Mother-in-Law Drama: A Battle for Baby's Affection 😱👶

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Picture this: You're a new mom, excited and nervous about your first child. Now, add a possessive mother-in-law who refers to your baby as 'her baby' and wants to have alone time with the newborn, excluding you. 😳 That's the situation our storyteller finds herself in. This tale of family drama, possessive grandmothers, and the struggle for a baby's affection is as relatable as it is gripping. Let's dive into the story...👀

The Strained Relationship 🥶

notyour-mom | notyour-mom

The Invasion 🏠

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The Overbearing MIL 👵

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The Tension Rises 🌡️

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The Apology 🙏

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The Unforgiving MIL 😤

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The Baby's Reaction 👶

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The MIL's Retreat 🚶‍♀️

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The MIL's Request 🙏

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The Rejected Olive Branch 🕊️

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The Shopping Trip 🛍️

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The Revelation 😱

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The Dilemma 🤔

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The Accusation 😡

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The Big Question ❓

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Caught in a Tug-of-War: Mom vs Grandmom 👩‍🦳👩‍🦰

Our storyteller, a new mom, finds herself in a tug-of-war with her overbearing and possessive mother-in-law over her baby. Despite attempts to mend their strained relationship, the grandmother continues to be unforgiving and even declines invitations to spend time together. Now, she wants to spend time alone with the baby, excluding the mom, which has led to accusations of 'weaponizing' the baby. It's a tale of family drama, strained relationships, and the struggle for a baby's affection. But what does the internet think of this situation? Let's find out...🕵️‍♀️

NTA. Concerning situation with enmeshed husband and crazy MIL. 🤨🙄

Suchafatfatcat | Suchafatfatcat

Stop apologizing and engaging with MIL's passive-aggressive behavior. Seek support.

Legitimate-Potato998 | Legitimate-Potato998

Husband's mom hates me, he needs to prioritize our family 🙅🏻

dazed1984 | dazed1984

"NTA, NOPE, NOPE AND BIG NOPE! DIE ON THIS HILL! If she wants a relationship with your child then relationship with all of you." 💥

Commercial-Loss-5042 | Commercial-Loss-5042

NTA. Set boundaries and don't apologize for protecting your child 🙏

ItIsNotAManual1984 | ItIsNotAManual1984

OP's concerns about MIL's behavior and gaslighting are valid 😱

cali20202020 | cali20202020

Pregnancy hormones + unwanted houseguests = understandable irritation 🙄

notyour-mom | notyour-mom

Husband's betrayal and controlling in-laws: NTA, stand your ground! 😱

CharliAP | CharliAP

NTA and setting boundaries! Don't apologize for protecting your baby 👶

mandy_skittles | mandy_skittles

NTA. Trust your gut. Your MIL's behavior is concerning 😱

International-Car587 | International-Car587

"If you can't respect the body they came out of, you don't get the pleasure of their existence" 😍

yikesmom4 | yikesmom4

Stand your ground and protect your baby from toxic grandmother 🙏

jess1804 | jess1804

Don't apologize! Stand up, own your attitude, and shut her down! 💪

Obi-Juan_Valdez | Obi-Juan_Valdez

Protect your daughter from toxic in-law influence. You're NTA 👏

Severe_Task | Severe_Task

In-law drama: MIL and husband are TA's, not you. 😱

InterestingLime2035 | InterestingLime2035

Trust your instincts, don't let her near your daughter 😱

LadyPurpleButterfly | LadyPurpleButterfly

Trust issues with mother-in-law over baby's affection. NTA.

