Teacher's Aid Refuses to Tutor Student Who Mocked Her Grief: Justified or Overboard? 🤔

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Imagine being a teacher's aide, working tirelessly to help your students catch up amidst a pandemic. Now, imagine one of your students mocking your grief over a personal loss. This is the predicament faced by an 18-year-old female teacher's aide, who found herself at the receiving end of a cruel joke by a 13-year-old student. This tale of classroom conflict and emotional turmoil will have you questioning where the line should be drawn. 📚💔

A Helping Hand Amidst a Pandemic 📚🌍

consistent_day4921 | consistent_day4921

The Student with a Challenging Attitude 😕

consistent_day4921 | consistent_day4921

A Personal Loss and a Heartless Joke 💔😡

consistent_day4921 | consistent_day4921

The Consequences: Suspension and a Tutoring Termination 🚫📚

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An Unwanted Visitor and a Shocking Accusation 🚪😲

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A Community Divided: Colleagues' Opinions Split 🏫🤷‍♀️

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Seeking Advice: Was the Teacher's Aid in the Wrong? 🤔

consistent_day4921 | consistent_day4921

A Tale of Grief, Mockery, and a Teacher's Tough Decision 🍎💔

In a world where empathy seems to be dwindling, a young teacher's aide finds herself in a whirlwind of conflict and emotional turmoil. After sharing her personal loss with her students, she was met with mockery, leading to a drastic decision to refuse tutoring the offending student. But when the student's parents retaliate, accusing her of endangering their child, the situation escalates. With her colleagues divided and a potential investigation looming, she's left questioning her actions. Let's delve into the web of reactions this situation has sparked...💭

NTA- Parents abandon child on teacher's doorstep, endangering their child 😱

Radiant-Legend | Radiant-Legend

"NTA!!!!! Her PARENTS left her, if anyone “endangered” her it was them." 💯

AL_Starr | AL_Starr

NTA. Parents abandoned child. Kids knew mocking was wrong. 👍

Long_Ad_8563 | Long_Ad_8563

"NTA. Stand your ground! Let the teachers deal with it. 💪"

texangal91 | texangal91

NTA for refusing to tutor after student mocked your grief. 👏

razzlemcwazzle | razzlemcwazzle

"NTA. You have every right to choose who you tutor. 👏"

Obvious_Ad_8068 | Obvious_Ad_8068

Seventh graders: the red headed stepchildren of all the grades 🤣

redraybans123 | redraybans123

NTA. Justified refusal to tutor a bully. Stand your ground! 💪

actuallywaffles | actuallywaffles

NTA: Refusing to tutor a disrespectful student. Justified and necessary! 🙌

rapt2right | rapt2right

NTA. Mocking someone's grief is rude and disrespectful. Unacceptable behavior. 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Teaching a lesson to both child and parents 🙃

jadey_wadeyyy | jadey_wadeyyy

NTA. Kid learned behavior from entitled parents. 🤔

hlg1985 | hlg1985

NTA- Stand your ground against entitled parents. You handled it wonderfully 👏

Necessary_Object1728 | Necessary_Object1728

NTA. Leaving the child unsupervised for an hour was justified 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Teaching a lesson to entitled students and negligent parents. 💪

