The Unbelievable Tale of Love, Friendship, and 'Girl Code' 😲💔👯‍♀️

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Imagine this: you're blissfully in love, your relationship is blossoming, and you're excited to introduce your new beau to your friends. Everything seems perfect, until one friend drops a bombshell: she's into your guy too, and she's invoking the 'girl code' to stake her claim! 😲💔 This is the predicament one young woman found herself in. Let's dive into the drama and see how she navigated this sticky situation.

The Love Story Begins 🥰📚

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The Introduction Party 🎉👫

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Penny's Unexpected Text 📲😲

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Unveiling the 'Girl Code' 🚺📜

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The Group Chat Drama 💬🔥

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The Aftermath 🌪️💔

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The Anniversary Post 📸💖

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Penny's Outburst 😡💥

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The Group's Response 🚫👥

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A Call from Penny's Mom 📞😔

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The Final Verdict ❓🤷‍♀️

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The Unveiling Truth 🕵️‍♀️🔍

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Penny's History 📖🔮

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The Mother's Advice 🧑‍🦳💡

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The Love Triangle That Never Was? 🤔💔🔺

In this rollercoaster of emotions, our love-struck protagonist found herself in the crosshairs of a friend's misguided affections. Penny, the friend, claimed a 'girl code' violation when our heroine continued dating her boyfriend, despite Penny's sudden 'spark' for him. The situation escalated, leading to a group chat showdown, an anniversary post meltdown, and even a concerned call from Penny's mom. But as the truth unraveled, it seems Penny's interpretation of events was far from accurate. Let's see what the internet thinks of this tangled web of love, friendship, and 'girl code'... 🕸️💔🌐

NTA. Friend is an ignorant a**hole. 'Girl code' doesn't exist. 🚫💔🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting off toxic friends is the best way to move on 👍

abandoned_angel | abandoned_angel

Dating someone isn't a girl code violation! 👯‍♀️

bartsca | bartsca

NTA-Penny is toxic and irrational. Your friends need a reality check.

Awesomedrawnmonster | Awesomedrawnmonster

Penny's obsession with OP's boyfriend crosses all boundaries 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Penny and her mother sound batshit crazy 🌟🤮. Congrats on your relationship!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Girl code doesn't apply when already dating. Penny's the AH. 😲

Mister_Crowly | Mister_Crowly

Penny's crazy accusations backfire, revealing her true colors 😲

PhysicalPlate7 | PhysicalPlate7

Mom called? That's a**hole level 1000! 😲

but-whyy-tho | but-whyy-tho

Penny broke the 'girl code' by developing feelings for your boyfriend 😱

AppropriateSpell1 | AppropriateSpell1

OP's unbelievable story gets called out as fake by commenters

ISnortDrywall | ISnortDrywall

NTA. Cut ties and find healthier friendships. 👍

LLL513 | LLL513

Cutting ties with toxic friends: NTA, drop her ASAP! 🙌

DriftingGator | DriftingGator

NTA: 'Girl Code' vs 'IAANAYAABM Code' 😲💔👯‍♀️ - Beware the consequences 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Girl code drama: NTA claims Penny wanted him for herself 😲

ZestfulCone2705 | ZestfulCone2705

NTA. Penny broke 'girl code' by trying to steal your boyfriend 🙄

Ermithecow | Ermithecow

NTA, your boyfriend is not pizza, cut the drama 🍕

AngieCRN1482 | AngieCRN1482

NTA. Penny's the AH. She can't dictate your relationship. 😲

FrnchsLwyr | FrnchsLwyr

NTA: Exposing her manipulative behavior and calling out her duplicity. 👊

Swarzsinne | Swarzsinne

You're NTA and Penny is batshit insane 😲

borgcubecubed | borgcubecubed

She felt sparks without even meeting him? That's insane! 😳

geegeepark | geegeepark

NTA, she broke girl code and you're not the asshole 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA- Living your life and breaking free from toxic friendships 👏

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

NTA - Cut ties with the drama queens 😷👏

justkillintime99 | justkillintime99

NTA. Toxic friend Penny won't let go. Better to drop her. 😲

jpnam_sabreist | jpnam_sabreist

Jealousy breeds accusations, but you're innocent! 😎

Rud1st | Rud1st

Friendship on the rocks: Immature friend breaks 'girl code' 😱

Velocitractors | Velocitractors

Penny: the unreasonable shit stirrer 🤪

winter_laurel | winter_laurel

Is this comment too outrageous to be true? 🤔

DesireeDominique | DesireeDominique

Girl Code doesn't include whoring out your SO 😱

lyan-cat | lyan-cat

Cut out Penny and her supporters ASAP! 😲💔👯‍♀️

MadExistence | MadExistence

🚫 NTA: Toxic friend alert! Cut ties with controlling Penny ASAP!

