A Father's Choice and its Unforgiving Consequences: A Tale of Divided Loyalties

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Family dynamics can be a complicated mess, especially when divorce and remarriage come into play. Our story today revolves around a young woman, let's call her 'Jane', who has been grappling with feelings of abandonment since her father moved away with his new family when she was just a child. The emotional wounds of the past resurface when Jane receives an award at school and chooses not to inform her father. This decision sparks a heated debate, exposing years of pent-up resentment. Let's delve into Jane's story... 🎭💔

A Childhood Torn Apart

choice-stand-394 | choice-stand-394

A Heartbreaking Decision

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A Plea Ignored

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A Relationship Strained

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An Unforgivable Act

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A Daughter's Resentment

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An Unchanging Opinion

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A Secret Achievement

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A Father's Disappointment

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A Daughter's Retort

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A Heated Argument

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A Painful Clarification

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A Lesson Remembered

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A Stepmother's Intervention

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A Father's Choice Echoes Through Time

Jane's story is a poignant reminder of how the decisions we make can have lasting effects on our relationships. Her father's choice to move away with his new family left a deep-seated resentment in Jane's heart, which resurfaced when she won an award at school and chose not to inform him. The ensuing argument revealed the depth of her hurt and the extent of their estrangement. His plea for involvement in her life was met with a harsh reminder of his past choices. Even his wife's intervention couldn't bridge the chasm that had formed between father and daughter. What do you think? Was Jane justified in her actions or should she have informed her father about her achievement? Let's see what the internet has to say about this...

Heartbroken OP faces consequences of father's choice 😢

ParamedicSilent2097 | ParamedicSilent2097

NTA, the consequences of his decision have removed any *right* he has 😡

DeusXMathematica | DeusXMathematica

NTA. Father's choice caused divided loyalties. Wife's selfishness worsened situation. 💔

Mishy162 | Mishy162

🔥 A scathing call-out on prioritizing loyalty over parental responsibility.

LiLadybug81 | LiLadybug81

NTA: Trauma is valid. Block him and prioritize your well-being. 👏

endearinglysarcastic | endearinglysarcastic

NTA, OP! Your dad left, but congrats on your award! 🎉

HariSeldon1986 | HariSeldon1986

Heartbreaking betrayal: When 'family' doesn't include you 💔

Medysus | Medysus

NTA: You had to deal with the aftermath, not her kids.

Mahogany993 | Mahogany993

NTA's wife should stay out of it 🙄

IchfindkeinenNamen | IchfindkeinenNamen

Divided loyalties: A father's choice and its unforgiving consequences. 💔

CheerilyTerrified | CheerilyTerrified

NTA dad celebrates child's achievement, AH dad throws a tantrum 🎉

SageGreen98 | SageGreen98

👏 NTA: A father's regret for not prioritizing his own kids.

sln84 | sln84

Heartbreaking situation. NTA. Consider therapy and going NC for healing.

Flat_Worldliness3430 | Flat_Worldliness3430

Valid feelings and consequences: NTA for holding your dad accountable! 😤

Used_Contribution997 | Used_Contribution997

NTA. Dad prioritized stepkids over you. You're not the a**hole.

Ancient-Transition-4 | Ancient-Transition-4

NTA: Dad's wife needs to butt out. It's between you two.

Kaiser93 | Kaiser93

NTA. Father's divided loyalties caused lasting emotional damage. 🚫💔

the_fatal_lozenge | the_fatal_lozenge

👨‍👧‍👦 Healing from abandonment: therapy can help you find peace ❤️

OrchidIll | OrchidIll

NTA - Don't feel guilty for your dad's poor choices. 💪

okcoolthat | okcoolthat

Empathy for the abandoned child and advice for the parents ❤️

anon466544 | anon466544

Father's choice backfires, leaving him with no right to information.

Maleficent_Ad407 | Maleficent_Ad407

Choices have consequences. 🤔

completedett | completedett

NTA: Dad's wife moved away, he chose to follow. Congrats on award!

Educational_Guard488 | Educational_Guard488

NTA! 🙌 You made a choice, now he's living with consequences. 💔

lordmattrimcauthon | lordmattrimcauthon

Calling out the absurdity of having 'siblings' all the time 😂

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

NTA, his choice, his consequences. 🤷‍♂️

Beabarb | Beabarb

A blunt comment that captures a dismissive attitude. NTA 🙄

WetMonkeyTalk | WetMonkeyTalk

Dad's selfish motives overshadow support for award ceremony. NTA 🤪

melympia | melympia

NTA. Clear communication, no room for hypocrisy. 👏

BeTheCheeto | BeTheCheeto

NTA. Father needs to earn his place in your life 👍

wormiemustdie | wormiemustdie

Divided loyalties and consequences: NTA stands up for themselves 💔

dragonmom03 | dragonmom03

NTA. Admirable strength in standing up to hurtful father. 🙌🎉

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

Step-daughter wins the parent lottery! 🎉

2ndcupofcoffee | 2ndcupofcoffee

Stepmother insulted OP, but they took the high road. NTA 👏

thowaway3618 | thowaway3618

Heartbreaking: A parent choosing a new family over their child. 💔

AveryAverina | AveryAverina

Heartbreaking story of a broken relationship with an absent father 💔

Westcoastmamaa | Westcoastmamaa

Unforgiving consequences after making a choice. No a**hole here. 😮

SuperHuckleberry125 | SuperHuckleberry125

NTA. Dad needs to reflect on his entitlement and lack of understanding.

