anways. Children need to learn not to touch and how to behave in someone else's home." - Engaging debate on child-proofing 🤔

Witchynana | Witchynana

Keeping an eye on your kid: a**hole or responsible parent? 😉

RTPNick | RTPNick

Friend should have been more responsible with babyproofing. NTA 👍

You_Dumb_Bitch | You_Dumb_Bitch

Parents should prioritize child safety, not blame others. 👮

GhostSider690 | GhostSider690

NTA: Mom shares her vigilance in keeping her child safe 👥

RabidHowler91 | RabidHowler91

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