Cousin's Shocking Weight Loss Sparks Family Pizza Drama 🍕😱

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Family gatherings can be a melting pot of joy, laughter, and sometimes, unexpected drama. This was precisely the case at one grandma's 80th birthday celebration, where a seemingly innocent pizza party took a turn for the intense. When a young man noticed his cousin's drastic weight loss, he couldn't help but voice his concern. But was he in the right, or did he cross a line? Let's dive into this saucy tale of familial conflict and pizza. 🍕🎉👀

A Grand Celebration 🎉

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Pizza for Everyone! 🍕

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The Arrival of the Relatives 🏡

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A Noticeable Change 😲

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The Pizza Party Begins 🍕🎉

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Concerns Begin to Surface 😟

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A Slice of Advice 🍕💡

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The Debate Heats Up 🔥

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Family Backs the Concern 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

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The Calorie Count Argument 🍕🔢

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Marika Fights Back 😡

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A Mother's Assurance 👩‍👧

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The Aftermath 😶

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A Slice of Drama: Family, Pizza, and a Weighty Disagreement 🍕💔

In the midst of a joyous family celebration, a young man's concern for his cousin's drastic weight loss led to a heated debate over a slice of pizza. Marika, the cousin in question, insisted she wasn't hungry and became increasingly frustrated with the pressure to eat. Despite the young man's good intentions, the situation escalated, leaving Marika feeling annoyed and misunderstood. Her mother intervened, expressing gratitude for the concern but assuring everyone that Marika could handle herself. The party went on, but the pizza drama left a lingering taste. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍕👥💭

"YTA. She needs a therapist, not harassment at family gathering."

disregardable | disregardable

"YTA. Badgering her about eating disorder at gathering = lose-lose 😱"

ten_before_six | ten_before_six

"YTA. Talking about her weight is insensitive and judgmental. 😱"

MyMumSaidICantGo | MyMumSaidICantGo

Insensitive comment sparks heated debate about weight and gatherings

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA mishandled the situation, harassed cousin, and didn't confront mother. 😱

MotherOfSnow | MotherOfSnow

"No social distancing?" - A valid concern during family pizza drama 😱

eregina3 | eregina3

"YTA it doesn't matter if it came from a place of concern or not, what you did was unacceptable." 💔

sufficientmilk | sufficientmilk

Concerned family member's insensitive comments about cousin's weight. YTA 😱


YTA gets called out for body-shaming. 😱

Dszquphsbnt | Dszquphsbnt

YTA for confronting Marika about her weight in a public setting 😬

creativityclam | creativityclam

Insensitive comments about cousin's weight loss, triggered possible eating disorder

newaxcounr | newaxcounr

OP gets called out for insensitive approach to eating disorder

Peculiar_Owl | Peculiar_Owl

🤔🍕 Family gathering during pandemic sparks heated debate. 🤷‍♂️

IllustriousComplex6 | IllustriousComplex6

Insensitive pestering about pizza won't help someone with an eating disorder. YTA.

wobblebase | wobblebase

"YTA. You couldn't have handled it worse." 😡

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

🍕🙅 YTA for not being supportive of her health journey

Cyberzombi | Cyberzombi

Family feuds over weight loss and quarantine. 🍕😱

Gregorfunkenb | Gregorfunkenb

YTA - Approach with care, don't make it about winning her over 🙏

Feestje94 | Feestje94

"YTA. Don't judge her weight loss. It's not your business! 😱"

Terpsichorean_Wombat | Terpsichorean_Wombat

"YTA. Lecturing someone on what they 'should' do doesn't help. 😱"

hannahsflora | hannahsflora

YTA. Don't sexualize your cousin. Publicly embarrassed her. Not cool. 😱

BumDragon | BumDragon

YTA for the food issue and inappropriate boob comment 😑

LiahRain | LiahRain

"YTA. Pressure on someone with eating disorder makes habits worse."

ur-humble-overlord | ur-humble-overlord

YTA accused of meddling in cousin's weight loss journey 😱

RealSteveIrwin | RealSteveIrwin

Offered pizza, declined. YTA made her uncomfortable. Time and place.


