Service Dog Drama: The Battle of Dorms at University 🐶🏢

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Ever found yourself in a sticky situation where you're caught between a rock and a hard place? This is a tale of a student, her service dog, and a dorm room conflict that has the entire university buzzing. 🏢🐶💥 This student's service dog is a lifeline, but when a new roommate with allergies enters the picture, things take an unexpected turn. Let's dive into this drama-filled saga.

An Unusual Roommate 🐕‍🦺

justletmelivepls | justletmelivepls

The Dream Dorm 🏢

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New Roommate, New Problems 😬

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The Unexpected Twist 🔄

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The Unfair Outcome 😡

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The Legal Lifeline ⚖️

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The Housing Office's Oversight 🙈

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A Potential Resolution? 🤔

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Final Thoughts 💭

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A Service Dog, Allergies, and a Dorm Room: The Final Verdict 🐶🤧🏢

In a whirlwind of events, our student found herself in the middle of a dorm room drama, with her service dog at the center. When a new roommate with allergies arrived, the student was forced to move to a less desirable dorm. But a surprising twist revealed that the university had overlooked a crucial detail: her accommodation included a larger room due to her service dog. So, she's staying put! 🏠🐕‍🦺 This saga serves as a reminder that sometimes, standing your ground can lead to unexpected victories. Now, let's see what the internet has to say about this...

NTA. Talk to housing, they may move the new roommate 🐶

starry_skyz | starry_skyz

NTA defends their right to have a service dog 🐶

maywellflower | maywellflower

NTA fights against dorm move due to allergies, but considers other options. 🐶

KZCrow | KZCrow

INFO: How much accommodation is sufficient for service animals? 😱

firmtossaway | firmtossaway

NAH and roommate clash over service dog and allergies 😬

PhoenixRisingToday | PhoenixRisingToday

"YTA. You're not getting a lesser quality room from the general population." 🙄

orangepeel911 | orangepeel911

YTA for assuming her allergy, but should she be moved?

DuchessofFuckThis | DuchessofFuckThis

University housing mishap with service dog causes tension and discomfort 😡

GlitteringHair7 | GlitteringHair7

Allergic roommate vs. service dog: A**hole or justified concern? 😱

PatriciaK62 | PatriciaK62

YTA - Entitlement and lack of empathy for invisible disabilities 😒

nonemorebIak | nonemorebIak

University staff messed up, but be nice to your roommate 😊

blauenfir | blauenfir

"YTA. You think only your medical issue matters. Life's unlucky."

[deleted] | [deleted]

University's collective a**hole move: roommate vs. service dog drama 🐶

RagaMuffinSun | RagaMuffinSun

Allergy ignorance sparks conflict. NTA, but YTA for assumptions and negotiation.

ISpeakWhaleDoYou | ISpeakWhaleDoYou

Mixed verdict on OP's tone, but housing people are assholes 😠

lh123456789 | lh123456789

University needs to learn how to handle conflicting accommodations 🚧

HikaruToya | HikaruToya

NTA. Fight for your rights and don't let her win! 💪🏼

angryspaceplant | angryspaceplant

University's compromise: bigger room instead of private room for student

BroadElderberry | BroadElderberry

Polite escalation in the battle of dorms. NTA 🐶

randomguycommenter | randomguycommenter

NAH vs YTA: Battle of Dorms over service dog drama 🐶

scrntonstranglr | scrntonstranglr

"YTA. Entitled and diminishing someone's illness. University is biggest a**hole."

