A Friend's Struggle: To Adopt or Not to Adopt Her Bestie's Son? 😢💔

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Imagine this: Your best friend of two decades falls into the dark abyss of heroin addiction. You've been caring for her 4-year-old son, Adam, for the past three years. You've loved him like your own, and he's become inseparable from your daughter. But now, you're faced with a heart-wrenching decision: should you adopt Adam, potentially severing his ties with his biological mother forever, or should you give your friend another chance to step up? 😢💔 Let's dive into this emotionally charged story.

A Friendship in Turmoil 🌪️

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Guardian of a Little Angel 👼

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The Unfulfilled Promise 😔

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A New Member of the Family 🏡

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Unfulfilled Promises and a Child's Confusion 😥

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A Mother in His Eyes 👀

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A Birthday Gone Wrong 🎂💔

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A Past of Her Own 🌑

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The Struggle of Recovery 💪

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A Heartrending Dilemma 💔

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A Decision on the Horizon 🌅

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The Weight of Compassion 💖

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A Child's Welfare Above All 🙏

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A Plea for Guidance 🗣️

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A Friend's Dilemma: The Child's Welfare or the Mother's Redemption? 🤷‍♀️💔

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, our protagonist is at a crossroads. She's been the guardian angel for her best friend's son, Adam, for the past three years. As her friend battles her demons, she's been there for Adam, providing him with a stable home and a loving sister. But now, she's contemplating adoption - a decision that could forever change the dynamics of their relationship. As she grapples with the decision, she's torn between her desire to give her friend another chance and the need to protect Adam from further emotional turmoil. Let's see how the internet weighs in on this poignant situation...🤔💭

NTA. Adopting Adam can give him stability and a loving family. 💔

illij_idiot | illij_idiot

NTA. Prioritize Adam's safety and stability. Open adoption is doable. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Prioritize the kid's safety and his existing loving family. 💔

complacentviolinist | complacentviolinist

NTA. Adopting a child who deserves a clean and safe home. 🙏

Lerek_Di | Lerek_Di

"NTA Adopt him, give him stability and permanency, and hope you break the cycle." 💪

oodles-motherof | oodles-motherof

NTA. Adopt the boy, give him the stable life he deserves. 💙

Awkward-Potato3575 | Awkward-Potato3575

NTA. You've been Adam's mom. Give him the family he needs! 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, prioritize your child's well-being. They deserve a responsible parent. 👍

lexisplays | lexisplays

NTA: Prioritize the child's well-being and support their recovery. 👏

timmyontools14 | timmyontools14

Heartbreaking. NTA's decision to adopt Adam is truly inspiring. 💔

ripecantaloupe | ripecantaloupe

NTA - Your strength and love make you an amazing mom 💔

cat283 | cat283

Putting the child's well-being first 💜

SilentHonor | SilentHonor

NTA: Overcoming addiction, protecting and adopting a loved one 💔

jolovesmustard | jolovesmustard

NTA: You're Adam's psychological parent, his well-being should come first 💔

narniasreal | narniasreal

NTA. Adopting Adam: honoring a friend's wishes and giving love 💔

Artistic_Bookkeeper | Artistic_Bookkeeper

Adopt the sweet boy, cut ties with your junkie friend. 💔

Current-Read | Current-Read

Adopting Adam means cutting friend out; friend prioritizes addiction 😢

violet-gin | violet-gin

NTA. Adopt your son, she can be part of his life later.

Jerico_Hill | Jerico_Hill

NTA. Adopting her bestie's son for a stable, happy life. 💔

LadyKnightAngie | LadyKnightAngie

Heartwarming story of redemption and love. ❤️

emr830 | emr830

NTA: OP's healthy life choices give child love and security 💔

Jaye1013 | Jaye1013

Protect the child, prioritize Adam's needs and safety. 💔

Enough-Drawing | Enough-Drawing

A heartwarming tale of redemption and unconditional love. ❤️

whamanraman | whamanraman

NTA at all. You're doing what's best for Adam 👏

TheLostSamurai7 | TheLostSamurai7

Shared custody: a**hole mom vs. deserving family 💔

eyespy_1 | eyespy_1

Putting the child's safety first. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA - You're his family. Might as well get it on paper. 💔

TerminatorARB | TerminatorARB

NTA, adopt the child for his peace. It's about him. 💔

itsalaughuc | itsalaughuc

"NTA: Prioritize the kid, not your friend. Adopt him!" 💔

Advanced_Lobster | Advanced_Lobster

NTA ... and you know it, you know why. How many of the people you used to get high with are clean now? How many are still using? In prison? Dead? It is **far** more likely that your friend will end up in a bad place than clean, stable and ready to take her biological son back. And — you are his mother at this point, in every way that counts. He deserves the stability of knowing how you feel about him, knowing he is wanted, and know he has security. While you can sympathize with her situation and have empathy for her, you’re close to punishing him for it.

