Teen's Date Turns Sour: A Deaf Boy's Encounter with Insensitive Strangers

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Imagine being on a peaceful date, enjoying the tranquility of the park, when suddenly, your private bubble is burst by intrusive strangers. This is exactly what happened to a 17-year-old deaf boy, whose date with his girlfriend turned into an unexpected drama. The couple, who communicate through sign language, were approached by three women who were more interested in learning 'deaf language' than respecting their privacy. 😲🙄

The Unexpected Encounter

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The Intrusion Begins

aita_defb | aita_defb

A Misplaced Interest

aita_defb | aita_defb

Invasion of Privacy

aita_defb | aita_defb

Unwanted Requests

aita_defb | aita_defb

The Situation Escalates

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A Disrespectful Act

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The Girlfriend's Reaction

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A Sister's Advice

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The Boy's Dilemma

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A Deaf Teen's Struggle: Respect or Avoidance?

Caught in a whirlwind of discomfort and disrespect, the 17-year-old deaf boy and his girlfriend found themselves at the receiving end of unwarranted attention. Their peaceful date was disrupted by three women, who, instead of showing empathy, chose to invade their privacy with intrusive questions and requests. Their insensitivity escalated to the point of mocking the couple's means of communication - sign language. The boy's sister believes he could have avoided the situation by simply teaching them how to sign the F word. But should he have to compromise his comfort for the sake of avoiding conflict? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

NTA: Dealing with ignorant harassment on a deaf date 🤬

Sunshine61177 | Sunshine61177

NTA: Those girls were seriously rude 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

👍 NTA! Censoring 'masks' to avoid removal - smart move!

xbox360noscope | xbox360noscope

NTA. Girls are HUGE AH. 😡

knitmyproblem | knitmyproblem

NTA, insensitive strangers tried to mess with OP, terrible people. 😡

wf_of_wall_street | wf_of_wall_street

Adult women sexually harass deaf boy, but justice prevails! ✨

RVFullTime | RVFullTime

Teen's encounter with rude strangers leaves NTA feeling hurt 😔

iheartrsamostdays | iheartrsamostdays

NTA at all. They were complete d**ks. 😡

thrown_away_23_23 | thrown_away_23_23

NTA. Ignorant, rude, and bigoted strangers test deafness 🙄

OolongLaLa | OolongLaLa

Heartbreaking encounter with insensitive strangers leaves commenter shocked 😱

Amelioratory | Amelioratory

NTA. Educating insensitive strangers isn't your responsibility. 😔

youngproper | youngproper

NTA hopes for poetic justice on insensitive girls' dates 🦅

SWGoodToes | SWGoodToes

Teen stands up to insensitive strangers, refuses to be bullied 👊

sistertotherain9 | sistertotherain9

NTA: Rude strangers should learn sign language or mind their business.

Realist956 | Realist956

NTA- Girls wanted to learn sign language but disrespected deaf person. 🙄

UselessButterscotch5 | UselessButterscotch5

NTA. That was really s****y of them OP, I'm sorry. 😔

Transquisitor | Transquisitor

Learn ASL and be respectful! 💪🤟

ella_bellle | ella_bellle

"NTA: Deaf interpreter shares frustration with insensitive hearing people."


NTA. Standing up against harassment and staying calm amidst provocation 😡

Judgypossum | Judgypossum

NTA. Google it. You owe them nothing. 💁‍♀️

AngeDeNeige | AngeDeNeige

Ready to throw down for the deaf boy 💪👊

what-the-fricks-frac | what-the-fricks-frac

NTA. Revengeful sign language pranks shut down insensitive strangers 😏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Don't be a performing monkey! You owe them nothing! 🙅‍♂️

Iwillsingyoulullabys | Iwillsingyoulullabys

NTA. Insensitive adults mock deaf boy for not knowing ASL.

Magnata005 | Magnata005

NTA, report them! Don't let the next person suffer their harassment. 🚨

ChimericalTrainer | ChimericalTrainer

Deaf boy's encounter with insensitive strangers sparks fiery response 🔥

Leet_Noob | Leet_Noob

"Deaf language" vs "ASL is beautiful": A sensitive debate 🤔

KyliaQuilor | KyliaQuilor

Deaf teen shares frustration with insensitive strangers testing his deafness 🚯

Jazkier | Jazkier

Deaf teen shuts down insensitive strangers with a sassy gesture 😏

ShadyBookDealer | ShadyBookDealer

NTA. You're not a zoo attraction! That's appauling 😱

Tesmarin | Tesmarin

NTA: Don't let insensitive strangers ruin your day! 🙅‍♂️

ViolaVetch75 | ViolaVetch75

NTA wants to confront insensitive strangers. Let's find out where!