Judgment and health concerns fuel family drama during pandemic 😱

ejmci | ejmci

Pressure and pizza drama: YTA comment sparks controversy 🍕

banjotwenf | banjotwenf

Bullying someone with a possible eating disorder? YTA. 😱

WeirdCrazyCatLady | WeirdCrazyCatLady

YTA sparks heated debate. Drama unfolds over shocking weight loss 😱

CryingINwilderness | CryingINwilderness

Insensitive comment about eating disorders and social distancing

the-youngishman- | the-youngishman-

Insensitive comment sparks heated debate about body shaming 😱

Lady_Oskre | Lady_Oskre

"YTA. You need to educate yourself on eating disorders 📚"

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

YTA implies anorexia diagnosis, apologize for jumping in. 😱

awkwardly_competent | awkwardly_competent

YTA. Publicly shaming someone with an eating disorder is cruel 😢

annabananafin | annabananafin

YTA for power tripping. What was your end game? 🍕

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for partying during a pandemic and shaming your cousin 😱

OblinaDontPlay | OblinaDontPlay

Supportive communication is key. Be patient and show unconditional love ❤️

FiveTwoThreeSixOne | FiveTwoThreeSixOne

"YTA. Approach with empathy, not judgment. Talk privately, listen, support. 👥"

bale_jasmine | bale_jasmine

YTA. Don't judge her based on her appearance. Mind your business 🙅

BlackWaygook | BlackWaygook

YTA - Insensitive comment about cousin's weight loss sparks backlash 😱

Married_iguanas | Married_iguanas

"YTA. You have no idea what's going on with her. 😱"

supermeg77 | supermeg77

Pandemic pizza drama: Y'all are a**holes for gathering together! 🤮

baconsword420 | baconsword420

YTA for gathering during a pandemic, endangering vulnerable grandma 😱

ringdings_n_pepsi | ringdings_n_pepsi

Commenter accuses others of being a**holes 🤬

RudeJuggernaut | RudeJuggernaut

YTA- Your insensitive comment worsened her eating disorder struggle 😢

AP7497 | AP7497

Family's hurtful comments on weight spark cousin's eating disorder

MissJune_Bug | MissJune_Bug

Insensitive comments about cousin's weight loss, lacking empathy and knowledge. 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Insensitive pizza intervention worsens eating disorder. YTA 😱

eelhugs | eelhugs

Offering pizza repeatedly made you the a**hole 👎

BritBerry | BritBerry

YTA for obvious reasons.. 🤦‍♂️ Did you break social distancing guidelines too? 🤔

PeriATP | PeriATP

"Possibly anorexic" comment sparks armchair psychologist debate. YTA vs NAH.

kajzni | kajzni

🌍 YTA for risking lives with a pandemic family gathering.

HiImDavid | HiImDavid

Forcing food on someone with an eating disorder? YTA 100% 😱

shonamairead | shonamairead

Intrusive comments about eating? YTA. Privacy is important. 🙅

silver101234 | silver101234

Family gathering during pandemic sparks ESH drama 🤬

SoChaGeo | SoChaGeo

YTA for shaming her eating habits and reinforcing negative body image

bethfromHR | bethfromHR

Insensitive comments about cousin's weight loss, lacking empathy 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA, there's more to weight loss than just appetite. Mind ya business 😱

sipyourmilk | sipyourmilk

YTA for being pushy and judgmental about someone's weight loss 😱

Im_Probably_Crazy | Im_Probably_Crazy

Insensitive comments about weight loss, let her be! 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA! Party during 'rona season? Trying to off Grandma? 😱

zortlord | zortlord

YTA for ruining the family gathering 😒

BirdEyrir | BirdEyrir

"YTA. Don't poke at someone struggling with an eating disorder. 😱"

captainbeatrice | captainbeatrice

Misogyny and family drama at a shocking weight loss party 😱

AoiSky23 | AoiSky23

Pressuring someone to eat can have serious negative consequences 😔

dumbytchenergy98 | dumbytchenergy98

🤬 YTA comment sparks heated debate in pizza drama section

eniretakia | eniretakia

YTA- Don't force someone to eat. Considered her feelings 😑

Bunnawhat13 | Bunnawhat13

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