Wife Ditches Hubby's Reminder Service: A Tale of Forgotten Tasks and Missed Weddings 😲

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We all know that one person who can't seem to remember anything, right? 🤔 Well, meet our forgetful hero, a husband who leans heavily on his wife for reminders. From social obligations to minor tasks, she's been his personal calendar for years. But what happens when she decides she's had enough? Let's dive into this rollercoaster of forgotten tasks and missed weddings. 🎢

The Reminder Wife 👩‍💼

sour_lemons | sour_lemons

The Forgetful Hubby 🙄

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The Breaking Point 😤

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The Reminder Strike Begins 🚫

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The Hobby Store Mishap 🛍️

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The Subscription Fiasco 💸

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The Late Wedding Entrance 🎩

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The Vow-less Entrance 💔

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The Guilty Wife 😔

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The ADHD Factor 🧠

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The Missed Wedding Apology 🙏

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The Reminder Strike: A Tale of Chaos, Regret, and Lessons Learned 🎭

So what's the verdict? Is our wife the villain for wanting her husband to step up, or is she a heroine for pushing him towards self-reliance? 🤷‍♀️ Despite the mishaps, she stands by her decision, hoping it'll teach her forgetful hubby a lesson. But the guilt lingers, especially after their late entrance to a friend's intimate Zoom wedding. 😔💔 After all, it's not easy to watch someone you love stumble, even if it's for their own good. What do you think? Was she right to stop the reminders, or should she have kept playing calendar for the sake of peace? Let's hear your thoughts! 📣

NTA for expecting husband to address his disorganization, but ADHD changes things 😲

nishpawpaw | nishpawpaw

NTA. Don't be his mom. Set a good example for kids 👨‍👩‍👦

4skin_queef | 4skin_queef

"NTA as long as you've made it clear to him 🙏. Though, with the wedding, while it's his friend you are both guests at the wedding. I'd argue that could be seen as a joint obligation and you likely should have reminded him about that one."

0biterdicta | 0biterdicta

"YTA for forgetting the wedding. NTA for wanting less reminders." 😲

RamblingManUK | RamblingManUK

"NTA You're not his parent. He needs to learn to manage his own schedule. Online calendars and popup reminders, etc make it incredibly easy to keep track of what's going on in your life. I have the same issues as your husband and I've managed to figure it out. Well, mostly 😂. He needs to have some sort of routine where he reviews his calendar every morning, or whatever works for him. On a side note, could your husband have ADHD? It sounds like his struggles could be beyond the usual 'immature adult' category."

QuixoticLogophile | QuixoticLogophile

NTA with ADHD shares coping mechanisms for forgetfulness and prioritization 😲

MdmeLibrarian | MdmeLibrarian

A tale of forgotten tasks and missed weddings 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA He's never going to learn if you keep 'mothering' him. 😲"

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Stop raising him, he's not your son." Avoid emotional imbalance! 🙌

Chrysania83 | Chrysania83

"Outsourcing reminders to partner is a dick move." 😲

Tamika_Olivia | Tamika_Olivia

Helping a spouse with ADHD manage their schedule effectively. NAH.

JakeFortune | JakeFortune

NTA. Setting reminders on his phone could solve the problem 📱

dothepingu | dothepingu

ESH, but marriage is about teamwork and understanding each other 👭

runtsky | runtsky

Understanding the challenges of living with a spouse with ADHD 😲

lestatisalive | lestatisalive

NTA. Tough love for hubby's forgetfulness 😲

mrpiddles48 | mrpiddles48

Understanding ADHD in relationships: balancing strengths and supporting each other 👨‍🟫👩‍🟫

Tweed_Kills | Tweed_Kills

ESH. Understand your husband's ADHD to find better solutions 👍

bonsaibiddy | bonsaibiddy

Understanding and accepting your husband's ADHD for a better future 🙏

YellowBinary | YellowBinary

NTA but almost. Communication and reminders are key in marriage 💌

JessaRaquel | JessaRaquel

Soft YTA: It's not fair to make it entirely your problem.

sgh616 | sgh616

"YTA. Even with ADHD meds, he can't try harder. Help him."