[deleted] | [deleted]

👏 Standing up against rude and awful behavior! NTA

lavasca | lavasca

NTA. Mean girls at their stereotypical worst. 😒

Mightyrex13 | Mightyrex13

Insensitivity at its worst! Yelling at a deaf person? Unbelievable! 😡

skmdias | skmdias

NTA: Standing up against harassment, this comment speaks out

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Insensitive strangers commodify culture, demand education. NTA. 🙅

theTeach78 | theTeach78

NTA. You shouldn't have to teach them sign language. 🙅‍♂️

ArbitraryContrarianX | ArbitraryContrarianX

NTA, rude and entitled strangers harass deaf boy over sign language 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartbreaking encounter with insensitive strangers. NTA, it's a hate crime 😢

Heckin_Hoot | Heckin_Hoot

Understanding the spectrum of disabilities and dispelling misconceptions. 💪

gayestgaythrowaway | gayestgaythrowaway

Teen shares experience of being harassed for fake disability. 🔥

343-guilty-mendicant | 343-guilty-mendicant

Empathetic commenter shares personal experience and offers support and advice.

FlutterByCookies | FlutterByCookies

Teen not at fault in encounter with insensitive strangers

plouf_plouf | plouf_plouf

NTA. Standing up to harassment shows strength and resilience. 💪

rfj | rfj

Empathy and support for a victim of unacceptable behavior 😔❤️

lilhippy72 | lilhippy72

NTA. They can easily look it up on YouTube. 📺

socialdistraction | socialdistraction

NTA! Grown women were rude as h**l! 😡

AnyConstellation | AnyConstellation

NTA: Standing up against harassment 💪

Just-While-539 | Just-While-539

NTA: Standing up to insensitivity with a bold gesture 👊

LittleBlondBrit | LittleBlondBrit

Empathy and support for a victim of harassment. ❤️

SugarBubble8084 | SugarBubble8084

NTA, you handled it well! 👏

la_selena | la_selena

👏 Standing up against harassment and abuse. NTA for sure!

dystopianpirate | dystopianpirate

NTA. Rude strangers harass deaf boy on date 😡

fireroseny | fireroseny

"NTA. You handled their immaturity and harassment with grace. 🙌"

SophieSchrodie | SophieSchrodie

You're not the a**hole, those adults are total a**holes 😡

bop-crop | bop-crop

NTA. Rude strangers were inconsiderate. 🙄

Top_secretz | Top_secretz

Heartbreaking encounter: Deaf teen's date ruined by insensitive strangers 😢

wigglywigglywack | wigglywigglywack

Deaf teen faces harassment: NTA for not disclosing disability 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Deaf boy stands up to insensitive strangers, claps for self 🙌

happeningfrog | happeningfrog

Deaf teen encounters entitled brats, teaches them a lesson 🤟

RickRollRizal | RickRollRizal

NTA. Deaf teen claps back at rude strangers with sign language 💪

ambitionincarnate | ambitionincarnate

"NTA everything they did is extremely wrong and rude" 😡

NamesIWantWereTaken | NamesIWantWereTaken

NTA at all. Love sign language, but those girls were jerks 😡

Hannahtheunicorn105 | Hannahtheunicorn105

NTA. Share your story on r/trashy or r/EntitledPeople for validation!

classicgrinder | classicgrinder

NTA stands up to harassment and educates insensitive strangers. 🙌

Cactilove | Cactilove

NTA. Deaf teen faces harassment on date. Outrageous behavior from strangers.

Throwaway41790a | Throwaway41790a

Empathy and support for a victim of harassment and ignorance 😔

ConsistentCheesecake | ConsistentCheesecake

NTA! Deaf teen faces harassment from ignorant adults. So infuriating! 😡

witchybusiness17 | witchybusiness17

Empathy for a deaf boy facing insensitive strangers 😔

anaziyung | anaziyung

Empathetic response to insensitive strangers, with a touch of revenge 😈

eternalnoobzz | eternalnoobzz

🙅‍♂️ NTA! Deaf boy faces abuse, but finds support against insensitive girls

ithinkmynameisno | ithinkmynameisno

👏 Standing up against harassment. You're not the a**hole!

jessikatnip7 | jessikatnip7

Supportive comment calls out harassers, demands accountability. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Ableist bullies mocked gf's signing, like high school mean girls. Disgusting.

yiv3 | yiv3

NTA: Strangers demand sign language lesson, turn out to be AHs 😠

crap_whats_not_taken | crap_whats_not_taken

Fake-woke people treating diversity like a side-show 🌍🎪

NotSoAverage_sister | NotSoAverage_sister

NTA. Teaching your sister the F word? 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

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