OzarkKitten | OzarkKitten

NTA: Adopting friend's son to protect him from harm and help her recover 💔

TheBaddestPatsy | TheBaddestPatsy

Protecting and caring for the boy: NTA. Do what's best 💔

Benneck123 | Benneck123

Powerful comment on addiction and the struggle to adopt 💔

AffectionateTea | AffectionateTea

Putting the child's needs first 💜👤

Bookaholicforever | Bookaholicforever

NTA. Providing a stable family for a child in need 💔

lovergirlkelso | lovergirlkelso

NTA: Show compassion, adopt him and give him a loving family! 💔

CremeDeMarron | CremeDeMarron

NTA: Adoption is the best choice for the little boy 💔

BuckieBurd | BuckieBurd

NTA: You turned your life around, she hasn't. Compare.

Billy_of_the_hills | Billy_of_the_hills

Heartbreaking situation. NTA should adopt Adam, with mom's involvement.

floss147 | floss147

NTA. Work out custody agreement if she gets clean. 🙏

Pixie-elf | Pixie-elf

NTA: You're not responsible for a junkie friend's poor choices. 🚫

ilu_daddy_uwu | ilu_daddy_uwu

Adopting her bestie's son: a tough decision with consequences. 😢💔

welpokayhere | welpokayhere

Two moms, one love. Adoption dilemma with a hopeful twist. 💔

forget_the_hearse | forget_the_hearse

NTA. Let the kid decide what to call her. 💛

aslak123 | aslak123

Putting the child's feelings first, not the adult's. NTA 🙌

museisnotyours | museisnotyours

Heartwarming adoption story that will melt your heart 💔

pugfacekillaaa | pugfacekillaaa

NTA. Saving a child can be the wake-up call she needs! 🙌

hurling-day | hurling-day

NTA. A chance for a stable home and a good life. 👍

juicechillin | juicechillin

Put Adam's needs first! You're NTA for considering adoption. 💔

Coyote_Effective | Coyote_Effective

Prioritizing the child's well-being is crucial. NTA. 👍

Tidus790 | Tidus790

NTA. You've given her chance after chance, but she hasn't made any effort. Adam deserves a stable home 💔

hannahsflora | hannahsflora

NTA: You're a saint for loving that boy! Do what's best for Adam now, not what could happen in the future. 💔

NinjaSarBear | NinjaSarBear

NTA: Friend's struggle to adopt her bestie's son, prioritizing welfare 💔

shailainD | shailainD

Compassionate decision to adopt a child in a dangerous situation. 💔

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

NTA, she's burned her bridges. Adopting is best for him. 💔

TaintedSoul666 | TaintedSoul666

"NTA. Adam deserves stability. How long should he wait? 😢💔"

Dogismygod | Dogismygod

Adopting her bestie's son for stability and a loving family ❤️

ATVig | ATVig

Adopting your bestie's son? NTA, it's what's best for him! 💔

a-plan-so-cunning | a-plan-so-cunning

NTA. Prioritizing stability, safety, and love for a young child. 💔

frdlyneighbour | frdlyneighbour

NTA. Adopting your bestie's son: the loving and responsible choice 💔

ElizaCat9 | ElizaCat9

NTA. OP, you're Adam's mother now. 💔

Josie_Joestar | Josie_Joestar

Be Adam's hero, not hers. Don't let her ruin him. 💛

pthepuff | pthepuff

Adopting her bestie's son: NTA, providing permanent stability 👍

Froggetpwagain | Froggetpwagain

Adopting doesn't make her less of a mother. 💔

earthtoeveryoneX | earthtoeveryoneX

NTA 😢💔 You stepped up to be a better mom for him 💚

Ophyria | Ophyria

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