PensionBig6135 | PensionBig6135

NTA. Cut her off and enjoy your baby. 👶

Ipso-Pacto-Facto | Ipso-Pacto-Facto

Husband problem: Is he a dad or a momma's boy? 🙅

Whorible_wife69 | Whorible_wife69

Parents and babies are a package deal 👶

amatoreartist | amatoreartist

NTA. Stop apologizing and let her hold a grudge 😱

WhizzoButterBoy | WhizzoButterBoy

NTA. Don't apologize! Pregnancy hormones + stressful houseguests = MIL drama. 👶

SmartFX2001 | SmartFX2001

Respect mom, protect baby. NTA, stand your ground! 👶

BPDSENTeacher | BPDSENTeacher

Setting boundaries with family when it comes to your baby 👶

Artistic_Tough5005 | Artistic_Tough5005

Stand your ground against your controlling mother-in-law 🙌

KitchenDismal9258 | KitchenDismal9258

🚩 NTA: Mother-in-law wants alone time with baby, suspicious intentions?

NickelPickle2018 | NickelPickle2018

Mother-in-Law's sneaky baby snatching 🙅‍♀️

ExRiverFish4557 | ExRiverFish4557

Don't trust her! She wants to do things behind your back 😱

stoleyourspoon | stoleyourspoon

Mom-in-law drama: Crazy nanny vs. protective mom. Who's right? 😱

notangeliic | notangeliic

Defending parental rights, refusing to let MIL babysit. 👶

Remarkable_Buyer4625 | Remarkable_Buyer4625

Mother-in-Law's baby obsession is creepy and boundary-crossing 😱

birchsaurus | birchsaurus

Grandparents need to respect boundaries. It's your baby! 👶

nothisTrophyWife | nothisTrophyWife

Fighting for baby's love! You're not the a**hole! 😱

butterfly-garden | butterfly-garden

NTA. MIL sounds awful. Set boundaries or go no contact 😱

tiffanydee55 | tiffanydee55

Protect your baby from harm and potential bonding problems 👶

No-Letterhead-6801 | No-Letterhead-6801

NTA. Stick to your guns and protect your baby 👶

GnastyGnorx | GnastyGnorx

Husband enabling MIL drama, wife concerned about daughter's safety 🤦‍♀️

JessMLow | JessMLow

NTA - Stand your ground and set boundaries with your in-laws 💪

HalfVast59 | HalfVast59

Trust your instincts as a mother 👶

NightOwlIvy_93 | NightOwlIvy_93

Protect your child from your MIL's inappropriate behavior. NTA 👶

Nester1953 | Nester1953

NTA, don't apologize! Your SIL is a certified witch 👻. Focus on your bond with your child 👶

RecentCharge655 | RecentCharge655

Setting boundaries with in-laws: NTA. 🚩🚩🚩

soyeah_87 | soyeah_87

Bonding with you first, then baby. NTA 👶

ccl-now | ccl-now

Supportive comment, encouraging husband to stand up to mother-in-law

Neon-Seraphim | Neon-Seraphim

🤔 Seeking clarification on upsetting situation with in-laws and support

EmotionalAttention63 | EmotionalAttention63

NTA: MIL can't control you. Stand up for yourself! 👏

Bartok_The_Batty | Bartok_The_Batty

NTA. MIL weaponizing baby. Husband needs to grow a spine. 😱

BootFragrant2876 | BootFragrant2876

Commenter sympathizes with OP's MIL struggles, calls out husband

krzgmrgrl | krzgmrgrl

Protect your child from toxic MIL. Stand strong for her! 👶

IntroductionPast3342 | IntroductionPast3342

Mother-in-law complained about childproofing, wanted to spank my kids.

WorldlyBarber215 | WorldlyBarber215

Stand up for yourself! Don't let them bully you. 💪

Upper-File462 | Upper-File462

Trust your instincts and protect your child from danger! 👶

theroyalgeek86 | theroyalgeek86

"You poor thing! Sharing a home with strained in-laws while pregnant! 😱👶 NTA."

LopsidedMemory5673 | LopsidedMemory5673

NTA. Don't trust her alone with your daughter 😱

Infinite-Term-6500 | Infinite-Term-6500

Grandparents entitlement: earning the right to play with grandkids 👶

sloppyseventyseconds | sloppyseventyseconds

NTA: Setting boundaries with a childish mother-in-law 👶

blackwillow-99 | blackwillow-99

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