Apotelesama | Apotelesama

NTA. Penny is not your friend. 😲 Incredibly immature.

Fatal_S | Fatal_S

NTA. That's not girl code, that's just batshit 🤯

widefeetwelcome | widefeetwelcome

Mom spoiled her, friend wants her to divorce. Drama alert! 😲

TheInsomnialullaby | TheInsomnialullaby

NTA, Penny's toxic. Time to find new friends! 👯💔

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

NTA - You didn't 'cut her off'. She called dibs on your boyfriend 💔

-Alula | -Alula

Expose the messages and block everyone on Penny's side. NTA! 😲

rizuliz | rizuliz

"Girl code" drama in high school? NTA, it's ridiculous! 😲

SmallerKitten | SmallerKitten

Toxic friend alert! NTA, steer clear of Penny and drama.

ShallowLikeUs | ShallowLikeUs

Cut out toxic friend before she gets worse 😲

Barbit799 | Barbit799

Penny is crazy! No one in the universe takes her side! 😲

lennawvu08 | lennawvu08

A brave soul stands up against a scary situation. ⚡

BC218 | BC218

Concerned about her, but maybe it's just too many movies.

jstme808 | jstme808

Break up with Penny, not your boyfriend! 👬️

VisibleSherbet | VisibleSherbet

NTA - Penny needs help, encouraging entitlement to someone's boyfriend. 😱

irritablethoughts36 | irritablethoughts36

No girl code broken here. Love and friendship prevail! 💔

impgrl369 | impgrl369

Calling dibs on someone's boyfriend? That's insane! NTA! 😲

brazentory | brazentory

🙅‍♀️ NTA! Your friend crossed the line and needs therapy!

Unlikely-Draft | Unlikely-Draft

NTA- Penny is breaking 'Girl Code' by trying to break you up. Block everyone taking her side. 😲

WhySoManyOstriches | WhySoManyOstriches

Watch out for Penny, she's Glenn Close and you're the bunny! 😲

theflameburntout | theflameburntout

Cutting off a delusional friend? NTA, but stay safe! 😲

golden-owl-3 | golden-owl-3

Block Penny, she's a nutbar. NTA 😲

Bipolar_Bear_84 | Bipolar_Bear_84

NTA. Mom's toxic attitude ended the friendship, not a guy. 👯💔

Balanceofjudgement | Balanceofjudgement

She's living in another world! 🌍 Delusional and needs help!

Mysterious-Winter616 | Mysterious-Winter616

🙌 SO NTA! Not girl code. Beware of red flags! 🚩

mtngrl60 | mtngrl60

Penny: The self-proclaimed queen of 'Girl Code' 👯‍♀️

SnooRevelations1179 | SnooRevelations1179

No a**hole here. Are people really that dumb? 🙄

TheOneWhosCensored | TheOneWhosCensored

Stand your ground! Keep the teddy bear! 💜

BeTxSo__ | BeTxSo__

Dump the dumpster fire, keep the boyfriend. 💔

dilqncho | dilqncho

Calling out the fakeness of this post 😲

jesse-13 | jesse-13

🔥 Drama Alert! A tale of jealousy, girl code, and sparks.

invisible4477 | invisible4477

NTA. Unbelievable entitlement! Block her and her crazy supporters 😲

Forsaken-Concern-970 | Forsaken-Concern-970

Love, friendship, and mixed signals... Will they find their way?

arseholierthanthou | arseholierthanthou

Hilarious high school drama unfolds over crush and pregnancy rumors 😂

Socially-AntiSocial | Socially-AntiSocial

NTA. Girl code is about exes, not current boyfriends. 👯‍♀️

stillpretending13 | stillpretending13

NTA - Jealousy and immaturity. Cut ties and inform mutual friends. 😲

StormingBlitz91 | StormingBlitz91

🤔 Is this real? Delusional friend, time to cut ties!

naiadgirl | naiadgirl

Penny's a**hole behavior exposed! NTA for calling her out! 😲

RooDooDootDaDoo | RooDooDootDaDoo

NTA for dating your boyfriend despite her spark claim 💯

fiberartistmom | fiberartistmom

Cut ties with Penny? NTA, it's time to move on! 🙌

electricgoatss | electricgoatss

Penny is definitely a nutjob! 🤯

DanzigMisfit | DanzigMisfit

No friend? NTA? Spill the tea, bubbla! 😲💔👯‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤣 Insane person, NTA! Congrats on the boyfriend! 🎉

rudegyaldem | rudegyaldem

Sophomore year: when 'friends' show true colors. NTA, ditch toxicity! 💔

Special-Investigator | Special-Investigator

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