Birthday Boy's Bar Brawl: A Tale of Drunken Drama and Flower Pot Foul Play 🍻🌼

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We've all had those nights where we've maybe had one too many and ended up being the life of the party, right? Well, not all parties have happy endings. Enter our hero, the lone bartender, and our antagonist, Tim, the birthday boy who took his celebrations a tad too far. This tale of a night filled with drinks, drama, and a dash of disrespect will have you questioning who was really in the wrong. 🍻🎂

Setting the Stage 🍺

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Enter the Birthday Boy 🎂

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A Twist in the Tale 🌀

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The Plot Thickens 🍻

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A Battle of Wills 💥

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The Tipping Point ⚖️

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The Showdown 🥊

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The Ultimatum 💣

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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Friend or Foe? 👥

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The Exit 🚪

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A Nasty Surprise 🌼

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The Final Confrontation 🗣️

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The Moral Dilemma 🧭

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The Unanswered Question ❓

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A Night to Remember or Regret? The Barman's Dilemma 🍺🎂

In a night filled with birthday cheers, shots, and a surprising dash of drama, our lone bartender found himself at odds with the birthday boy, Tim. As Tim's antics escalated, so did the bartender's patience, leading to a fiery showdown. But when the dust settled, the question remained - was the bartender at fault for losing his cool, or was Tim's disrespect simply too much to swallow? And what about the unexpected twist involving flower pots? Let's see what the world thinks of this intoxicating tale. 🌍💭

NTA. Tim and John are both the AH. Bartender's perspective.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA defends against gendered slur, John's irrelevant to the situation 🚩

Nobody7102 | Nobody7102

"NTA I definitely think you need a bouncer. Especially if you're open so late. But you handled it fine. No one deserves to receive any abuse while they're working. The other guy has copped worse? So what? That wasn't okay in his scenario either. 'Some people have it worse' isn't an excuse for anything. It's just a way for people to try down play their shittiness or to belittle other people's problems. Good on you for standing your ground. I hope your regulars see it your way too. I'm sure they would appreciate you keeping out rude customers that likely would ruin their enjoyment of the night."

Faelinor | Faelinor

"NTA. 86 this guy for life," says career bartender. 🍻🌼

OaktownPirate | OaktownPirate

👊 NTA! Dealing with a drunk jerk, bounce him out!

xpotential31 | xpotential31

NTA. 18 years in the industry, you handled it perfectly! 👏

el_gilliath | el_gilliath

NTA, stick to your guns and boot out disrespectful drunks! 👏

apxlcm | apxlcm

Standing up to entitled partygoers on your birthday 🎉

I_am_the_Storm77 | I_am_the_Storm77

NTA: Waitress harassment is not cool. Apology needed from both.

pukui7 | pukui7

NTA! You showed those dudes who's boss! 🍻

EmmCeeB | EmmCeeB

Bar owner stands up to unruly customer, NTA to the moon 🍻

Comfortable-Tree2130 | Comfortable-Tree2130

NTA. Being forceful with drunk customers is necessary for safety 👍

IUsedTheRandomizer | IUsedTheRandomizer

Stand up against abuse and protect women from harassment! 💪

mousechick69 | mousechick69

Consider hiring a bouncer next time! 🙌

lizraeh | lizraeh

NTA: Customer called her a b***h, she kicked him out 💪

KittySnowpants | KittySnowpants

Stand up against disrespectful behavior and support the bartender. NTA 💯

DaniCapsFan | DaniCapsFan

NTA and a total badass 🤘

moonman_incoming | moonman_incoming

Bartender bashing: NTA comment calls out obnoxious drunks 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself in a bar brawl 🍻🌼

phemonoe153 | phemonoe153

NTA. The bouncer saves the bartender from being the bad guy 😎

centerofthehive666 | centerofthehive666

Bartender's revenge: Kicking out rude customers like a boss! 🍻

SwimmingCoyote | SwimmingCoyote

No authority, no problem! NTA stands their ground against unruly customers.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself! Don't let them disrespect you. 💪

River_Song47 | River_Song47

Rejected guys at bar target assertive woman, but she prevails! 👏

Bigtx999 | Bigtx999

NTA. Ban 'em! 🚨

JennaLS | JennaLS

NTA: Birthdays don't excuse creepy behavior. Tim, you're not special 🙄

DiTrastevere | DiTrastevere

No justification for swearing and disrespecting others. Be respectful! 🙏

Jinzky | Jinzky

Standing up to disrespect, NTA! 💪

knightfrog1248 | knightfrog1248

NTA. Ban them. 🚨

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

👍 NTA. You stood up against drunk AHs. Good job!

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Standing up to a bar brawl and creepy birthday boys 🍻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Birthday boy learns birthday doesn't mean no consequences 🤮

random_individual_1 | random_individual_1

Birthday boy gets called out for his bad behavior 😒

Dingleton-Berryman | Dingleton-Berryman

🍻 NTA - Overreacted to AHs trying to get girls drunk.

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

Stand up for yourself! NTA 🙌

Aggressive_Pass845 | Aggressive_Pass845

Standing up against abusive behavior: NTA for taking a stand!

YesterdaySalt9464 | YesterdaySalt9464

NTA. Standing up for yourself and shutting down toxic behavior 💯

MaxSpringPuma | MaxSpringPuma

🚫 NTA: Ban this troublemaker from ever coming back! 🚫

Blackstar1401 | Blackstar1401

Bartender stands their ground against drunk and aggressive customer 🍻

JuniperusRex | JuniperusRex

Bartender sister doesn't take sh*t, NTA for kicking out rowdy customers! 🍻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ban them for life? NTA takes a stand! 🙌

Express_Anything_279 | Express_Anything_279

👀 A bar brawl, flower pots, and gender dynamics. Drama unfolds!

Tuesday_TauRus_Child | Tuesday_TauRus_Child

Bar owner takes charge, kicks out unruly customer. Justice served! 🍻


Bartender battles drunk jerks, stands up for their dignity! 🍻

caitiejbb | caitiejbb

Tim gets called out as an a**hole 🤪

East-Translator8293 | East-Translator8293

Cutting off unruly customers: a wild night at the bar! 🍻

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Empowered girls handling bar drama better than rude customers 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: A customer appreciates the bar's exceptional customer service 👏

CinderellaRidvan | CinderellaRidvan

NTA. Birthdays don't excuse bad behavior. No free pass here! 🙄

deadest_of_parrots | deadest_of_parrots

NTA, but time to hire a bouncer? 🙌

Ocean_Spice | Ocean_Spice

NTA: Ban them both! 🚨

Wang_Tsung | Wang_Tsung

NTA! Standing up to a creepy customer and defending yourself 💯

tattedsprite | tattedsprite

👏 Standing up against abuse: YA-*SO*-NTA

CanadianJediCouncil | CanadianJediCouncil

Bartenders: The Almighty Gatekeepers of Booze 🍻🌼

IsisArtemii | IsisArtemii

Former bartender shares wild stories of tossing unruly customers. NTA!

ChristieMasters | ChristieMasters

Waitress gets revenge on unruly customer, justice served 🍻

imjusttrynahike | imjusttrynahike

Serving an a**hole too much alcohol: Recipe for disaster 🍻

Braneasley | Braneasley

Not the a**hole - drama and flower pot foul play 🍻

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Not the a**hole. Tell us more about the flower pot!

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Not the a-hole. Tell us more about this drama!

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

🍻 NTA. Bar drama in Germany: police called, foot banned!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Comment removed due to rule violation. Stay civil, folks! 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: They'll be back. They always come back. 🙇

Yellowsunflowerlover | Yellowsunflowerlover

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