JudgeDredd | JudgeDredd

ADHD and time blindness make reminders ineffective. Fair division needed 🙏

buttercupcake23 | buttercupcake23

Understanding ADHD: Compassion and Communication are Key 🙏

whomst_jpeg | whomst_jpeg

Navigating the challenges of mental and emotional labor in relationships 🙌

nettelia | nettelia

"NTA. Fiancé forgets a lot. I remind him, but it's exhausting. Tried planner & calendar, some improvement. Still slips. Others relate."

Bambie-Rizzo | Bambie-Rizzo

NTA - Setting reminders on his phone is a no-brainer 📱

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Don't set yourself up for failure. Trade tasks." 👍

Flahdagal | Flahdagal

Women taking on emotional labor in the household. 👩‍🎤

grumpi-otter | grumpi-otter

Managing time and appointments: a delicate balance for couples. 😲

akatherder | akatherder

YTA for not considering your partner's ADHD struggles 😔

funnylittlellama | funnylittlellama

ADHD and forgetfulness: finding a solution and understanding each other 🙏

crowleyspocketsquare | crowleyspocketsquare

NTA. He can set reminders on his phone 📱

bonniebluest | bonniebluest

YTA for forgetting the wedding, but find a solution together! 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NAH. Encouraging independence and teamwork for a forgetful spouse 🙌

bishkebab | bishkebab

NTA for not wanting to remind husband, but consider wedding

isnt-there-more | isnt-there-more

NTA, let him adult and manage his own reminders 👨‍💼

Anthroman78 | Anthroman78

Partner's forgetfulness causes wedding mishap, should've stepped in. 😲

Avocadosforme | Avocadosforme

NTA, but missing a friend's wedding might be too harsh. 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Time to put an end to the forgetfulness frenzy! 👏

Willing_Inspector | Willing_Inspector

ADHD is a real medical condition! 🧠💊 Don't dismiss it!

GreenBeans23920 | GreenBeans23920

Coping with ADHD: A Tale of Help, Frustration, and Misunderstandings 😲

Jamirolings | Jamirolings

ESH. Understanding ADHD is key. Communication and reminders are crucial.

thatguygreg | thatguygreg

ADHD makes it tough for him to remember, but distressing him isn't the solution. YTA.

Muffinzz | Muffinzz

Decide if reminding him is worth the stress 🤔

TotalWalrus | TotalWalrus

ESH. Don't be a**hole, but he needs to grow up 🙏

GrayManGroup | GrayManGroup

NTA. Husband's reminder made me feel charmed and supported 😊

thewanderingfox | thewanderingfox

Engaging with ADHD: Strategies and Support for Forgetful Partners 👍

RachelTheViking | RachelTheViking

NTA. Husband relies on wife for gifts, but she shuts it down. 😲

rudebish | rudebish

📅 NTA for not reminding him about the wedding, but help him learn!

AnyConstellation | AnyConstellation

Supportive advice for managing ADHD and improving organization 👍

HistoryKittyKat | HistoryKittyKat

NTA. Have a serious conversation and find a compromise that works 👍

michiganproud | michiganproud

NTA: It's his job to manage his own reminders 😲

partofbreakfast | partofbreakfast

"NTA. ADHD makes it tough to remember, repetition and priorities matter! 👍"

threateningbreakfast | threateningbreakfast

NTA. Let Alexa take over and save your sanity! 🙌

liss_meliss | liss_meliss

Not the a**hole, but wedding reminder would've been helpful! 😲

PlushieTushie | PlushieTushie

ADHD or ADD? The struggle of being forgetful yet remembering.

yodaone1987 | yodaone1987

NTA: Don't be a doormat, focus on your own life 👍

Not-A-SoggyBagel | Not-A-SoggyBagel

Empowering women to share the mental load. 💪

Farahild | Farahild

NTA. Get him an Alexa. They're cheap and damn helpful! 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Raising a kid with this guy? Sounds like a blast! 😂

Element_Girl | Element_Girl

ADHD and poor time management? Try a big event calendar! 📅

Rhm85 | Rhm85

NTA. Creative solution for helping son with ADHD stay organized 📲

ChucklesMartini | ChucklesMartini

Soft NTA. Open discussion needed for reminder responsibilities. 👍

ErinBikes | ErinBikes

NTA- Women bear the mental load, time for an honest talk 🙌

SeaGreen_524 | SeaGreen_524

Partner struggling with tasks? Support him, but don't enable.

h_witko | h_witko

NAH. A tale of reliance, frustration, and balancing weaknesses in love. 💚

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

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