Bridezilla's Extravagant Demands: A Tale of Friendship and Wedding Woes 🤯💍

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Ever been invited to a friend's wedding and found yourself caught in a whirlwind of extravagant demands? This is the story of a 28-year-old woman, who found herself in a dilemma when her friend, Bridezilla B, announced her wedding plans. The wedding, set to take place on a distant farm, came with a hefty price tag and a list of non-negotiables that has left our protagonist questioning her friendship. 💍👰💔

Introducing Bridezilla B 👰🐲

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Wedding Location: A Distant Farm 🚜🌾

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The List of Non-Negotiables 📝💸

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

More Demands from Bridezilla B 📃👠

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Dress Dilemma 👗✈️

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Budget Talk 💰🗣️

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Makeup: Non-Negotiable! 💄🚫

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Accommodation Twist 🏠💔

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The $200 Dilemma 💸🤷‍♀️

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

Transportation Troubles 🚗🚫

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Tent Option or Figure It Out! ⛺🤔

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

The Cost of Friendship: $1,256 💔💵

amberdoggie1234 | amberdoggie1234

A Friendship Tested: The $1,256 Question 🤔💔

Our protagonist finds herself in a tough spot, torn between friendship and financial sanity. With a total cost of $1,256, including travel expenses, a specific dress, and a list of 'extras', this wedding invite seems more like a bill. Can she meet Bridezilla B's non-negotiable demands without breaking her bank? Or will she have to choose between her friendship and her budget? Let's see what the internet thinks of this predicament... 🌐💬

Skipping the wedding? Definitely a nooopppp for me 😅

WeedLovinStarseed | WeedLovinStarseed

NTA. Bridezilla's entitlement is off the charts! 😱

Significant-Ad-9758 | Significant-Ad-9758

"NTA. Demanding bridesmaid's expensive dress. I wouldn't bother attending." 🙄

SingingSongbird1 | SingingSongbird1

"NTA. You can afford what you can afford and have been very upfront. Off topic but 'long-distance fiance of 6 months' and 'Groom's farm'... please let this be an example of people who met on" 😂

AdministrationThis77 | AdministrationThis77

NTA. Bridezilla for a 6-month relationship? No anniversary for them! 😆

unionmom4 | unionmom4

"NTA. Bridezilla's demands are excessive and unreasonable. Drop out."

AbbyFB6969 | AbbyFB6969

NTA. Bridezilla's demands are unreasonable and disrespectful. Drop out! 😅

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Bridezilla's outrageous demands put friendship on shaky ground. 💔

Cryptographer_Alone | Cryptographer_Alone

Bridezilla's unreasonable demands spark debate over wedding etiquette 🤯

Full_Fold_8732 | Full_Fold_8732

Wedding woes: NTA calls out bridezilla's outrageous demands 💍

Borageandthyme | Borageandthyme

Reasonable expectations for bridesmaids and polite solutions for financial constraints. NAH.

Existing_Space_2498 | Existing_Space_2498

NTA - Stand your ground and treat yourself to a nice dinner! 😋

VividEfficiency7347 | VividEfficiency7347

NTA. Stressful demands and forcing you to stay somewhere? No way! 😱

birdingisfun | birdingisfun

Wedding budget vs. bridezilla's extravagant demands: NTA wins! 💍

Primary-Criticism929 | Primary-Criticism929

"Thanks but no thanks" - A bridesmaid's escape from Bridezilla 😂

jerseygirl1105 | jerseygirl1105

NTA, but it's normal to cover expenses for a destination wedding. 💸

pudge-thefish | pudge-thefish

Wedding guest threatened by internet ghost for not attending. NTA

daisukidesu1981 | daisukidesu1981

NTA, bridezilla should pay for her extravagant demands 🤯

sabresfan80 | sabresfan80

Weddings should be about love, not extravagant demands and expenses. 💍

TYdays | TYdays

Bridezilla's last-minute demands leave bridesmaid questioning her commitment. 😳

nerdgirl71 | nerdgirl71

Friend spends $1.2k on Bridezilla's tent request. Is it worth it? 🤯

shikamarus_gf | shikamarus_gf

"Being in a destination wedding can be expensive. It's okay to decline."

rak1882 | rak1882

🇬🇧 Any British folks know if this is normal in UK weddings?

