Egg-cellent Drama: Roommate's Allergy Sparks Unexpected Quarrel 🍳😲

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Ever had a roommate disagreement that spiraled out of control? This story of a young woman (23F) and her roommate (22F) takes the cake...or should we say, the tortilla española? 🍳 Living together for three years, they managed to navigate the roommate's severe egg allergy without any major incidents. That is, until one fateful Christmas when a nostalgic dish led to an explosive argument and potential eviction. 😱

The Allergy Agreement 📝

tortillaespanolluver | tortillaespanolluver

Lockdown Leads to Tension 😷

tortillaespanolluver | tortillaespanolluver

The Egg Incident 🍳

tortillaespanolluver | tortillaespanolluver

Flight Cancellation Fallout ✈️🚫

tortillaespanolluver | tortillaespanolluver

The Aftermath 🌪️

tortillaespanolluver | tortillaespanolluver

The Dilemma 🤔

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The Update 🔄

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The Egg-streme Roommate Crisis: A Summary 🍳🔥

Our protagonist found herself in hot water after cooking a traditional Spanish dish, tortilla española, in their shared apartment while her roommate, who has a severe egg allergy, was supposed to be away. But when a cancelled flight brought the roommate back home early, she walked into a potential allergen nightmare. Accusations flew, Facebook messages were sent, and now the roommate is considering moving out. The egg-cooking roommate is left pondering her options, questioning the boundaries set in their home, and considering whether to apologize and offer reparations to keep the peace. 😓

NTA. Enjoyed dinner but had to throw leftovers out :( 🍽️

Allaboutbird | Allaboutbird

NTA. Let her move out and find another roommate. 👫

Finn-Illusion | Finn-Illusion

NTA. Roommate's allergy sparks egg-cellent drama. Lack of communication escalates.


Roommate's severe allergy sparks food sabotage, retaliation, and unexpected drama 😱

DinoKat1416 | DinoKat1416

NTA - Roommate overreacts to harmless egg-eating, find new place 😲

Irate_Caterpillar | Irate_Caterpillar

Living with allergies: NTA roommate handles it like a pro 💪

brunettebedhead2000 | brunettebedhead2000

Miscommunication and stress lead to a tense roommate situation 😲

VividEfficiency7347 | VividEfficiency7347

Roommate's fear and lack of communication makes her the a**hole 😡

HeleneHimeko | HeleneHimeko

NTA. Roommate's allergy causes drama, but you're not at fault 😲

SatisfactionNo1753 | SatisfactionNo1753

Roommate's severe allergy sparks debate on living arrangements 🤔

SCWickedHam | SCWickedHam

NTA. Allergies causing roommate drama. Find new living arrangement. 😲

landorca3 | landorca3

NTA. Roommate overreacts, accuses of attempted murder, sends angry messages. 🙄

Sweet_Cantaloupe_288 | Sweet_Cantaloupe_288

Roommate's allergy drama: let her move out, you're NTA 😲

IllustratorNew8801 | IllustratorNew8801

"NTA. Find a roommate who won't die due to anxiety-omelette combo"

gingiberiblue | gingiberiblue

Roommate's egg allergy causes drama. Is she overreacting? 🥚

joycecarolgoats | joycecarolgoats

🥚 Allergy Drama: Hospital Visit, Airborne Allergens, Separate Cooking, Pans

withered_love | withered_love

Stand your ground and set boundaries, you're not responsible 🙅‍♂️

dirtbyrd | dirtbyrd

Finding a new roommate might be the best egg-scape plan 😲


Allergy drama sparks roommate tension, time for a heart-to-heart conversation 😲

tortillaespanolluver | tortillaespanolluver

Roommate's allergy sparks unexpected quarrel. NTA, get your own place 🍳😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA with shellfish allergies, roommate refuses communication. Cut ties! 🚫

Crafty-Emotion4230 | Crafty-Emotion4230

Roommate's egg allergy sparks drama, NTA stands their ground. 🤷‍♀️

JillyanJigs | JillyanJigs

Allergy drama: Overreacting roommate sparks heated conflict. NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's allergy sparks verbal abuse. NTA, she's a loose cannon. 😲

Crys876 | Crys876

NTA! Roommate's allergy causes unexpected quarrel. OP tried their best 👍

Bea_Sweet | Bea_Sweet

Clearing the air: Miscommunication about cooking eggs causes roommate quarrel

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Roommate's allergy sparks unexpected quarrel 🍳😲

