Aunt's Dilemma: Troubled Niece or Peaceful Home? 😓🏡

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Imagine this: You're an expecting mother, already raising a toddler and a troubled 12-year-old niece, whose parents are in jail. Your home, once a place of peace and love, is now a battlefield. You're torn between your responsibility towards your niece and the peace of your own family. This is the reality for one woman, who's now contemplating the unthinkable - sending her niece to live with her hyper-religious grandmother. Let's delve into her story. 💔😢

A New Addition to the Family 🏡

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A Mother's Struggle 😔

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When Things Start to Unravel 😓

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The Breaking Point 😰

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A Difficult Decision Looms 🤔

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A Plea for Help 😢

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A Glimmer of Hope? 🕯️

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A Family Torn Apart: The Struggle for Peace and Responsibility 😔💔

In the midst of chaos, an expecting mother finds herself at a crossroads. Her niece, a 12-year-old with a troubled past, has turned their peaceful home into a war zone. Despite her best efforts to help the girl, her actions have only led to more heartache and stress. Now, she considers a drastic step - sending her niece to live with her religious grandmother. It's a decision that weighs heavy on her heart, but one she feels might be necessary for the peace of her own family. As she contemplates calling Child Protective Services, she also considers a shared custody arrangement with the grandmother. It's a painful dilemma that no one should have to face. Let's see how the internet weighs in on this heart-wrenching situation. 💔😢

🤔 Need official support for troubled niece, but facing challenges. 😕

FuckUGalen | FuckUGalen

NTA, but finding a better solution before shipping her off. 👍

Nicth3dic | Nicth3dic

Life's The Asshole? LTA? Please... 😢

nevershareafoxhole | nevershareafoxhole

NTA - Realizing you can't meet her needs, her grandmother can. 🙏

AttyFireWood | AttyFireWood

Choosing battles: NTA comment suggests letting others handle troubled niece. 🙏

pak_satrio | pak_satrio

💔💔 Troubled niece needs therapy, not abandonment. You're not alone. 💪

XperienceIsKnowledge | XperienceIsKnowledge

NTA. Overwhelmed 23-year-old seeks help from grandma for troubled niece. 🙏

SomeoneYouDontKnow70 | SomeoneYouDontKnow70

Navigating family conflicts can be tough, but you're not alone! 🙏

Guzzzler | Guzzzler

Aunt in tough spot, niece's troubled past complicates decision-making 😓

PoisonedFlowers | PoisonedFlowers

NTA. It's a tough situation, but prioritize your family's well-being. 💪

PM_ME_UR_Pumice | PM_ME_UR_Pumice

Is the troubled niece's behavior due to fetal alcohol syndrome? 🤔

Spaceshipjackaloo | Spaceshipjackaloo

Reddit's paygrade can't handle the troubled niece dilemma 😓

DreamingShark | DreamingShark

Becoming her foster parent? 💰💕

skepticalG | skepticalG

Urgent action needed! Protect your niece and call CPS now! 🚨

mdisomwnaje | mdisomwnaje

NTA, but consider other options. Niece needs support and counseling. 😓

Username_Kate | Username_Kate

Send troubled niece to grandma for a break and support ❤️

DamnDragonRider | DamnDragonRider

Seeking help for troubled niece, explore programs like Medicare 🙏

WeedIsFuckingAwesome | WeedIsFuckingAwesome

Aunt's dilemma: Troubled niece or peaceful home? NTA, no choice.

KarenSlayer9001 | KarenSlayer9001

Finding the best solution for troubled niece. 🤔

KtotheAtotheS | KtotheAtotheS

Seek professional help, not Reddit. 🙏🏻

HygorBohmHubner | HygorBohmHubner

Engaging comment about using Trust based Relational Intervention for troubled kids. 👍

jasperthejackalope | jasperthejackalope

Put yourself first. Don't let her break you. Good luck! 👍

elbapo | elbapo

Engage troubled niece with open and caring conversation. 👥💛

cocostar55 | cocostar55

Send her to her grandmother, focus on your own family. 👯

redditposter-- | redditposter--

🤗 Reach out for social work support and therapy, stick in there!

