New Year's Eve Drama: Man Accused of Ditching $1,200 Bar Tab! 🍾🎉

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New Year's Eve is known for its wild celebrations, but one man's night out took an unexpected turn when a joke led to a hefty $1,200 bar tab. It all started when our protagonist, let's call him 'Bigfoot's Buddy', was enjoying his night at a club where his friend worked. He had a small booth reserved and was mingling with a group of girls visiting from California. A casual joke about buying drinks for the girls ended up causing a whirlwind of drama. Let's dive into the story... 🍾🎉

A New Year's Eve Setup 🎉

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

Meeting the Californian Girls 🌴

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

The Joke That Started It All 😂

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

The Night Moves On 🍹

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

The $1,200 Surprise 💸

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

The Blame Game Begins 🥊

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

The Drama Escalates 🌪️

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

A Stealthy Exit 🚶‍♂️

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

The Afterthoughts 💭

bigbartab31 | bigbartab31

A New Year's Eve to Remember...or Forget? 🤔

In a night filled with laughter, drinks and unexpected drama, 'Bigfoot's Buddy' found himself in a sticky situation. After a casual joke about buying drinks for a group of girls, he ended up being accused of leaving them with a whopping $1,200 bar tab. Despite the accusations and name-calling, he held his ground, insisting it was all a misunderstanding. But was he in the wrong? Or was it just an unfortunate case of a joke taken too seriously? Let's see what the world wide web thinks about this New Year's Eve fiasco... 🌐💬

"ESH You literally said 'drinks on me!' how're they supposed to know you're joking?"

zukka924 | zukka924

ESH: Miscommunication leads to a crazy bar tab and no friends 🍾

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for refusing to pay $1,200 bar tab. They took advantage 🍾

The-Bouse | The-Bouse

NTA for ditching $1,200 bar tab. Ridiculous drink prices!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Lesson in hospitality and decency. 👏

International-Aside | International-Aside

"NTA. You made it explicit, they took advantage. Double a**holes."

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bartender doubts story, thinks it's fake. Women may be primary a**holes. 🤔

racer4 | racer4

ESH. Drinks were on OP, but others took advantage. 🍾🎉

MurielFinster | MurielFinster

ESH for running up a high tab, but clarify payment terms!

wigglebuttbiscuits | wigglebuttbiscuits

Club culture creates ambiguous situations. ESH for irresponsible words.

Throwthisshitaway427 | Throwthisshitaway427

ESH: Girls took advantage, he made a costly joke 🤦‍♂️

jmgolden33 | jmgolden33

Mixed signals and assumptions lead to a pricey bar tab 🍾

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. They ran up a $1200 tab and expected you to pay. 😱"

dobbysreward | dobbysreward

NTA. You don't owe them anything. $1200 bar tab? Insane! 🍾

ollyator | ollyator

New Year's Eve drama: Man accused of ditching $1,200 bar tab! 😱

Emnir323 | Emnir323

Total ESH: Miscommunication at the bar leads to drama 🍾🎉

Not_Nice_Niece | Not_Nice_Niece

Drama unfolds as man accused of ditching $1,200 bar tab! 🍾🎉

lala0073 | lala0073

Ridiculous bar tab drama! ESH but they're the bigger AHs 😳

Nepentheoi | Nepentheoi

NTA - Accused of ditching bar tab, but they're the AH! 🍾

biggestrebel_art | biggestrebel_art

Women accused of taking advantage of a man's generosity 🙅

TentativeIncel | TentativeIncel

Drama unfolds as man accused of ditching $1,200 bar tab! 🍾🎉

earthgirl76 | earthgirl76

Fancy bar, friends assumed, huge tab - ESH. Drama unfolds! 🍾

letsallmovetoarrakis | letsallmovetoarrakis

"YTA. You promised free drinks, they took advantage. 🙄"

master_dman | master_dman

Generous offer backfires as girls take advantage of free drinks 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

A**holes tried to take advantage of a generous person 😒

Norwayjew | Norwayjew

Running up a $1200 tab? That's a-hole behavior! 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH: Costly bar tab leads to word choice regret and chaos! 🤯

Jen5872 | Jen5872

Man accused of ditching $1,200 bar tab! YTA for misunderstanding.

ryanbuckner | ryanbuckner

Man accused of ditching bar tab, commenters debate who's at fault. 🍾🙄

PolishMouse | PolishMouse

Generous offer misunderstood, resulting in an unconscionable $1200 bill! 😱

TheCharismaticWeasel | TheCharismaticWeasel

NYE drama: bad judgement, lack of communication, hormones. Stay home! 🍾🎉

fantasmapocalypse | fantasmapocalypse

Debate over who's at fault for the $1,200 bar tab 💸

Throw4idiots | Throw4idiots

Misunderstood joke leads to free drinks and a $20k tab? 🤷‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Girls tried to take advantage of you and ditched.

curiousrut | curiousrut

Generous stranger accused of ditching bar tab, but innocent!

dawnspaz711 | dawnspaz711

NTA: Expecting a stranger to pay $1200 tab is ludicrous 🍾

mayg0dhaveMercy | mayg0dhaveMercy

Woman shares her perspective on buying drinks and clarifying intentions 😂

saltyatthebeach | saltyatthebeach

Running up tabs and making jokes? ESH in this drama! 🍾🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP defends themselves against accusations, asserts they're not the a**hole. 😎

sakee31 | sakee31

Drama alert! A $1,200 bar tab and a broken promise! 👎

ChimoEngr | ChimoEngr

ESH for sure! Joking about a 1.2k tab? WTF?!! 🤯

BanditKitten | BanditKitten

Esh. $1200 tab on a stranger? Jokes backfire, lesson learned! 😳

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

NYE drama: Expecting strangers to buy drinks? Logical or not?

KBunn | KBunn

Ridiculous bar tab drama! ESH for the outrageous spending spree!

SapientSlut | SapientSlut

OP not responsible for $1,200 bar tab. NTA, friends took advantage. 🙅

JDoubleGi | JDoubleGi

Awkward joke leads to expensive bar tab and bad impressions 😬

Solcant | Solcant

"NTA - Misunderstanding at the bar leads to a $1200 tab! 🍾🎉"

Mgzz | Mgzz

Drama at the bar! ESH for shady comments and crazy tab.

TerribleAttitude | TerribleAttitude

Esh but they suck a lil more. Everything was uncalled for. 😱

sambambii | sambambii

Free drinks offer turns into a $1,000+ tab. ESH! 🍾🎉

personreddits | personreddits

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