SystemAdventurous810 | SystemAdventurous810

A painful reminder of being unwanted by a distant father 😔

himym101 | himym101

NTA, OP's father abandoned them, now facing consequences. 🙌

Aurora3112 | Aurora3112

NTA. Dad's actions come back to haunt him 😂


Heartbroken child seeks closure, father's choice still haunting their lives 😢

The__Riker__Maneuver | The__Riker__Maneuver

Award vs. Life Threatening Illness: Does He Have the Right? NTA

No_Statement3251 | No_Statement3251

Mature response to custody issue, legal consequences unlikely. 🙌

yourcatsbff | yourcatsbff

Heartbreaking childhood experience, but OP rises above and wins!

PutTheKettleOn20 | PutTheKettleOn20

Heartbreaking betrayal: a father's rejection and a child's unforgiving spirit 💔

Apprehensive_Wall621 | Apprehensive_Wall621

Divided loyalties: A father's abandonment and a child's justified resentment.

PickleweaselNaeNae | PickleweaselNaeNae

Engaging comment: NTA, father should be more involved in communication. 👨‍👧

MissMurderpants | MissMurderpants

NTA. He messed up and got what he deserved. 😏

Kerfluffle-Bunny | Kerfluffle-Bunny

NTA. Don't let him shift blame. Real parents know better! 👏

Frequent_Ad_3797 | Frequent_Ad_3797

Your dad chose his new family over you? That's rough 😔

MKAnchor | MKAnchor

NTA: Your dad's lack of effort caused the detachment. 💔

Interesting-Fish6065 | Interesting-Fish6065

Stand your ground! 🚫 You owe them nothing!

joshthatoneguy | joshthatoneguy

NTA: Woman's nerve to call, but dad's choice broke relationship. Choices, choices.

OkEast445 | OkEast445

Father's divided loyalties lead to estranged relationship with his child 😔

Wowzerbowsers | Wowzerbowsers

Father's unforgivable choice: non-biological kids over their own flesh and blood 😡

Promah1984 | Promah1984

New family is family? NTA for setting boundaries! 🙌

Dusty_mother | Dusty_mother

Divorced parents' unrealistic expectations of blending families 😒

Scp-1404 | Scp-1404

Donating sperm doesn't guarantee a relationship. Not the a**hole. ✌️

Psychological-Net274 | Psychological-Net274

NTA. Strangers and stepmom drama. You handled it gracefully. 👏

thowaway3618 | thowaway3618

NTA: Set boundaries with absent father, focus on child's well-being. 💪

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

Heartbreaking choice: Wife sacrifices, husband breaks relationship. NTA. 💔

CatherineTheTiger | CatherineTheTiger

NTA. Dad's absence caused OP to exclude him from her life.

ThePrivateSecretary | ThePrivateSecretary

Set boundaries for your special events to avoid family drama! ✨

Severe_Salamander134 | Severe_Salamander134

Father prioritizes step family over child, causing irreparable damage. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive friend helps navigate divorced parents' drama 👍

Bright_Ad_3690 | Bright_Ad_3690

NTA. Divided loyalties between wife and child. Unforgiving consequences. 🏆

_0Rinrin | _0Rinrin

The painful consequences of a divided loyalty. 😢

Otherwise_Turn_869 | Otherwise_Turn_869

Choosing family over others, NTA for prioritizing loved ones ❤️

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

NTA. Dad's right to know vs. award. Consequences of choice 😔

Com-on_Woman | Com-on_Woman

Don't spill the tea! Your life, your secrets. NTA 😊

sadeah21 | sadeah21

Justified but carrying anger? Let go of that hot coal! 🔥

Thebrotherleftbehind | Thebrotherleftbehind

Forgiveness after abandonment? No way! He made his bed 🛏️

hellstarting | hellstarting

NTA. Missing out on proud-dad-brag moment vs daily stuff. Parental responsibility.

raesayshey | raesayshey

Divided loyalties lead to consequences. NTA. Leave the past behind.

Sad-Pipe-1044 | Sad-Pipe-1044

Empathy and support for someone dealing with difficult family dynamics 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cut him off, get what you can. NTA. 👍

xavii117 | xavii117

Father's absence, father's privilege: Sharing achievements without earning them? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Divided loyalties: NTA for choosing second wife over child 😔

Competitive-Push-715 | Competitive-Push-715

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