Baby's First Birthday Party Sparks Unexpected Family Feud 🎂🍼🍷

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Imagine planning a sweet, intimate gathering to celebrate your baby's first birthday, only to have it turn into an unexpected battleground. 😲 That's what happened to one couple when they decided to keep their baby's party alcohol-free. The decision, which seemed innocent enough, led to a surprising family feud that left them questioning their party-hosting etiquette. 🎂🍼🚫🍷

A Tale of Two Parties 🎉

lavalsedelasorciere | lavalsedelasorciere

The Unexpected Guest's Reaction 🙄

lavalsedelasorciere | lavalsedelasorciere

The Accusation of Being Cheap 😳

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Caught Off Guard 😲

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The Dilemma: To Invite or Not to Invite? 🤔

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The Unexpected Aftermath 🌪️

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A Possible Solution? 🕊️

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A Toast to Baby's First Birthday... Or Not? 🍾🎉

So, who knew a baby's first birthday could lead to such drama? 😲 This couple found themselves in the middle of a family feud after deciding not to serve alcohol at their little one's party. Their decision, which was based on personal preferences and current lifestyle, was seen as a major faux pas by some family members. Accusations of being cheap and neglecting guests were thrown around, leaving the couple questioning if they were in the wrong. They're now considering a new approach for future gatherings - a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) policy. 🍼🍷🎂 Let's see what the internet has to say about this unexpected party predicament...

🍷🎉 Alcohol at a 1-year-old's birthday? The debate gets heated!

ggbookworm | ggbookworm

NTA. No booze at a 1 year old party? Really? 🤔

Primary-Criticism929 | Primary-Criticism929

Alcohol at kids' parties: cultural differences and family drama 🍻🍷

ComputerCrafty4781 | ComputerCrafty4781

NTA comment: Alcohol at baby's birthday party sparks unexpected feud. 🍾

StonewallBrigade21 | StonewallBrigade21

"NTA. MIL is a *double* a**hole for blaming you." 😈

SamSpayedPI | SamSpayedPI

1-year-olds shouldn't drink! Not the a**hole! 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA accommodates family with second party, but no alcohol? 🍷

Delicious_Chipmunk10 | Delicious_Chipmunk10

No wine or gifts at the party? That's pretty rude 😑

ionlyreadtitle | ionlyreadtitle

NTA. In-laws want alcohol at party, gift them a flask 😂

Interesting_Order_82 | Interesting_Order_82

Sober party-goer stands their ground, receives support 👏

Caffeinated-Princess | Caffeinated-Princess

NTA. Serve alcohol when convenient for both of you 🥂

h2oc3por2d2 | h2oc3por2d2

NTA. Guest expects booze at party, but should bring own.

TheBlackHymn | TheBlackHymn

NTA. Social occasions should be handled sober. 🍷

Illustrious_Bid6850 | Illustrious_Bid6850

Alcohol at a kid's party? Some people need therapy 🙄

mandieville666 | mandieville666

NTA French host doesn't serve alcohol, people complain 😅

frenchwithoutfries | frenchwithoutfries

Throw the party your way, alcohol isn't necessary for kids' birthdays 🎂

Astroblemes | Astroblemes

Family feud at baby's party over alcohol - NTA wins! 🍼

Scared-Accountant288 | Scared-Accountant288

NTA, but you can avoid this in the future by telling people it's BYOB beforehand. It is nice to know whether or not there will be alcohol at an event. But I would never dream of complaining to a host if they didn't serve booze. That's so rude on their part. 🙄

heightenedstates | heightenedstates

No alcohol at a baby's party? MIL and SIL have issues 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Baby's first birthday without alcohol? NTA, but some were disappointed 🤷‍♂️

ratakat | ratakat

"Adults getting upset over no alcohol at a baby's party? 🍼🚫 NTA"

JenAnt80 | JenAnt80

Guest criticizes hostess's menu at baby's birthday party. NTA 😊

Purple_Kiwi5476 | Purple_Kiwi5476

NTA for not serving alcohol at a baby's first birthday 🍼

Prestigious-Act-4741 | Prestigious-Act-4741

Debate over alcohol at baby parties sparks fiery discussion 🥇

Weary-Media-6818 | Weary-Media-6818

NTA - No booze at baby's party? They should've BYOB'd! 🥂

West-Kaleidoscope129 | West-Kaleidoscope129

NTA - Unhappy guest ruins child-friendly party. People are confusing 🙄

VFM001 | VFM001

Babies + drunk adults = recipe for disaster 😱

Danternas | Danternas

No alcohol at kids' parties? NTA sparks debate 🤔

imasecretmermaid | imasecretmermaid

MIL thought the party was cheap? Grocery bills increased. No alcohol served. 🚫🍷

Ok-Status-9627 | Ok-Status-9627

Family's first birthday party without beer was surprisingly enjoyable 🍻

Norse_Goddess | Norse_Goddess

Expecting booze at a party doesn't make you an alcoholic 🤷🏼‍♀️

mysocalledmayhem | mysocalledmayhem

NTA. Bringing alcohol to parties is common, but calling someone out for not having alcohol at a baby's birthday party is ridiculous. 🍷

sallybip | sallybip

Husband supports OP, buys flowers to apologize for family's behavior 💛

AmberIsla | AmberIsla

NTA! No party, no alcohol, no obligation to bring anything.

Silly_Brilliant868 | Silly_Brilliant868

🍼🎉 Baby's first birthday party turns into a booze-filled drama!

Huge_Put8244 | Huge_Put8244

No booze at a kid's party? NTA, just cake and punch! 🎂🥤

SillyDistribution618 | SillyDistribution618

Aunt's visit sparks debate: Is common courtesy a thing of the past?


Party drama: Guest upset about no alcohol at baby's birthday. NTA.

SnooTigers7701 | SnooTigers7701

Relatable! Childhood memories of birthday parties ruined by drunk adults 😩

mannkera | mannkera

"Wow. People really find the oddest things to get mad about!"

QueenOfNeon | QueenOfNeon

Serve what you want at the party, it's your choice! 🎉🍷🥳

Amareldys | Amareldys

No alcohol at kid's party? In-laws must be heavy drinkers! 🤦‍♂️

subsailor1968 | subsailor1968

Cheers to a sober outing! NTA for breaking tradition 🚫🍻

tteetth | tteetth

NTA. Family complains about no free booze at baby's party.

GoBucs1969 | GoBucs1969

Gift or no gift? The eternal party dilemma 🧠

pajason | pajason

Family feud over serving alcohol at baby's birthday party 🍷

KylieJadaHunter | KylieJadaHunter

Ungrateful guest complains about hosting, gets called out. NTA 🙄

german-I-am | german-I-am

🚫 No alcohol at a 1-year-old's birthday party? Some people have priorities 🙄

ptazdba | ptazdba

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