Groomzilla vs. Bride: The Wedding Guest List Showdown! 👰🤵💔

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Meet our lovebirds, the charming Groomzilla (26M) and his lovely fiancée Emily (27F). They're head over heels in love, planning their dream wedding... until they hit a roadblock - the wedding guest list! 📝💔 With Emily's small family and circle of friends, her guest list barely crosses the 15 mark. On the other hand, Groomzilla, with his large American-Italian family and a wide network of friends, has a guest list that's over 175! 😱 The imbalance is causing Emily distress, but Groomzilla's response? 'Get over it!' 😮 Let's dive into this dramatic tale of love, conflict, and wedding planning. 💍🔥

The Lovebirds and Their Wedding Woes 💑💔

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The Unequal Guest List 📝🔥

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Groomzilla's Massive Family and Friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👬

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Emily's Discomfort 🙍‍♀️💔

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Groomzilla's Attempt to Compromise 🤝

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The 'Team Bride' Solution 🎀👰

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Emily's Persistent Discontent 😞

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Groomzilla Loses Patience! 😡

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The Ultimatum! 🚫

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Groomzilla vs. Emily: Who's Right in this Wedding Guest List Drama? 💔

In the throes of wedding planning, Groomzilla and Emily find themselves locked in a battle over the guest list. Emily's small family and friend circle are dwarfed by Groomzilla's extensive list of over 175 guests. Despite attempts at compromise, such as 'no kids' and 'no plus ones' rules, and even a 'team bride' button for Groomzilla's guests, Emily still feels outnumbered. Groomzilla, however, has lost patience, telling Emily to 'get over it' and even suggesting she make more friends before the wedding! 😮 As the wedding bells chime closer, the tension grows. Let's see what the internet thinks of this clash of the guest lists... 💍🔥

ESH. Groomzilla insults bride's social anxiety, she wants smaller wedding. 💔

MiserableQuit828 | MiserableQuit828

Wedding guest list drama: introvert vs. extrovert clash 😱

Advanced-Extent-420 | Advanced-Extent-420

Loneliness on your wedding day? Consider cutting down your guest list

The_One_True_Imp | The_One_True_Imp

"Who the f**k knows 175 people enough to want to invite them to a wedding lol. You won't even speak to all of them" 😂

SubstantialCarpet451 | SubstantialCarpet451

"NTA - Discuss your social circles and find a compromise. 👍"

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for snapping and calling her antisocial. Balance is key! 🙏

QuackLikeMe | QuackLikeMe

ESH. Partners need to stop petty grievances and communicate openly 👰💔

bunnyball88 | bunnyball88

"YTA. Just because you know 175 people doesn't mean they're all important people in your life and need to be in or at your wedding. Are you inviting your entire frat and entire sports teams? Compromise and invite only the people you legitimately need in your wedding or it will be just YOUR wedding and not both of yours." 💍

ScienceNotKids | ScienceNotKids

"YTA. Your wedding should be about your bride, not you."

DarmokTheNinja | DarmokTheNinja

NTA, but consider her perspective: feeling like a stranger at your event 🤔

justmyolethrowaway | justmyolethrowaway

"YTA. You need to make both of you happy with the guest list 💔"

AmericasNextTopLlama | AmericasNextTopLlama

Bride and groom clash over guest list, both being judgmental. 🙅

Consistent-Leopard71 | Consistent-Leopard71

YTA for being cruel. Help her see they're family now. 💔

AffectionateTruth147 | AffectionateTruth147

"YTA. You're forcing her into discomfort on your wedding day? 😱"

catchyourwave | catchyourwave

Tradition vs. Modern: Should guests still pick sides at weddings?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cut out the old teammates and classmates, only invite close friends. 👍

No-Mushroom5027 | No-Mushroom5027

Bride feels overwhelmed, thinks groom is making wedding about himself 😠

Slytherin125 | Slytherin125

Groomzilla's insensitivity leaves bride feeling overwhelmed and lonely 😢

caffeinatedsquirrel9 | caffeinatedsquirrel9

Groomzilla needs to find a compromise and stop being mean! 👰🤵💔

twiddlywerp | twiddlywerp

Groomzilla vs. Bride: A tough decision, but YTA. Consider compromise and counseling for a better wedding experience. 👰🤵💔

stephapeaz | stephapeaz

Groomzilla wants a massive wedding, but his introverted bride disagrees. 👰🤵💔

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

"Get over it." 🤷‍♂️ Prioritize her happiness over your guests. YTA.

