🔥 Decade-Long Friendship on the Rocks: A Tale of Betrayal and Reconciliation Attempts 🎭

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We've all had that one friend who we thought would stand by us through thick and thin, right? 😇 But what happens when that friend turns out to be the one who stabs you in the back? 😱 Meet our heroine, who's been through a rollercoaster of emotions over a decade-long friendship. From college roommates to best friends, to a shocking betrayal, and now, a desperate attempt at reconciliation. Let's dive into her story...👇

👭 From Roommates to Best Friends

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

💑 Love Blooms Unexpectedly

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

💔 Tragedy Strikes

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🚫 Cutting Ties

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🔄 A Twist of Fate

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🤰 Pregnancy and Betrayal

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🔍 The Unveiling of Lies

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🔪 Backstabbed Again

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

👶 A Difficult Pregnancy

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

📞 The Call of the Past

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🔮 The Final Message

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🤷‍♀️ Why Should I Care?

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🚪 Closing the Door

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🔍 Clarifying Misunderstandings

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🎯 The Blame Game

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🚫 No More Drama

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

👋 Saying Goodbye

aitathrowexbff | aitathrowexbff

🎭 A Friendship in Shambles: Will She Break Her Silence? 🤔

After a decade of friendship, our heroine finds herself at a crossroads. 🚦 From being college roommates to best friends, their bond seemed unbreakable. But when a series of betrayals and lies come to light, the friendship crumbles. 🏚️ Now, after years of silence, the friend reaches out again, seeking support in her time of need. But is it too late? 😔 Our heroine is torn between opening old wounds and standing her ground. She's ready to break her silence, but what will she say? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐

A bittersweet rejection: Congrats on the baby, but no friendship renewal.

Lentilfairy | Lentilfairy

Friendship betrayal: NTA cut her off for being selfish. 🙅

kyr1414 | kyr1414

NTA: Cut her off and focus on your own happiness. 🙅‍♂️✨

interstitiality | interstitiality

Using religion as a weapon? 🤔 NTA's clever comeback wins!

junaidaslam1983 | junaidaslam1983

NTA, let her go. Not worth the energy. 🙏

Wileykid | Wileykid

Let it go. Ignore and block her. You're better than that ✌️

[deleted] | [deleted]

🔥 Blaming everyone but him? A tale of awful human beings.

mikenzeejai | mikenzeejai

Friendship drama: NTA for setting boundaries, but AH if you lash out!

Citychic88 | Citychic88

Friend betrayed OP during tough times, now wants emotional support. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Misreading the title led to a hilarious misunderstanding. NTA

UncoolCupcake | UncoolCupcake

Cutting ties for good? 🚫 No more contact, no more drama.

TheLuckyZebra | TheLuckyZebra

🚫 Cut her off completely, she's toxic. 🙅‍♂️

piximelon | piximelon

NTA, but cutting contact might be the most productive response. 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cut toxic ties, communicate intentions, and seek spousal support. 👍

LitChick2000 | LitChick2000

Friendship betrayal and questioning miscarriages, she's a selfish person 🤔

rainbookworm | rainbookworm

Let it go. ❄️

sakemelly | sakemelly

Cutting ties or finding closure? A friendship in limbo 🤷‍♀️

BoredCatLady | BoredCatLady

NTA, silent treatment won't help. Communication is key 📴

Pups_the_Jew | Pups_the_Jew

NTA! Cut ties and brush off her drama. 🙅‍♀️

makeitgoboompowbang | makeitgoboompowbang

Cutting off toxic friends: You don't owe them anything 💔

azrael4h | azrael4h

Friend's betrayal during miscarriage. Time to let it rip! NTA

RoxyMcfly | RoxyMcfly

Think before you speak, then calmly express your feelings 💬

ceridwen04 | ceridwen04

63% NTA/37% ESH. Blaming her for not disclosing location? Cut the cord and let it go. 👋

Ikmia | Ikmia

NTA: A toxic friend who made it all about herself 🚫👥

thelasttimelord12 | thelasttimelord12

Cutting her out politely is better for everyone in the long run 😌

wrosmer | wrosmer

NTA. Don't let her back in your life. Enjoy your family 💕

Ajl3791 | Ajl3791

Cut ties or confront? 🤔 Decide based on her actions.

crissyb65 | crissyb65

"NTA, but this person didn't regret or apologize. Time for therapy. 🙏"

ZeeLadyMusketeer | ZeeLadyMusketeer

Block her and move on. Don't entertain her drama 🙌

nnjvvfxxs | nnjvvfxxs

Comment removed due to rule violation. Be civil, everyone!