EntropyFaultLine | EntropyFaultLine

Prioritize your family and well-being. Don't sacrifice your happiness. 🙌

Theatregeeke | Theatregeeke

NTA - Troubled niece, birth control, and building a relationship. 😓🏡

mothbetta | mothbetta

Seek professional help before making any decisions. Complicated situation. 🤔

AllSxsAndSvns | AllSxsAndSvns

Heartbreaking situation for aunt and troubled niece. Seek professional help.

cyberllama | cyberllama

Seek therapy to cope with your troubled niece. It's overwhelming. 🙏

pastasforbreakfast | pastasforbreakfast

Grandma's limited resources may not be enough for troubled niece. NAH

TwistedTomorrow | TwistedTomorrow

Prioritize self-care and honesty when helping troubled loved ones. NTA

danyele1312 | danyele1312

Refocusing on your kids isn't giving up. 👥👦👧 Three is a lot! 🤷‍♀️

Gabernasher | Gabernasher

NTA, troubled niece needs support. Consider shared custody with grandmother. 👥

DirkMFStrider | DirkMFStrider

NTA. Tough love may be necessary for troubled niece. 😓

tofarr | tofarr

NTA. Empathy for the aunt's challenging situation and hope for resolution. 🙏

CherryPai13 | CherryPai13

Recommendation for CPS and Dr. Ross Greene's book to help

Autistic_Paladin | Autistic_Paladin

Engaging with troubled niece: discuss consequences, let her decide 🤔

LoveToBold | LoveToBold

Honesty is key. Help your troubled niece find her options. 👍

HepMeJeebus | HepMeJeebus

Call CPS for troubled niece, focus on your own children. 📲

melonmagellan | melonmagellan

Heartbreaking situation. NTA. Contact CPS and consider grandmother's support. 😓🏡

forpugsake1008 | forpugsake1008

Troubled niece's early exposure to bad habits, seeking counseling. 😓

Hackie-Puff | Hackie-Puff

Supportive advice for troubled niece, emphasizing health and future plans. 🙏

priceless37 | priceless37

Letting her grandma raise her may be the best solution! NTA 👍

juniperfallshere | juniperfallshere

Overwhelmed aunt seeks advice on troubled niece's future. 😓

BT--7275 | BT--7275

Navigating a tough situation: Loving troubled kids 😓

thankyoumelatonin | thankyoumelatonin

A heartwarming suggestion for troubled kids in need of help ❤️

deatinger | deatinger

Seek professional help for troubled niece's well-being. 👨‍💻🤓

lucue_ | lucue_

Taking custody of troubled niece, seeking advice on tough love. NTA

WabbitFan | WabbitFan

Overwhelmed aunt considers giving troubled niece to grandmother. 😓🏡

FireSafety101 | FireSafety101

Aunt's dilemma: N A H vs NTA, parents are a**holes 😓🏡

SlippinCheese | SlippinCheese

Find free therapy for troubled niece, set firm boundaries with love. 💛

TheEmpressDodo | TheEmpressDodo

NTA. Troubled niece causing havoc with your family, seek professional help.

anbettercomment | anbettercomment

Struggling aunt contemplates sending troubled niece to grandmother's house 🤔

BDizzMcNizz | BDizzMcNizz

Engaging comment offering empathy and advice for troubled niece.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Shared custody: a win-win solution for troubled families. 👨‍👩‍👧

BDizzMcNizz | BDizzMcNizz

Seek help from CPS and consider a residential program for stability. 🙏

fuckyoutoocoolsmhool | fuckyoutoocoolsmhool

Engaging in open and honest communication can help unravel family issues. 👩‍💻💡

Kitastrophe85 | Kitastrophe85

Calling CPS can provide support and prevent future complications. 👥💛

elsinillinois | elsinillinois

Choosing professional help for troubled niece is a tough decision 😓

oholymike | oholymike

Helping a troubled niece without enabling her fantasy. 🤔

AnswerIsItDepends | AnswerIsItDepends

Aunt's dilemma: traumatised niece causing chaos in her home 😓

LivinginAdelaide | LivinginAdelaide

Government assistance can provide help with food, medical, and finances.

dobber1965 | dobber1965

Moving her won't solve anything, seek professional help instead! 🙌

Yougotmail1 | Yougotmail1

Gently, YTA. Be her beacon of hope in this chaos. 💛

Winnimae | Winnimae

NTA. It's tough raising a troubled teen. 🤷‍♀️

Corpsewife | Corpsewife

NTA, seek help from CPS but be prepared for challenges. 😓🏡

ArtemisSpeak | ArtemisSpeak

Commenter expresses fear, seeking advice and support. 😓

ButterBeanTheGreat | ButterBeanTheGreat

Getting CPS involved is a good start. Nonprofits can help!

danskiez | danskiez

Testing love: Troubled niece seeks validation, aunt seeks advice. 😓🏡

Adelineslife | Adelineslife

NTA. Is her behavior fear-based due to your pregnancy?

flyawaygirl94 | flyawaygirl94

Protecting troubled niece from abusive hyper-religious grandmother. 😓🏡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't give up! Get professional help and consider junior ROTC. 💪

azzyplanethopper | azzyplanethopper

Is therapy the key to helping troubled teenagers? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Seek professional help, not Reddit, for your troubled niece. 🙏

Genestah | Genestah

NTA: Your niece, your rules! 🙌

BabyT-ShirtCannon | BabyT-ShirtCannon

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