Man Shocks Family by Denying Sister's Fiancé's Request: 'She's an Adult!' 😲

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In a world where traditions often clash with modern ideals, one man found himself in the eye of a family storm. Living thousands of miles away from his family, he was asked for his 'permission' for his sister's marriage proposal. His response? A firm 'No!' 😳. But was he in the wrong? Let's delve into this intriguing tale of family drama, tradition, and the power of individual choice.

The Unexpected Email 📧

icicle_apples3211 | icicle_apples3211

A Firm Response 👊

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The Aftermath 😱

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Tradition Versus Modernity 🕰️ vs ⏩

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A Selective Request? 🤔

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Independent Woman 💪

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The Family Fallout 😡

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A Modern Man in a Traditional Storm 🌪️

Caught in a whirlwind of family drama, our protagonist is left questioning his actions. He believed in his sister's autonomy and independence, but his family saw his refusal to grant 'permission' for her marriage as a breach of tradition. With the family up in arms, he's left wondering if he's the villain of the piece. Let's explore the internet's take on this emotional rollercoaster. 🎢

NTA. Brother shows respect for sister's autonomy and rejects tradition. 👏

Apprehensive-Fan-250 | Apprehensive-Fan-250

Engaging response to internalized misogyny and family dynamics 😲

Daphne-is-satan | Daphne-is-satan

NTA. Polite and respectful reply sparks debate about manners and ownership 😲

HelenGonne | HelenGonne

NTA: Awkward email request leads to unnecessary unpleasantness. 😲

Confused_Magpie | Confused_Magpie

NTA. Brother's request makes commenter gag. It's all about the peepee.

dingthewitchisdeaf | dingthewitchisdeaf

NTA: Denying outdated proposal tradition. Valid response. 😲

Flash-Over | Flash-Over

NTA: Gracious permission or a pee-pee promise? 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Your sister's boyfriend doesn't need your permission to propose. 😲"

Biteme75 | Biteme75

NTA: Permission to marry sister denied, family feathers ruffled 😲

MiskatonicUAlum | MiskatonicUAlum

NTA: Tradition needs to die! Personal autonomy and respect matters 👏

SleveBonzalez | SleveBonzalez

NTA. Standing up against sexist traditions, but causing some embarrassment.

s1m0n_s3z | s1m0n_s3z

NTA. Permission not required. Canadian women do as they please. 😲

warrinerdot | warrinerdot

Supportive comment defends against sexist request, brother is NTA 👏

Emmariel-Tulip | Emmariel-Tulip

NTA. You gave him your blessing. That's what modern men do! 👏

the_bribonic_plague | the_bribonic_plague

NTA: Breaking patriarchal traditions sparks feminist debate. 💪

TrelanaSakuyo | TrelanaSakuyo

NTA: Breaking tradition for sister's happiness 🙌

DerpDevilDD | DerpDevilDD

NTA. Valid points. Ignore everyone. 😲

WholeCollection6454 | WholeCollection6454

NTA. Blessing given, expectations unreasonable. Tradition not forced.

Agreeable-Celery811 | Agreeable-Celery811

NTA. Sister's secret request leads to unexpected family drama 😲

Ranos131 | Ranos131

Confused NTA wonders why others are mad. 😕

juiceboxfriend95 | juiceboxfriend95

NTA: Challenging outdated tradition of asking father's permission to marry.

ParticularReview4129 | ParticularReview4129

NTA. Trusting sister's autonomy and questioning patriarchal behavior. 🙌

del901 | del901

NTA - Let love be free! No permission needed for marriage. 💜

AndroSpark658 | AndroSpark658

Empowering response: You're right, she's her own person! 💪

dheffe01 | dheffe01

"NTA. Perfect response, strange expectations from family. Not anyone else's decision."