[deleted] | [deleted]

You don't have to be friends with your husband's friends. 💔

Order66-Cody | Order66-Cody

NTA: Cut ties and move on, block her on everything 📱

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Cutting out toxic people: NTA, better off without the cancer.

kamikaze_pedestrian | kamikaze_pedestrian

Ending a toxic friendship: NTA, no need for explanation now 🙌

HRHArgyll | HRHArgyll

"NTA, cutting off toxic friends can be liberating 👏"

ProbablyNotAFrog | ProbablyNotAFrog

Cut ties and move on. She doesn't deserve your energy. 👋

gele-gel | gele-gel

Block her and move on to avoid further emotional distress 🙌

ShaktinCO | ShaktinCO

Block her and move on. You're NTA. 👍

SnowWhiteCampCat | SnowWhiteCampCat

Cut her off completely, she'll never understand your perspective 👍

DrakeMustBeSad | DrakeMustBeSad

NTA: Be honest and straightforward about not reopening the friendship. 👍

freckles2363 | freckles2363

Cut ties with the toxic friend and find peace ✌️

lizzietnz | lizzietnz

🔥 NTA wants to nuke toxic friendship. No more sporadic contact.

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA - Lay your cards on the table and end it. 👍"

[deleted] | [deleted]

Petty revenge and religious beliefs cause a friendship to crumble.

dca_user | dca_user

"A heartbreaking comment signals the end of a once-close friendship"

Dramachic911 | Dramachic911

Silence speaks volumes, closure not needed. Best of luck moving on! 👍

fireextinguisher19 | fireextinguisher19

NTA. Take the passive aggressive route and cut her off. 🙄

-nightingale21 | -nightingale21

One-sided friendship turns toxic with pregnancy drama and name-calling 👎

Iam2ndtoNunn | Iam2ndtoNunn

NTA. Ghost her completely 🔮

pengetal | pengetal

Don't be a fool, keep that person out of your life! 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sometimes you just have to say what you feel 👊

sharks_and_sentiment | sharks_and_sentiment

OP expresses hurt and suggests going no contact for peace ✌️

Born2Explore11 | Born2Explore11

Don't feel obligated to be friends, you're NTA 👍

pluckyminna | pluckyminna

Toxic friend? You're NTA. Let's discuss the betrayal and reconciliation. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

One-sided friendship? Time to set boundaries and suggest professional help. 👥

iamevilcupcake | iamevilcupcake

Be the bigger person and move on from the friendship. 👍

strawberryblondiee | strawberryblondiee

Ignoring her might give you the satisfaction you're seeking 😎

Harsh2622 | Harsh2622

NTA, cut all contact with toxic friend and focus on happiness 😊

DogBreathologist | DogBreathologist

Avoid engaging with toxic people. Silence is the best response. 🙌

Misha220 | Misha220

Not the a**hole. Let's hear the full story behind it! 😮

WaxyWingie | WaxyWingie

Dramatic breakup? Just be honest and block her if needed! 🙌

sdkjfoeijoenl | sdkjfoeijoenl

Let go of the past and move on to brighter days! ✨

MelizardQueen | MelizardQueen

NTA but she's trying to make drama and make herself look like the victim. The route of least drama is to simply text her that you don't wish to resume contact and then just block her on all channels. What she said and did was f**king awful and shows you a lot about who she is, she isn't the kind of person you want in your life unless she had made dramatic changes (which I doubt since she never apologised) 😡

randomnurse | randomnurse

"NTA. Be honest but resist giving her a well-deserved take down. She made your life hell."

KittyKiitos | KittyKiitos

Comment removed for violating rules. Stay civil, folks! 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, prioritize your own well-being and cut toxic friendships 👍

strawberrypoopfruit | strawberrypoopfruit

Rekindling friendships can be great, but not always the best choice. 💔

padam__padam | padam__padam

🍻 Drunk on betrayal: NTA, cut contact for your sanity.

eatterbury8 | eatterbury8

Friendship betrayal: NTA, steer clear and protect your joy 🚢

mrscrankypants | mrscrankypants

Block her a** and move on. Not worth your time.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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