Love, Food and Drama: How a Chef Stirred Up a Relationship 🍲💔

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Meet our two lovebirds, let's call them 'Sporty Spice' (F24) and 'Culinary Queen' (F32). They've been nesting together for two years, but things aren't all rosy. Sporty Spice doesn't get along with Culinary Queen's family, and a recent family wedding led to a food feud that's left their relationship on the back burner. 🍲💔

The Family Feud 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Smoke Signals 🚬

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The Wedding Woes 👰🤵

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The Food Fight 🍲

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The Chef Checkmate 👩‍🍳

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The Culinary Conundrum 🍽️

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A Recipe for Disaster? 🥘💥

So here we are, in the aftermath of a culinary clash that's left our lovebirds in a standoff. Sporty Spice, refusing to back down, has hired a full-time chef to cater to her nutritional needs. Culinary Queen, on the other hand, is left simmering in her own juices, feeling her joy of cooking for her partner has been snatched away. And while her friends think Sporty Spice may have overreacted, she's standing her ground. The kitchen, it seems, is the new battlefield. Let's see what the internet thinks of this spicy situation... 🌶️💬

ESH. Commenters find the couple insufferable and incompatible 😳

QueenGuinevereKitten | QueenGuinevereKitten

Toxic relationship with drama and emotional blackmail. 😳 ESH

JPAzS71121 | JPAzS71121

"YTA for acting like a child. ESH for their immaturity." 🙄

YouAreAlwaysTheAH | YouAreAlwaysTheAH

ESH. An insufferable couple with family drama. 🙄

RiverSong_777 | RiverSong_777

Emotional blackmail, hunger strikes, and wedding drama. YTA for sure.

MimikyuGengar | MimikyuGengar

YTA for punishing her and not compromising. Do you even like her? 💔

Cannastasia | Cannastasia

A toxic relationship filled with spiteful actions. 😠

Kari-kateora | Kari-kateora

Rich people stirring up drama and snobbery. YTA for sure 😑

borisslovechild | borisslovechild

GF cooks, OP hires chef, little consideration for her feelings 😔

chandoni | chandoni

Engaging comment and replies about hiring a chef out of revenge 👇

learning_moose | learning_moose

YTA, learn to cook! Don't be petty about your girlfriend's food 😞

Accurate-Ad-4905 | Accurate-Ad-4905

YTA for not attending the wedding, but her family too? 😬

Responsible-Deer-940 | Responsible-Deer-940

Love and drama in the kitchen! A**hole chef meets exhausting couple 😳

Inevitable-Slice-263 | Inevitable-Slice-263

Cooking skills at 24? YTA, but ESH for a disastrous evening!

Don_Happy | Don_Happy

A fiery comment ignites the drama in this comment section 💥

wherehadhegone | wherehadhegone

One-sided relationship drama: Major AH vs. offended partner. YTA 🙄

Sweet-Salt-1630 | Sweet-Salt-1630

Commenter empathizes with OP's exhausting relationship, suggests counseling or breakup.

NIN_NiceIsNeat | NIN_NiceIsNeat

Toxic relationship with family drama and lack of respect. 🙄

no_rxn | no_rxn

Cooking drama: Be an adult and learn to cook 👨🏻‍🍳

DoveSkadi | DoveSkadi

Is the chef's girlfriend causing some culinary chaos? 🤔

librician | librician

Causing upset, giving false hope, and playing with emotions. YTA 😡

Illustrious_Hat_9177 | Illustrious_Hat_9177

The burdens of the rich. Drama and sighs. ESH.

Interesting-Yak9639 | Interesting-Yak9639

NTA - Hiring a chef to resolve cooking conflict 👨‍🍳

Doideservelove | Doideservelove

Is their relationship on the rocks? 😬

jjj68548 | jjj68548

YTA. Learn to cook! Is your relationship on the rocks? 🤷‍♂️

happybanana134 | happybanana134

Fiery exchange: Two a**holes clash in a childish argument 👊

SteveGoral | SteveGoral

A rocky relationship with an impending breakup. Drama guaranteed! 😱

Thelmara | Thelmara

Immature couple sparks drama, but is age really the issue?

Sodonewithidiots | Sodonewithidiots

Controlling attitude? 🤔 YTA for being a kitchen dictator!

Dresden_Mouse | Dresden_Mouse

Terrible for each other, but maybe they'll stay together? 💔

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

YTA - Halt the gene pool! 🧬🚫 Let science prevail! 🌈🔬

Pisocki68 | Pisocki68

YTA: Learn the benefits of communication, cooperation, and compromise 👍

unlovelyladybartleby | unlovelyladybartleby

Cooking skills: a**hole commenter wants everyone to be self-sufficient

Left-Salamander1276 | Left-Salamander1276

NTA- Stand your ground! 🙌🔥 But be careful about consequences. 😬

xsamis | xsamis

YTA - Hiring a chef and ignoring your partner's needs 😑

sandtigeress | sandtigeress

Petty chef refuses to forgive girlfriend's non-apology 🙄

Churchie-Baby | Churchie-Baby

Fiery comment sparks gender debate. YTA vs Woman* argument.

DuncanGDA666 | DuncanGDA666

Cooking for love shouldn't mean enduring constant family abuse. NTA!

Educational-Dog-3431 | Educational-Dog-3431

YTA for not appreciating her cooking while she's away 🙅

Internal_Progress404 | Internal_Progress404

First world problems? Drama in the kitchen! 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Problem solved with a chef. Classic FAFO. 👨‍🍳

[deleted] | [deleted]

🔥 Helping girlfriend quit smoking saves her life, chef brings benefits


🍝 ESH and the art of weaponizing dinner. Learn to cook!

[deleted] | [deleted]

A relationship recipe: drama, overreactions, and a sprinkle of love 🍲💔

BogBabe | BogBabe

A spicy comment section with AHs stirring up drama! 🤪

miflordelicata | miflordelicata

A match made in hell 🔥🔥

Delilahpixierose21 | Delilahpixierose21

"ESH. Relationship prevents more misery. Love, food, and drama 🍲💔"

Captain_Birdseye87 | Captain_Birdseye87

"You thought she was doing you a favor? YTA! 😑"

Doraylia | Doraylia

Everyone sucks here. Drama in the kitchen! 🍲💔

laravitoriagabriela | laravitoriagabriela

Insufferable drama between two people 🙄

Kaila82 | Kaila82

Immature argument, time to grow up! 🙄 ESH

Mlnlmage | Mlnlmage

🔥 Emotional blackmailing, family drama, and a doomed relationship.

[deleted] | [deleted]

A fiery food feud: Who's the real a**hole in this relationship?

Jveal81 | Jveal81

You're the a**hole! Drama unfolds in the kitchen 🍲💔

Confident_Tip6122 | Confident_Tip6122

"YTA for skipping the wedding. Sometimes you gotta suck it up 🙄"

Ill_Storm_6655 | Ill_Storm_6655

A miserable YTA stirring up love and drama 💔

Ordinaryflyaway | Ordinaryflyaway

🍽️ Learn to cook and clean up! It's basic hygiene, people!

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA. Stirred up drama with awful behavior 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cooking drama! ESH, but also, learn basic life skills 👩🏻‍🍳

Choochootrain2467 | Choochootrain2467

"YTA" - Stirring up drama in the kitchen 🍲💔

Quiet-Tea-6375 | Quiet-Tea-6375

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