Camping Trip Unravels Boyfriend's 'Adulting' Skills: Who's to Blame? 🏕️💔

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Picture this: you've been juggling work, life, and your boyfriend's 'adulting' responsibilities. You decide to take a well-deserved break, a two-week camping trip in the wilderness. You return, expecting a warm welcome, only to find your boyfriend has dropped the ball on life's basics. Rent? Unpaid. Credit card bills? Overdue. Car registration? Not done. And he blames you for not reminding him. This is the predicament one woman found herself in after her wilderness retreat. Let's dive into this tale of responsibility, conflict, and the struggle of 'adulting'. 🏕️💔📚

The Busy Bees 🐝

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Wilderness Calls 🏕️

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Return and the Reckoning 💔

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Unpaid Rent and Late Fee 💸

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Credit Card Fiasco 💳

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Car Registration Debacle 🚗

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Forgotten Friend and Voting Registration 🎂🗳️

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Clash of Perspectives 🎭

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Expectation and the Argument 🥊

stressssed689 | stressssed689

The Blame Game: Who Failed at 'Adulting'? 🎭💔

After a tranquil wilderness retreat, our protagonist returns to a whirlwind of chaos. Unpaid rent, overdue credit card bills, and an unregistered car - all the result of her boyfriend's forgetfulness. He blames her for not reminding him, while she insists these are his responsibilities. The situation escalates into an argument, with her demanding he pay all the late fees and fines. This tale of responsibility and 'adulting' raises the question: Should she bear the blame or is it high time her boyfriend steps up? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿🎭

NTA. Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills are lacking, relationship reconsideration suggested. 💔

CantoErgoSum | CantoErgoSum

NTA, you're not his mother. Don't enable his irresponsibility. 🙅🏼

vicevans01 | vicevans01

NTA. Boyfriend needs to step up and adult properly. 👏

yuri0kuma | yuri0kuma

"Adulting" struggles: Is it cute or a red flag? 🤔

daiceedoll | daiceedoll

NTA. Boyfriend's lack of adulting skills and entitlement are clear 🙄

thefoxinmotion | thefoxinmotion

NTA: Don't be his mom or personal assistant. 🙅🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills lacking, causing frustration and imbalance in relationship. 🙄

mattricide | mattricide

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravel on camping trip. NTA takes charge! 🏕️💔

HowardProject | HowardProject

Boyfriend relies on girlfriend for adulting, she's his PA. 👭👨‍🎓

CyberAceKina | CyberAceKina

NTA. Boyfriend's irresponsibility with rent causing financial strain and stress. 💔

Momtotwocats | Momtotwocats

NTA. Boyfriend needs a reminder app for adulting responsibilities. 👨‍🍳

anonn86753099 | anonn86753099

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravel on camping trip: NTA!

allonsys | allonsys

NTA. Reality check: Stop babying him and let him handle it 👏

rusty0123 | rusty0123

Ex-husband blames OP for kitchen fire, even when she's away 😂

cyclingaddiction | cyclingaddiction

Enabling 'mommy' behavior: NTA, but actions have consequences 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

"ESH. You set him up for failure. Am I the a**hole?"

beanni77 | beanni77

Boyfriend's 'adulting' fails: NTA, but is it time to babysit? 🤔

CakeisaDie | CakeisaDie

Divorced due to lack of basic life competence. 💔

NakedAndAfraidFan | NakedAndAfraidFan

Experiences with immature partners can be frustrating and exhausting. 💔

ragnar201 | ragnar201

Don't be his caretaker! Have a serious discussion. 👍

snobal60 | snobal60

Stop babying him! Let him learn to adult on his own. 💪

Flippn_Freddy | Flippn_Freddy

Boyfriend's lack of responsibility causes camping trip chaos. 🤷🏻‍♀️

volcanicpale | volcanicpale

Smart PhD student struggles with basic adulting skills 😂

NationalPreparation9 | NationalPreparation9

"Scatterbrained academic type" struggles with adulting: ADHD or immaturity? 😳

blakexsays | blakexsays

Commenter calls out lazy boyfriend, sparks heated discussion. 👍

BriaKhalifa | BriaKhalifa

"NTA. Boyfriend's laziness causes late fees and tickets. He's ungrateful."