DogsCoffeeNAutumn | DogsCoffeeNAutumn

Engaged couple argues over wedding guest list, YTA gets called out 😱

MontyPandTheHolyG | MontyPandTheHolyG

"It takes two to compromise, not one." 🙏🏻 A wedding guest list showdown! 👰🏻

arianrhodd | arianrhodd

YTA for belittling your partner's insecurities about the guest list 😑

Intelligent-Tank-265 | Intelligent-Tank-265

"YTA. Cruelty and tokenistic cuts to the guest list. Heartbreaking. 💔"

OverlyVerboseMythic | OverlyVerboseMythic

Wedding guest list drama: Extroverted groom vs. introverted bride. NTA!

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

"NTA. Your wedding, your guest list. Don't let her insecurities control you."

DebtComprehensive533 | DebtComprehensive533

Guest list drama: 200 people vs. the bride. ESH, but you more. 🤵

Equal-Comprehensive | Equal-Comprehensive

NTA: Fiancée wants to cut majority of people you care about. 🤷‍♂️

ImpossibleHand5086 | ImpossibleHand5086

Guest list drama: Immediate vs. extended family showdown! 👰🤵💔

Ok-Preparation-2307 | Ok-Preparation-2307

"YTA. 175 people isn't your closest friends and family; it's a Facebook event. 👰🤵💔"

MasterpieceOk782 | MasterpieceOk782

Insulting your partner's concerns won't solve the guest list dilemma. 🙅

Alternative-Pea-4434 | Alternative-Pea-4434

NTA. Celebrating love with a small guest list, no sides.

Piltuckay | Piltuckay

Bridezilla vs. Groom: A showdown of sensitivity and communication! 👰🤵💔

TahiniInMyVeins | TahiniInMyVeins

Different visions for the wedding: big vs small and intimate.

missveronicaleigh | missveronicaleigh

YTA. Smaller wedding, big party later. Focus on your partner. 👰💔

Easy-Concentrate2636 | Easy-Concentrate2636

Weddings are about love, not 'your' people vs 'her' people 👰🏼💔

stringbeandweeb | stringbeandweeb

"YTA. Your bride wants an intimate wedding, not a circus! 🙏"

Trick_Force | Trick_Force

Curious about Emily's connection to the 175 wedding guests? 🤔

Minimum_Pea1982 | Minimum_Pea1982

Soft NTA. Fiancée's request is unreasonable, but compromise already made. Good luck! 👏

PeachMangoPiRSquared | PeachMangoPiRSquared

ESH: Wedding guest list argument escalates, but communication is key! 👰💔

JosieJOK | JosieJOK

Overwhelmed by guest list? YTA for calling her anti-social. 😬

Signature-Disastrous | Signature-Disastrous

Mixing small and large families made our wedding unforgettable! 👰🎉

derider72 | derider72

Compromises may make bride feel small. Guard her heart instead ❤

Myblueskye | Myblueskye

"Get over it? Wow." - When opinions clash at weddings. 😱

ettisimon | ettisimon

"YTA. Not for wanting a large wedding but for calling Emily an antisocial person who doesn't like making friends. She is an introvert who has friends and you cannot be bothered to understand her, you just insult her. My husband and I are both introverts and had a small wedding. If I had had to deal with 175 people, I would have slept around the clock for a day or so from exhaustion and ruined my honeymoon. And I have a small circle of close, wonderful friends and good social skills. I just need time to myself or just with my husband. You and Emily need to talk about how you envision your life together given your different personalities."

Artistic_Bookkeeper | Artistic_Bookkeeper

Bride wins the guest list battle! 👏

Even_Veterinarian788 | Even_Veterinarian788

OP prioritizes 'frat' friends over future spouse 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but consider compromise. Don't start your marriage with conflict! 👬🏻🎉

JTBoom1 | JTBoom1

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