When Mother's Day Tears Turn into Father's Day Fears: A Tale of Forgotten Sentiments

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Imagine this: You've spent weeks planning the perfect Father's Day gift for your husband, only to be met with a shocking response. He's traumatized, not by your thoughtful gift ideas, but by the memory of a Mother's Day gone wrong. This is the reality for one woman, who found herself in tears on Mother's Day, only to be accused of causing trauma by her husband. Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster. 🎢😢

The Perfect Father's Day Gift Dilemma 🎁

throwawaypaperplate | throwawaypaperplate

A Burst of Unexpected Emotions 💔

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A Forgotten Mother's Day 🌹

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Tears and Unspoken Words 😢

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A Last-Minute Attempt 🎨

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The Aftermath of a Forgotten Day 🌧️

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A Reminder of a Past Celebration 🎉

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The Unresolved Conflict 🥺

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A Hope for Resolution 🕊️

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Tears, Trauma, and the Quest for Resolution 🌈

In a world where gestures speak louder than words, one woman's forgotten Mother's Day spirals into an emotional rollercoaster. Her tears, seen as trauma by her husband, lead to a Father's Day filled with uncertainty. As she navigates this emotional labyrinth, she seeks to understand her husband's reaction and find a resolution. Will they find common ground, or will the echoes of a forgotten Mother's Day continue to haunt them? Let's see what the internet has to say about this heart-wrenching saga. 🌐💔

🤔 What does he bring to the relationship? Easy NTA.

mutualbuttsqueezin | mutualbuttsqueezin

NTA. Husband's "limp attempts" at Mother's Day cause upset and trauma. Child suffers.

Narrow-Natural7937 | Narrow-Natural7937

🚫 NTA husband 'traumatized' after making YOU miserable on Mother's Day

ViolaVetch75 | ViolaVetch75

Is he thoughtful or thoughtless? The verdict is in! 😮

Right_Count | Right_Count

"NTA. He needs to grow up and communicate better. 👍"

dillydiffrenbacia | dillydiffrenbacia

"NTA It feels like he didn't care to get you anything for Mothers Day, then when you got upset about it (rightfully so considering his fathers day celebration last year (tit for tat and all that)) he started using the excuse 'You emotionally traumatized me by crying' to emotionally manipulate you into accepting that you don't deserve anything for mothers day period. Don't accept this. He's acting like a child because you called him out on something he knew he was wrong about and he's refusing to acknowledge it. A good spouse would've comforted you when you were upset, but he only cared about himself and still does it seems otherwise he wouldn't be making those claims."

McNuggeteer | McNuggeteer

Disappointed and frustrated, no love lost between them. 💔

Rinzy2000 | Rinzy2000

🃏 Divorce lawyer or couples therapy? Time to make a choice!

DameofDames | DameofDames

👏 NTA for expecting effort on Mother's Day. Take a trip!

holliday_doc_1995 | holliday_doc_1995

Encourage him to seek help for his mental struggles. 🙏

spartancheerleader10 | spartancheerleader10

NTA. This guy doesn't understand "trauma" and is manipulative! 😡

Missmagentamel | Missmagentamel

NTA, show your husband what he's missing 👏💪

meheenruby | meheenruby

NTA: He's whining about being 'traumatized' by your hurt feelings? 🙄

EleriTMLH | EleriTMLH

NTA, husband twists your reaction to his harmful behavior to make himself the victim. Similar experience shared, emotional manipulation can lead to a very bad place. 💔

Entorien_Scriber | Entorien_Scriber

NTA. Tired of people playing victim instead of expressing unhappiness 😤

perfectpomelo3 | perfectpomelo3

🚩 NTA but beware of emotional manipulation and potential abuse 🚩

sunshinecryptic | sunshinecryptic

NTA. Show yourself some love on Father's Day instead! 💁‍♀️

ac3_0f_spad3s | ac3_0f_spad3s

Engaging comment suggesting postnatal depression as possible explanation for husband's behavior

Typical-Insect8697 | Typical-Insect8697

Is this relationship struggling beyond a forgotten Mother's Day?

grigorsu | grigorsu

ESH: Over-dramatic reactions to forgotten Mother's Day expectations. Banish holidays?

Hjorrild | Hjorrild

Deserve better. Teach your son how a man treats love ❤️

BackgroundOwl7328 | BackgroundOwl7328

Uncomfortable with emotions? 🤔 Definitely NTA in this situation!

[deleted] | [deleted]

🙅‍♀️ Don't put up with a horrible husband's gaslighting! Treat yourself!

Far_Mark_9556 | Far_Mark_9556

👀 Did he mess up Mother's Day? Let's weigh the evidence.

Top-Artichoke5020 | Top-Artichoke5020

Some people just won't appreciate your celebration gestures. 😒

mylizardhatesyou | mylizardhatesyou

Is he depressed? 😔 Consider his physical and mental health.

