Camping Trip Reveals Boyfriend's Struggle with 'Adulting': Who's to Blame?

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Imagine this: you're off on a two-week wilderness camping trip, leaving your significant other to manage the household. You return, expecting things to be in order, only to find your partner has dropped the ball on everything from paying rent to attending a friend's virtual birthday party. Now, the question is, who's really responsible for this mess? Let's delve into this couple's dilemma. 🏕️🧾🤔

The Busy Bees 🐝

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The Great Escape 🏕️

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The Homecoming Surprise 🏠

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Rent Debacle 💸

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Credit Card Chaos 💳

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Car Registration Catastrophe 🚗

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Missed Moments 🎂

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The Blame Game 🥊

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Reality Check 💔

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The Consequences ⚖️

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The Big Question ❓

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Caught in the Crossfire of Responsibilities: Who's the Culprit? 🕵️‍♀️

In a whirlwind of unpaid bills, missed social events, and a poorly-timed camping trip, a couple finds themselves at odds over who's to blame. Is it the girlfriend, who usually handles the logistics but left her man to fend for himself while she was away? Or is it the boyfriend, who failed to keep up with the monthly bills and personal responsibilities, leading to late fees and missed deadlines? Let's see what the internet has to say about this intriguing predicament... 🍿👀

NTA. Boyfriend's struggle with 'adulting' sparks debate on his capabilities.

CantoErgoSum | CantoErgoSum

NTA, you're not his mother. Don't enable his irresponsibility. 🤔

vicevans01 | vicevans01

NTA. Boyfriend needs to take responsibility. Voting confusion is valid.

yuri0kuma | yuri0kuma

"Adulting" shouldn't be an excuse for incompetence. Handle your sh*t! 💪

daiceedoll | daiceedoll

NTA. Boyfriend needs to take responsibility and stop making excuses 😒

thefoxinmotion | thefoxinmotion

NTA. Don't be his mom or personal assistant 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Boyfriend needs to 'adult'. You're more mom than gf 🙄

mattricide | mattricide

NTA - Boyfriend's wake up call reveals his irresponsibility 🚫💼

HowardProject | HowardProject

NTA. Boyfriend relies on girlfriend like a mom, not girlfriend. 🤷‍♀️

CyberAceKina | CyberAceKina

NTA. Boyfriend's irresponsibility puts both of you at risk 😱

Momtotwocats | Momtotwocats

NTA. Embrace the struggle of adulting with a reminder app! 👍

anonn86753099 | anonn86753099

Partner needs a mum, not a partner 😒

allonsys | allonsys

Reality check: Stop babying him and let him handle it 👋

rusty0123 | rusty0123

Enabling behavior leads to failed expectations. Who's the a**hole here?

beanni77 | beanni77

NTA, but enabling his behavior is causing this 'adulting' struggle.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Ex-husband blames commenter for his own kitchen fire mishap 🤦‍♀️

cyclingaddiction | cyclingaddiction

Boyfriend's 'adulting' struggle: Grow up or babysit him forever? 🤔

CakeisaDie | CakeisaDie

NTA. Friend's cautionary tale: marrying someone incompetent ends in divorce 😬

NakedAndAfraidFan | NakedAndAfraidFan

Dating a man-child? 🙄 NTA for wanting a grown-up partner.

ragnar201 | ragnar201

Take charge of your own happiness! 💪 Have a serious discussion with your partner about sharing responsibilities. #NTA

snobal60 | snobal60

Stop being his mother and let him learn to adult! 😤

Flippn_Freddy | Flippn_Freddy

Boyfriend needs a reality check in 'adulting' responsibilities. 💼

volcanicpale | volcanicpale

NTA. Boyfriend's laziness causes late fees and tickets, appreciate me!

CuriosiT38 | CuriosiT38

Smart PhD candidate struggles with 'adulting', but who's responsible? 🤔

NationalPreparation9 | NationalPreparation9

ADHD and forgetfulness: Is it immaturity or something deeper?

blakexsays | blakexsays

NTA. Are you *sure* you're his girlfriend and not his mommy? 😂

BriaKhalifa | BriaKhalifa

Enabling a grown ass adult or supporting a struggling partner?