CuriosiT38 | CuriosiT38

Enabling a grown ass adult? Time to reassess your priorities. 🤔

Royal_Arachnid_2295 | Royal_Arachnid_2295

Boyfriend's 'adulting' fail blamed on partner. Not cool, dude. 🙄

robinhoodoftheworld | robinhoodoftheworld

Break up with him! He wants a mommy, not a girlfriend 👭

Readingreddit12345 | Readingreddit12345

"Unpopular opinion. ESH. If you have been doing this and keeping track of it for a while, you should have made sure he has a list of what and when. Other hand, he needs to stay more on top of his finances." 💼💔

waitresslifer | waitresslifer

NTA. PhD student takes advantage of partner's free labor. 🙅🏼

Throwawayrightaway28 | Throwawayrightaway28

Gentle ESH: Communication is key in avoiding 'adulting' mishaps! 👍

FierceCrayon | FierceCrayon

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravel, relying on partner for basic tasks. 🤷🏻‍♀️

chaseagainstonision | chaseagainstonision

Enabling boyfriend's lack of 'adulting' skills - time for talk! 👍

Birdplane69 | Birdplane69

Superwoman PhD mom slams lazy boyfriend for unfair task distribution. 💪👤

notthrowingshade | notthrowingshade

🔥 NTA: Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravel on camping trip. Will it improve?

ChipsNCola | ChipsNCola

Dating a child? Time to upgrade to an adult! 👨‍🌾

polystoner | polystoner

NTA: Academic scatterbrain forgets everything, but should take responsibility. 👏

adotfree | adotfree

Co-dependency concerns: Is it worth the mental and emotional burden? 😰

NoeTellusom | NoeTellusom

"NTA you are not his mother!!! He needs to grow tf up"

VanillaFam | VanillaFam

NTA, consider setting boundaries and reevaluating the relationship. 💔

Techsupportvictim | Techsupportvictim

NTA 🙅‍♀️ Let him deal with his own late fees.

celticflame99 | celticflame99

Independent adults should handle their responsibilities without relying on others. 👍

Random_internet15 | Random_internet15

NTA. Is this the bed you wanna make? 🏕️💔

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

NTA. Boyfriend's 'adulting' fails, you're not responsible for his mess. 👏

Kreeblim | Kreeblim

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravelled - is he just throwing a tantrum?

A_Simple_Narwhal | A_Simple_Narwhal

NTA. Boyfriend needs to grow up and take responsibility. 💔

twistednormz | twistednormz

NTA, his 'adulting' skills won't improve after school 😂

topsyturtles | topsyturtles

NTA: Let him learn to be an adult on his own. 👍

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

NTA takes control of bills with autopay, zero brain interaction.

coraeon | coraeon

"NTA. Lack of responsibility caused fees. Find a capable partner. 👍"

Llyndreth | Llyndreth

"NTA. Taking on all the bills and responsibilities. They'll learn!"

TheTattooedAuthor | TheTattooedAuthor

NTA - Share the Mental Load and Stand Your Ground! 👏

Ciimmeri | Ciimmeri

NTA. Boyfriend needs to grow up, not be a child. 💔

Lili_Pati | Lili_Pati

PhD doesn't excuse being an airhead. Time to stop babying.

allison-ballison | allison-ballison

Impractical academic calls out boyfriend's 'adulting' skills, suggests solutions. 💔

Medievalmoomin | Medievalmoomin

"NTA. You're his partner, not his mother." 💪🏼

rosebudthorns | rosebudthorns

Physics PhD student shares her self-reliance tips for adulting 💪

h_witko | h_witko

NTA: Emotional labor and mental load in relationships. 👏

lb2345 | lb2345

"Adulting" struggles? Here's how I tackle responsibilities with creativity! 💪🏻

SmoSays | SmoSays

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravel, causing financial frustration. PhD vs bills?

ematney68 | ematney68

NTA: Boyfriend needs to grow up. 👍

pentagram87 | pentagram87

NTA, he needs to start acting like an adult. 👏

cheeezncrackers | cheeezncrackers

Time to pack up and leave this man-child behind! 👋

squidinosaur | squidinosaur

Boyfriend's 'adulting' skills unravel during camping trip. NTA but...

Gobadorgosleep | Gobadorgosleep

Congrats on motherhood! You're not the a**hole. 🎉

Yabbaba | Yabbaba

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