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤷‍♀️ ESH, but 3 days of tears? Something's fishy here...

munchtime414 | munchtime414

Divorce attorneys thrive after Mother's Day, according to this commenter.

inkpaperdream | inkpaperdream

Equal energy for Father's Day, reevaluate your relationship. 💔

What-is-in-a-name19 | What-is-in-a-name19

PTSD vs. Guilt: The Battle of Trauma Definitions 😤

CatsInAOvercoat | CatsInAOvercoat

NTA 💔 Father's Day present: marriage counselling. 💔

Logical-Cost4571 | Logical-Cost4571

Take a break, let the kid doodle, and relax! 🌼

Boredread | Boredread

Lost in translation: Love languages clash, but PTSD claims questioned 😕

chainer1216 | chainer1216

Engagingly suggest considering PPD as a possible cause for change.

Soflawlessly_ | Soflawlessly_

Engaging with a neglectful husband and suggesting therapy for change. 👍

kgfPatsfan2 | kgfPatsfan2

Deserving better on Father's Day 😔

AnnetteyS | AnnetteyS

🙅‍♀️ Don't let him ruin your happiness! You're not the a**hole! 🌟

Otherwise_Minute_261 | Otherwise_Minute_261

Deadbeat dad claims trauma, but OP is NTA. Treat yourself!

Albg111 | Albg111

🙅 NTA: Husband's gaslighting after forgetting Mother's Day is mean.

Anonymously_Ill | Anonymously_Ill

Lazy partner punishes you for celebrating Mother's Day. 🤦‍♀️

Odd_Knowledge_2146 | Odd_Knowledge_2146

NTA. Awful husband? Let's hear the juicy details! 😏

Usual-username190845 | Usual-username190845

Nostalgic commenter questions the extravagance of modern Mother's and Father's Day 🤔

Edulis123 | Edulis123

Night shifts: a recipe for messed up lives 😴

graceball5 | graceball5

Treat yourself after Mother's Day instead of spending money!

FinancialBirthday150 | FinancialBirthday150

NTA, but there could be many reasons for his behavior. Have a heart-to-heart and consider therapy. Good luck! ✨

Upbeat-Tradition5823 | Upbeat-Tradition5823

Don't forget Father's Day, but skip the gift. #NAH 🙅‍♂️🎁

No_Guarantee_6756 | No_Guarantee_6756

Equal effort for Father's Day, treat others as they treat you

LadyDeath98 | LadyDeath98

NTA if this isn't gaslighting, I don't know what is. 😡

Fancy_Avocado7497 | Fancy_Avocado7497

NTA. Husband is a f**kwit. Sorry. (Not sorry) 😤

JoneseyP98 | JoneseyP98

NTA, teach him a lesson by doing nothing on Father's Day 😏

Outrageous-Ad-9635 | Outrageous-Ad-9635

NTA at all! He's manipulative and traumatised. What an AH! 😡

Watertribe_Girl | Watertribe_Girl

Rewarding him for treating you like 💩? Not the a**hole!

starsandcamoflague | starsandcamoflague

NTA. Keep it simple, don't go above and beyond for him 😒

GinPineapple92 | GinPineapple92

Engaging advice on seeking relationship advice and working through marriage.

needtoshave | needtoshave

🚩 Traumatized by forgotten Mother's Day, unhealthy relationship, NTA

HeatherJMD | HeatherJMD

Sparks fly as commenters debate Mother's Day and Father's Day

PatchEnd | PatchEnd

Don't do anything for him this Father's Day! #NTA

swiggitysquid | swiggitysquid

NTA. This man is a real piece of work. 💔

katie-kaboom | katie-kaboom

NTA. Your husband is an absolute \*\*\*hole. 💥

cats-and-sleep | cats-and-sleep

NTA, husband is clearly TA 😑

throwaway23er56uz | throwaway23er56uz

NTA. He's blaming you for his mistakes and guilting you. 😡

CovidIsolation | CovidIsolation

NTA. Demand marriage counseling to address his big time f**k up.

fiascoqueen | fiascoqueen

Tired of overused words? Let's talk about "trauma" and "gaslighting".

activelurker777 | activelurker777

Don't give what you don't receive back. He's not invested. 💔

AntiquePop1417 | AntiquePop1417

Did you communicate your expectations clearly or leave it implied? 🤔

bepdhc | bepdhc

NTA. Treat yourself on Mother's Day round 2! 💪👑

lit_lattes | lit_lattes

NTA. Consider divorce before Father's Day. 💔

Ipso-Pacto-Facto | Ipso-Pacto-Facto

NTA: No gift, no love. Mother's Day turned into a mess 😔

Churchie-Baby | Churchie-Baby

Commenter advises therapy, couples therapy, and part-time job for OP

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