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Rejecting outdated traditions. Sister doesn't need permission to marry. 🙌

Mumof3gbb | Mumof3gbb

NTA. It's a bummer that your family feels this way 😔

holyflurkingsnit | holyflurkingsnit

NTA - Support your sister's independence and happiness! 🙌

buck_godot | buck_godot

Defending sister's autonomy: NTA, she's not a possession! 💪

Fegjgg5783 | Fegjgg5783

NTA for rejecting a misogynistic practice. Thank you for standing up! 👏

annrkea | annrkea

Sibling support: NTA, your sister's choice, her happiness matters! 😊

sbh56 | sbh56

NTA: Dad's request is weird, you're younger but oldest male 😲

RealDougSpeagle | RealDougSpeagle

NTA - He's got a valid point! 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancé's patriarchal request denied: 'She's an adult!' 😲

seniortwat | seniortwat

NTA. Father's response was perfect! Have an honest talk with sis 😆

AccessibleBeige | AccessibleBeige

NTA: Love should be a personal choice, not a family decision! 💜

SimilarSilver316 | SimilarSilver316

Breaking tradition: Challenging gender roles in wedding traditions. NTA 👏

likecommentsurvive | likecommentsurvive

"NTA. Tradition? More like a surprise invasion of privacy! 😲"

azsue123 | azsue123

NTA: Meeting first is key to giving meaningful permission! 😲

Disastrous-Box-4304 | Disastrous-Box-4304

NTA calls out family for sexist tradition, sparks defensive reactions. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. No heads up? Dude couldn't make a frigging phone call? 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Sister should have given you a heads up 😲

Ornery-Ad-4818 | Ornery-Ad-4818

Breaking tradition: Woman stands up against patriarchal engagement customs! 💪

Jezebey | Jezebey

Family feud! Man denies sister's fiancé's request. Not the a**hole!

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Dad still salty after 20 years? 😅

Maggie_Mayz | Maggie_Mayz

NTA. Stand your ground and expose the antiquated tradition. 👊

Impossible_Owl2132 | Impossible_Owl2132

NTA. Stand up for your sister's autonomy! 👏

bootysatanist | bootysatanist

"NTA. Tradition is outdated and your sister is an independent woman! 👏"

dareallyrealz | dareallyrealz

Breaking gender roles and standing up for sister's independence! 💪

Fun-Courage-9600 | Fun-Courage-9600

🙅‍♂️ Rejecting outdated traditions: No permission, no antiquated a-hole!

r_keel_esq | r_keel_esq

Empowering women: Breaking stereotypes and supporting their autonomy. NTA! 💪

Unhappy-Professor-88 | Unhappy-Professor-88

Respecting autonomy over gender-based ownership? 💪🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Sister deserves to know what she's getting into. 😲

MissionAd6674 | MissionAd6674

NTA! You nailed it with your awesome attitude! 👏

tryoracle | tryoracle

Empowering women: Refusing to treat her like property 💪

black_rose_ | black_rose_

Proudly rejecting a traditional proposal request. 💪

Electronic_Ad5751 | Electronic_Ad5751

NTA shuts down misogynistic fiancé request. 🙌

Still-Contest-980 | Still-Contest-980

Dump him! 🚫 He sees you as property, not independent. #NTA

LavenderSage013 | LavenderSage013

NTA: Breaking outdated customs, one family at a time! 🙌

CJCreggsGoldfish | CJCreggsGoldfish

NTA. Tradition is stupid and sexist. Sister should've given heads up. 😲

FoodBabyBaby | FoodBabyBaby

NTA. Family drama unfolds as sister's fiancé seeks permission. 😲

OddTransportation121 | OddTransportation121

NTA! You did the right thing. 👏

HeavyGogs | HeavyGogs

Sibling denies sister's fiancé's request, questioning his intentions. 😲

Far-Slice-3821 | Far-Slice-3821

Breaking tradition and standing up for oneself. NTA! 👏

geekgirlau | geekgirlau

Outdated tradition? NTA for denying permission to sister's fiancé! 😲

koeligt | koeligt

NTA: Family stuck in the past, reached out to you!

Late_Lock8617 | Late_Lock8617

NTA. Empower women to make their own decisions! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Tradition is antiquated and sexist. Women make own decisions. 👏

Hello_Gorgeous1985 | Hello_Gorgeous1985

🚩 NTA. Denying permission to propose is empowering and progressive! 🙌

RissaRay113 | RissaRay113

Commenter finds sister's fiancé's request excessively weird and outdated. 😲

Jerratt24 | Jerratt24

Outdated tradition: Permission to marry or respect for women? 😲

naleq | naleq

Sibling rivalry: Who should give permission? 🤔

excursions63 | excursions63

NTA. Tradition surprise! Saying no? Absolutely ridiculous. 😲

pugapooh | pugapooh

NTA, great response! Salary relevance? 🤔

AlreadyGone77 | AlreadyGone77

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