When 'Friends' Turn Foes: A Widow's Rent-to-Own Nightmare 😱

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Imagine being a young widow, struggling to raise three toddlers, only to find out that your so-called 'friends' are trying to sell the house you've rented to them, without your consent! 😱 This is the shocking reality for one woman who, in an act of kindness, rented her house to a couple who couldn't secure a loan. Little did she know, her act of goodwill would turn into a nightmare. Let's dive into this compelling tale of trust, betrayal, and the fight for justice. 🏠⚖️

A Heartfelt Decision 🏡💔

feelsunfair77 | feelsunfair77

From Selling to Renting: A Favor for 'Friends' 🤝

feelsunfair77 | feelsunfair77

Trouble in Paradise: Late Payments and Odd Requests 🚩

feelsunfair77 | feelsunfair77

The Shocking Revelation: A Plan to Sell! 😱

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The Contract: A Lifeline? 📜

feelsunfair77 | feelsunfair77

The Profit Plan: A New Truck? 🚚💰

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The Emotional Toll: Unfair and Upsetting 😢

feelsunfair77 | feelsunfair77

The Struggling Widow: Standing Her Ground 💪

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A Shady Past: Ignored Warnings 🚨

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The Next Step: Legal Action 🏛️

feelsunfair77 | feelsunfair77

A Widow's Stand: A Battle for Her Home 🏠⚖️

In a shocking twist of fate, a young widow finds herself in a battle for her own home. After losing her husband, she rented her house to 'friends' who couldn't secure a loan. Now, these 'friends' plan to sell the house, without her permission, and pocket the profits! 😡 The audacity doesn't end there - they even planned to buy a new truck with the money. As she grapples with this betrayal, she's standing her ground and seeking legal recourse. A tale of trust, betrayal, and resilience, this story leaves us wondering - what would you do in her shoes? Let's see what the internet has to say. 🌐💬

Terminate RTO agreement and evict them now 😱

theDagman | theDagman

NTA: Seek legal action to kick out the scam artists 😈

EmmetWeasel | EmmetWeasel

"NTA I'm not even sure they'd be able to pull this off. From what I gather (not owning a house myself) titles need to be traceable to ensure a chain of legal ownership (as well as keep track of taxes). Obviously do what you're doing by contacting a lawyer, but it's absurd you even have to do that. How did they think they were going to pull this off?" 😳

Spuckleford | Spuckleford

NTA, protect yourself and cut ties with these shady people 🙌

Icy_Conversation_612 | Icy_Conversation_612

NTA. Seek legal advice to evict without breach of agreement.

MooseValuable3158 | MooseValuable3158

NTA, but your feelings are irrelevant. The contract is relevant. 😱

MissAnth | MissAnth

Selling the house As Is with tenants: the ultimate solution 💪

Special_Weekend_4754 | Special_Weekend_4754

Late payments might void the contract. NTA, lawyer might help 🙏

nerdgirl71 | nerdgirl71

Friend turned foe: Rent-to-own nightmare 😱

Ok-Resource4073 | Ok-Resource4073

NTA 👏 They tried to take advantage of you, and for that they have shot themselves in the foot and deserve nothing. 😱

nrsys | nrsys

Heartbreaking betrayal by 'friends' in a rent-to-own nightmare 😢

Frozen_Twinkies | Frozen_Twinkies

NTA! Stay strong, cut contact, and let your lawyer handle it 💪

TacoFlavordKisses | TacoFlavordKisses

Defending ownership rights: NTA for not letting them sell! 💪

Lucia37 | Lucia37

Reluctantly siding with the landlady... oh, the horror! 😱

newaccount-23 | newaccount-23

Validating emotions during grief. NTA for feeling upset 😢

RevKyriel | RevKyriel

NTA, terminate their contract and sell the house. They screwed you 😱

adlibitumnsg | adlibitumnsg

🔥 TEAR THEM APART! Let the battle begin! 🔥

Numerous_Frosting_86 | Numerous_Frosting_86

👩‍⚖️ Get a lawyer ASAP to protect your ownership rights!

Successful_Key9114 | Successful_Key9114

NTA! Evict that idiotic landlord and have a great holiday! 🎉

gojibeary | gojibeary

No a-hole here? Let's find out in this juicy story 🤪

Snarkybish03 | Snarkybish03

Friends turned foes in a rent-to-own nightmare. 😱

FennelBest3670 | FennelBest3670

Waiting on lawyer to start eviction process. Updates coming soon! 🙌

RogueVictorian | RogueVictorian

NTA, Get a lawyer ASAP! 💪

redditwinchester | redditwinchester

Evict them now, so sorry for your loss OP. 😢

Perfect-Resident940 | Perfect-Resident940

Legally evict them and sell your house. Take back control! 💪

Books1979 | Books1979

Fraudulent rent-to-own nightmare! You're definitely not the a**hole. 😱

Left-Welder6528 | Left-Welder6528

Title company liable for negligence in sale. NTA 🙌

Left-Welder6528 | Left-Welder6528

Ewwww, not the a**hole! 😱

kessabeann | kessabeann

Evict them and sell the house yourself! NTA 💪

Late_Engineering9973 | Late_Engineering9973

NTA. Lawyer up ASAP and start the eviction process pronto 💪

Ummokkayyy | Ummokkayyy

Eviction is the only way! Trust no one 😔

I_Suggest_Therapy | I_Suggest_Therapy

"NTA" - No a-hole here. 🙌

Starfish-1982 | Starfish-1982

NTA, evict them legally! 🙌

Lorraine221 | Lorraine221

Fair value or friendship deal? Treat it as a business decision. NTA

Vacation4Life1 | Vacation4Life1

Terminate agreement, evict them. Husband's gambling addiction = homelessness.

HarryPotter205 | HarryPotter205

Curious about the seller's sketchy plan? NTA for sure! 🤔

I_might_be_weasel | I_might_be_weasel

NTA, start eviction process! Why is the house so cheap? 🤔

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Beware of fake friends! Don't let them take advantage of you. 😱

auntie_stacey | auntie_stacey

Take control and sell the house yourself. Not the a**hole.

star_tyger | star_tyger

NTA. Get a lawyer to evict these a**holes 😠

oops3719 | oops3719

NTA, with legal backup! 💪

juliaskig | juliaskig

NTA. Get them out ASAP! 😱

Quix66 | Quix66

Terminate the RTO, evict them and go NC. Shady AF! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment and curiosity about the outcome. 👍

happyasaham | happyasaham

Cut ties and kick them out! You're not the a**hole. 💪

Joops1 | Joops1

Rent-to-own scheme gone wrong, but is it really illegal? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

🏠 Widow's rent-to-own nightmare: Can't sell house without deed. Lawyer up!

unicoitn | unicoitn

Rent-to-own gone wrong? Not the a**hole for questioning it! 🤔

Eriklano | Eriklano

NTA! Good luck with the legal aspects. 💯

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Morally clear to evict, offer cash for keys to avoid damage. NTA 👍

Usual-Archer-916 | Usual-Archer-916

Rent-to-own contract: Check for stipulations, protect yourself! 🛡

SillyLilMeLMAOatU | SillyLilMeLMAOatU

Not the a**hole. Tell us more about this rent-to-own nightmare! 😱

PurpleAquilegia | PurpleAquilegia

Take back control! Cancel their lease and sell to someone else! 🙌

OperationBright2450 | OperationBright2450

Friend's illegal scam: AITA? This post is ridiculous 🤯

Pikachu_91 | Pikachu_91

"YTA. Tenants can't legally sell house before paying you. 😱"

Impossible_Gazelle27 | Impossible_Gazelle27

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