DatguyMalcolm | DatguyMalcolm

Abandoned daughter, but *you're* the one who might get in trouble? NTA and lol 🤣

LoremEpsomSalt | LoremEpsomSalt

NTA for setting boundaries after student mocked teacher's grief. 😡

plutoforprez | plutoforprez

Surprising stories of parents leaving kids alone, shared on Reddit

Me__Again | Me__Again

Teacher sets boundaries with entitled parents, receives overwhelming support. 💯

Tigchouffe | Tigchouffe

Empathy and support for the commenter's loss. ❤️

ceruveal_brooks | ceruveal_brooks

Parent accuses teacher's aid of deliberate setup for revenge. 🤔

brendanl1998 | brendanl1998

Commenter suggests calling the police for alleged child abandonment 🚨

JennaLS | JennaLS

Teacher's refusal to tutor student sparks debate on reporting abuse

Standard-Reception90 | Standard-Reception90

NTA - Not the a**hole. Let's hear their side of the story! 🤔

alba1406 | alba1406

NTA, legally justified. Child endangerment case wouldn't hold up in court. 💪

Vivid-Masterpiece-29 | Vivid-Masterpiece-29

NTA: Abandoned child on doorstep, should've called cops 🚨

Reasonable_racoon | Reasonable_racoon

NTA: Spawn-dropping parents leave teacher to deal with it 😱

PrincesaNeko | PrincesaNeko

Parents furious at teacher's aid for refusing to tutor student

cmlobue | cmlobue

NTA: Teacher stands up for herself and child safety. 💪

Sufficient_Cat | Sufficient_Cat

NTA stands up for themselves against entitled parents. 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA refuses to tutor student, should have called CPS. 👏

Tiny_highness | Tiny_highness

Child at your house? Call the cops! 🚨

Professional_Drink66 | Professional_Drink66

NTA: Teacher enforces rules, parent tries to force tutoring. 🙄

lejosdecasa | lejosdecasa

Teaching consequences: NTA refuses tutoring, parents threaten police. 😂

Zakuro_Nakishai | Zakuro_Nakishai

NTA refuses tutoring, threatens to call cops on entitled parents. 😈

angie5460 | angie5460

NTA. Stand your ground and protect your boundaries. 💪🏼

bmdhafla | bmdhafla

Parental negligence and a justified refusal to tutor. 😒

KaizoDravec | KaizoDravec

NTA: Teaching boundaries to entitled kids. 👏

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

NTA for refusing to tutor and leaving child unattended. 😜

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother's negligence leads to child abandonment. Who's at fault? 😩

bienie2019 | bienie2019

Confusion over tutoring request, seems unnecessary to force specific teacher

GeneralDismal6410 | GeneralDismal6410

NTA, but calling the police might have been a better solution 🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Justified refusal to tutor entitled student abandoned by parents. 🤔

Knitiotsavant | Knitiotsavant

NTA: Abandoned by family, tutor stands up for herself. 👏

SnooRadishes5305 | SnooRadishes5305

Justified refusal to tutor student who mocked teacher's grief. 🤔

Emergency_Act2960 | Emergency_Act2960

NTA refuses to tutor student who mocked her grief. Justified? 🤔

voluntold9276 | voluntold9276

NTA. They put their child in danger, not you. 😱

Keirathyl | Keirathyl

Parents bring entitled child after being told not to. NTA!

Algebralovr | Algebralovr

Defending the teacher's decision: justified or overboard? 💔

Mia2311 | Mia2311

NTA - Teacher's justified refusal to tutor disrespectful student. 🤔

rubberman5959 | rubberman5959

NTA: Abandoned student's parents try to manipulate you into tutoring. Outrageous! 😱

UnderstandingAway302 | UnderstandingAway302

NTA: Door cam catches tutor's revenge on disrespectful student. 👀

sharri70 | sharri70

Mother abandons child after tutor stops tutoring. NTA. 😱

Bluejay19876 | Bluejay19876

NTA stands up for herself after disrespectful student's actions. 🤔

SnooChickens5652 | SnooChickens5652

NTA. CPS should be called when parents abandon their child. 👏

_PrincessOats | _PrincessOats

Parent's decision backfires: child left in hostile environment. 😱

itsjustaswede | itsjustaswede

NTA: Stand up against harassment! Get support from parents and Rabbi. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Parents endangering child by forcing tutoring. 😱

illuminatalie420 | illuminatalie420

Standing up against dirt bags and protecting yourself. NTA 🤔

WelshWickedWitch | WelshWickedWitch

NTA. Parents let their kid be a little s**t. 😠

CompetitiveStick6239 | CompetitiveStick6239

NTA. Firm boundaries set, parents should be held accountable. 👏

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

NTA stands up against entitled parents. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA - No obligations to tutor, report parents to CPS 🤔

BrooklynKnight | BrooklynKnight

Standing up to abuse from a child. NTA! 👏

LeluWater | LeluWater

Parent's negligence and entitlement leads to justified boundary-setting. 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA wants to call CPS on someone trying to weaponize the system. 👏

joshthatoneguy | joshthatoneguy

NTA. Kid needs to learn actions have consequences. Parents overreacting. 🙄

Revolutionary-Yak-47 | Revolutionary-Yak-47

NTA for not contacting police, school should fire them. 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

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