Realsizelady | Realsizelady

NTA. Debunking egg allergy myth. Therapy needed for phobia. 🤷‍♀️

Katy_moxie | Katy_moxie

Find a new roommate? 🤔

jasemina8487 | jasemina8487

"NTA, she needs to live alone or with vegans." 😅

Ratchel1916 | Ratchel1916

NTA: Roommate overreacted due to stress, needs to apologize. 😲

w11f1ow3r | w11f1ow3r

Allergy scare sparks fear and anger, but no a**holes here 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Let her move if she wants and finally relax 😌

StoreAccurate | StoreAccurate

NTA. They overreacted. Drama unfolds over roommate's allergy 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate drama: Allergy sparks unexpected quarrel. Should they live alone?

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Allergies can be tough, but she needs to compromise. 🙏

surfaholic15 | surfaholic15

NTA. Roommate left for airport, not your fault. Unfair stress.

eeksie-peeksie | eeksie-peeksie

NAH, food allergies can really cause unexpected conflicts 😲

MegWithSocks | MegWithSocks

"NTA. Roommate's allergy sparks unexpected quarrel. Find a new roommate."


Heartfelt comment about the challenges of living with allergies 💞

Grumpygeese4 | Grumpygeese4

Nightmare roommate? NTA! 😈

Nowork_morestitching | Nowork_morestitching

Walking on eggshells with allergic roommate sparks unexpected quarrel

pookguyinc | pookguyinc

NTA. Apologize, but no need for reparations. Good luck finding roommates! 😊

xpotential31 | xpotential31

Stand your ground! You pay rent, you have kitchen rights. NTA

boxedfoxes | boxedfoxes

Allergy drama resolved with good hygiene practices. No a**holes here! ✨

magicalme79 | magicalme79

Allergic roommate sparks drama. NTA. Let her find new place. 😲

Acidicfritch | Acidicfritch

Manage your allergies and live alone 🙌

PwnThePawns | PwnThePawns

NTA, roommate's allergy sparks unreasonable quarrel. Manipulative behavior crossed line.

Appropriate-Eye-991 | Appropriate-Eye-991

Respectful disagreement over roommate's allergy sparks drama and relocation.

BlueClouds42 | BlueClouds42

NTA, innocent misunderstanding. She overreacted. Apologize with nostalgia and food.

Objective_Oil_7934 | Objective_Oil_7934

Medical issues shouldn't burden others. Not the a**hole. 🚩

HarlequinMadness | HarlequinMadness

🥚 Allergy drama: Is she lying? Are eggs really that serious? NTA

enjoyingtheposts | enjoyingtheposts

Roommate's severe allergy causes emotional reaction, but miscommunication escalates situation.

Quirky_Number4460 | Quirky_Number4460

Confusion over temperature units sparks a chilly conversation 🤷‍♂️

TicsDaily | TicsDaily

Allergic roommate drama: NTA for being considerate and safe 😲

Tomonses | Tomonses

NTA: Honest misunderstanding, but also potential for hot crazy stuff 😏

CalmFront7908 | CalmFront7908

Accidental allergy mishap leads to roommate drama. NTA! 🍳

Tough_Stretch | Tough_Stretch

NTA. Stand up for yourself and consider finding a new place 🙌

Sad-Notice-309 | Sad-Notice-309

NTA: No drama, just a peaceful resolution. 👏

AL_Starr | AL_Starr

No need to walk on eggshells at home! NTA 👏

abbe_normal_ | abbe_normal_

Being considerate about food allergies, but home should feel safe 🙏

MahdiFarGai | MahdiFarGai

Curious about the roommates and how the allergy escalated 🤔

tekwayyuhself | tekwayyuhself

Roommate's allergy drama: NTA, let her go and find better!

Ihateyou1975 | Ihateyou1975

Roommate's egg allergy sparks drama. NTA sounds controlling 😲

likecommentsurvive | likecommentsurvive

Find a new roommate who won't make you sneeze! 😉

brilliant-soul | brilliant-soul

NTA, find a roommate more compatible with your lifestyle. 🙌

DrSueuss | DrSueuss

Roommate's allergy causes drama and entitlement issues. 🤯

Impressive_Drawer_25 | Impressive_Drawer_25

Allergies can be deadly, but roommate's absence caused unexpected conflict 😱

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