Wild-Perspective-548 | Wild-Perspective-548

Stand up for yourself and your wallet, ditch the bridezilla 👊

Some-Astronaut-6907 | Some-Astronaut-6907

"NTA. Bridezilla wants control over everything, including your wallets! 😱"

ricebasket | ricebasket

Is the bride being unreasonable? Share your thoughts! 📹

sumg | sumg

Reasonable bride asks for basic expenses, others go overboard 🙏

Firm_Pomegranate_246 | Firm_Pomegranate_246

NTA. American weddings: open bar for all, expensive bridesmaids. 🤯

CreativismUK | CreativismUK

Long distance relationship turned whirlwind romance, but will it last?

Arisia118 | Arisia118

Bridezilla's demands escalate to absurdity, but OP dodged a bullet 🤯

Jzb1964 | Jzb1964

NTA. The bride's extravagant demands are causing unnecessary stress. 😳

cookieenmelk | cookieenmelk

ESH. Bridezilla's demands are unreasonable, but budget expectations were unclear.

steelerschica86 | steelerschica86

NTA: Set boundaries and consider backing out of the wedding 👍

zoned-out28 | zoned-out28

Supporting a low-stress wedding with friends vs. Bridezilla's demands 😂

anxiousbearofpolar | anxiousbearofpolar

Bridezilla's outrageous demands make for a hilarious NOPE moment 😂

Fun_Macaroon9841 | Fun_Macaroon9841

"NTA. Say no, send a toaster. She's got it all!" 🤯💍

jaethegreatone | jaethegreatone

Doubts about a whirlwind romance and predicting a short marriage. 😱

wisegirl_93 | wisegirl_93

Refusing to be a bridesmaid? NTA! Just go as a guest. 💍

BeepBlipBlapBloop | BeepBlipBlapBloop

Withdraw from wedding party due to financial constraints. NTA.


Navigating the treacherous waters of bridesmaid duties and budgets 💍

maismione | maismione

NTA. Reconsider attending this wedding. Is this friendship worth it? 🤯

RevRos | RevRos

Don't be a pushover! Take the money and run 💎

Careful-Self-457 | Careful-Self-457

NTA. Back out gracefully, she doesn't respect your time or budget. 👍

Unit-Healthy | Unit-Healthy

YTA: Back out if you can't afford it 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, drop out now! 🚫💸

Avocadosarecool2000 | Avocadosarecool2000

Bridesmaids deserve appreciation, not financial burden. 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Is this the wedding you want to be part of? 😳

BeatrixFarrand | BeatrixFarrand

Skip the wedding! Save your money and sanity. 👍

Sirnando138 | Sirnando138

Bridezilla alert! Entitled brides forget about guests' feelings 😱

Srumlicious | Srumlicious

NTA- Can't afford bridezilla's demands? Drop out now! 🚫

FancyPantsDancer | FancyPantsDancer

Bridesmaid budget battle: NTA, time to put your foot down! 🙏

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

NTA. Fascinated by extravagant weddings, but prefer simplicity and fun 💍

mcclgwe | mcclgwe

🚫🏕️ No way! Ending the friendship seems justified. NTA.

Awkward-Mix-283 | Awkward-Mix-283

Budget constraints make it clear: NTA for skipping bridezilla's demands.

anxgrl | anxgrl

Wedding drama: NTA advises to avoid this clusterf**k. 🙏

latte1963 | latte1963

Commenter suggests bailing on the extravagant wedding for long-term happiness 😅

wasakootenayperson | wasakootenayperson

Makeup is a must, but NTA. A tent? 😂

LetsTriThisAgain | LetsTriThisAgain

Save your money and treat yourself instead! 💍

Beneficial-Pizza5911 | Beneficial-Pizza5911

Bridesmaid budgets vary, but it's okay to decline politely 🙌

yachtiewannabe | yachtiewannabe

Politely decline or embrace the role of a regular guest! ✨

CADreamn | CADreamn

Bridezilla's outrageous demand: pay up or pitch a tent! 😱

Akira_Reviews | Akira_Reviews

Friendship in jeopardy over bridezilla's outrageous demands 😱

ChamomileBrownies | ChamomileBrownies

NTA: Demanding bride ruins the party. No thanks, I'm out! 🙄

FlowerOk3892 | FlowerOk3892

Generous bride shares her experience and criticizes entitled brides.

iambatman40 | iambatman40

Bridezilla's tent demand leads to bridesmaid drama. NTA's solution?

ginnymarie6 | ginnymarie6

NTA. Bridezilla's outrageous demands spark a heated debate 😱

Moissanita | Moissanita

Friendship tested by bride's extravagant demands. NTA for setting boundaries.

Safe_Attempt8781 | Safe_Attempt8781

Being a doormat? YTA! Stand up for yourself! 😠

Lariumm | Lariumm

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