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious about the timeline of dorm drama? Let's find out!

cbobrob87 | cbobrob87

NAH: Disability, allergies, and university mishap create dorm drama 🐶🏢

hiddeng3ms | hiddeng3ms

Supportive comment about service dog issue, encouraging fighting for rights

lizlemonjr | lizlemonjr

ADA compliance battle: Who gets to stay? NTA's advice crucial.

tuti1006 | tuti1006

NTA. Escalate the drama! 🐶🏢

bmoreskyandsea | bmoreskyandsea

Housing mix-up creates drama over service dog, allergies, and accommodations 🐶

SuburbanDemographic | SuburbanDemographic

Debating disabilities and allergies: Who deserves accommodation? 🚡

wiscopup | wiscopup

University and roommate both at fault for service dog dispute 😠

Railroader17 | Railroader17

School policy: complain and you might have to move. 🏫

23velf | 23velf

University housing needs to find a better solution for everyone 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA commenter questions housing decisions and suggests better matching for harmony 😎

ImRidingShotgun | ImRidingShotgun

Service dog drama: NTA vs. housing office 🔥

Narshalla | Narshalla

New girl wants a different room, but is she right? 🤔

Sacrossanctus | Sacrossanctus

Housing's lazy decision forces student out of ADA room 😠

quarter_life_crisis2 | quarter_life_crisis2

Allergies and legal advice: NTA, but dorm dog dilemma persists 🐶

I_See_That_Amanda | I_See_That_Amanda

Seek out the disability advocate on campus for support. NTA.

Char1ieA1phaWhiskey | Char1ieA1phaWhiskey

Fight back! You're not the a**hole. Get justice for yourself! 💪

DoctorSansaStrange | DoctorSansaStrange

Larger room as accommodation? Definitely NTA! 🏢✅

solo954 | solo954

Keep fighting until you win or find a valid reason! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Allergies vs. Service Dogs: Who's Responsible? 🐶🤧

duglaw | duglaw

Respecting boundaries: Shouldn't everyone have a say? 🐶

marie2805 | marie2805

Be the squeaky wheel and fight for your rights! 🐶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating college dorms with a service dog can be challenging 😕

KittyKiitos | KittyKiitos

University slacking off? Stand your ground and lawyer up! 💪

Available_Attention | Available_Attention

NTA. Mishandled situation. New roomie should've been relocated. Displacing occupant valid if dangerous 🚨

0zpr3y | 0zpr3y

NTA. Roommate issue resolved? Share the juicy details with us!

Tanyec | Tanyec

Living with a service dog: the joys and frustrations. NTA!

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Fight for your rights! Make a fuss and reclaim your room! 💪

Jasmin3981 | Jasmin3981

NTA. Unfair to kick you out when you've been there longer. 🐶🚫🧹

RainbowBee108 | RainbowBee108

Encouraging teamwork to resolve dormitory issues. 👍

TheBaumfaeller | TheBaumfaeller

NTA, disabilities advisor helping, hope your semester goes smoothly! 👍

RussellZee | RussellZee

NTA. Stand your ground and let them find another solution.

albionpeej | albionpeej

First come, first serve. NTA wins the dorm battle! 👏

discodolphin1 | discodolphin1

Housing office drops the ball, but no malice from roomie. NAH

AtheistBibleScholar | AtheistBibleScholar

Allergic to a cat in a dorm room? Housing discrimination! 😱

PiscesEtCanes | PiscesEtCanes

NTA. Housing office's negligence caused unnecessary drama and inconvenience. 🐶

looc64 | looc64

University should accommodate, not discriminate. NTA! 🙌

iOSGallagher | iOSGallagher

Equal rights clash: Allergies vs. room preferences 🤔

Mgzz | Mgzz

Sharing a room with a dog? NAH, but consider others' preferences. 🐶

txteva | txteva

Former RA offers helpful advice and sympathizes with OP. NAH

ToblersLaw | ToblersLaw

Happy ending! NTA gets room back 🙌

SlavK-ntSolaire | SlavK-ntSolaire

Glad it got resolved! Allergies and a stupid housing office 🙄

nancydrewin | nancydrewin

Move them, not you! You're not the problem here 👍

ingodwetryst | ingodwetryst

Fight for your rights! Don't let them punish you 🐶💪

Tandian | Tandian

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