Royal_Arachnid_2295 | Royal_Arachnid_2295

Boyfriend struggles with 'adulting' and blames partner, but who's responsible? 😕

robinhoodoftheworld | robinhoodoftheworld

Break up with him! He wants a mommy, not a girlfriend 😱

Readingreddit12345 | Readingreddit12345

Gentle ESH: Communication is key to avoid 'adulting' blame game 😅

FierceCrayon | FierceCrayon

Unpopular opinion: ESH. Boyfriend's struggle with 'adulting' sparks blame game.

waitresslifer | waitresslifer

NTA. Boyfriend treats you like a bang maid. 🙄

ChipsNCola | ChipsNCola

Enabling boyfriend's struggle with 'adulting': ESH, find a way 💔

Birdplane69 | Birdplane69

NTA: Boyfriend can't adult without someone to mother him 🙄

chaseagainstonision | chaseagainstonision

Dating a child? Time to upgrade to an adult! 😏

polystoner | polystoner

"NTA I set alarms and timers for everything, why can't he? 🤷‍♀️"

adotfree | adotfree

NTA. PhD student takes advantage of partner's free emotional labor. 🤔

Throwawayrightaway28 | Throwawayrightaway28

Superwoman slays PhD, kids, and bills! Boyfriend, time to apologize! 💪

notthrowingshade | notthrowingshade

NTA: Boyfriend's co-dependency is mentally and emotionally exhausting. 😩

NoeTellusom | NoeTellusom

NTA: Boyfriend needs to grow tf up 🙄

VanillaFam | VanillaFam

Stop being his mother and secretary, get a joint account 💔

Techsupportvictim | Techsupportvictim

NTA: Don't take on his labor, let him deal with it

celticflame99 | celticflame99

Independent adulting: Should partners be mothering or supportive?

Random_internet15 | Random_internet15

NTA. Is this the bed you wanna make? 💔

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

Hold him accountable! You deserve a stress-free vacation! 👏

Kreeblim | Kreeblim

Boyfriend's tantrum reveals his dependence on mommy. 🙄

A_Simple_Narwhal | A_Simple_Narwhal

NTA. Boyfriend needs to grow up and take responsibility 👍

twistednormz | twistednormz

NTA, boyfriend won't change after school. 🎓

topsyturtles | topsyturtles

NTA: Let him face the consequences of his actions! 🙅‍♂️

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

NTA takes responsibility for bills with autopay and automatic transfers 💸

coraeon | coraeon

"NTA. Lack of responsibility caused fees. Phones have calendars📅. Need partner who can handle their own things👯. Auto payments💸. Did he neglect home chores🚩?"

Llyndreth | Llyndreth

NTA. Taking on all the bills and responsibilities, it's frustrating! 😊

TheTattooedAuthor | TheTattooedAuthor

Sharing the mental load: Partners should help with 'adulting' 💪

Ciimmeri | Ciimmeri

NTA. Boyfriend needs to grow up and take responsibility. 🙄

Lili_Pati | Lili_Pati

PhD doesn't excuse being an airhead. Time to stop coddling.

allison-ballison | allison-ballison

Impractical academic type shares tips for adulting with busy boyfriend. 😊

Medievalmoomin | Medievalmoomin

PhD student multitasks like a boss! NTA, you deserve better 💪

rosebudthorns | rosebudthorns

Physics PhD student shares tips for adulting and setting boundaries.

h_witko | h_witko

NTA. Comment highlights emotional labor and mental load in relationships.

lb2345 | lb2345

Being scatterbrained af but finding creative solutions to adulting 🤷‍♀️

SmoSays | SmoSays

Boyfriend's academic success doesn't translate to adult responsibilities. 🎓💸

ematney68 | ematney68

NTA: Time for tough love. 💪

pentagram87 | pentagram87

NTA: Boyfriend needs to adult, PhD not an excuse 🙄

cheeezncrackers | cheeezncrackers

Time to pack up and leave this immature 'man-child' 🚶‍♀️

squidinosaur | squidinosaur

NTA but also small YTA. Let him take charge of his own life 🙌

Gobadorgosleep | Gobadorgosleep

Congrats on becoming a mother! You're definitely NTA! 🎉

Yabbaba | Yabbaba

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