Sisterly Love or ATM Machine? The Wedding Dress Dilemma That's Tearing a Family Apart! 👰💸

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Weddings: a time for love, joy, and...drama? Our tale today revolves around two sisters, a wedding, and the age-old question - who gets a say in the bride's dress when someone else is footing the bill? Let's dive into this family feud that's got everyone picking sides. 💍👀

A Sister's Generous Offer 💰

sea-place2835 | sea-place2835

The Wedding Planner Sister 👰

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The Dress Shopping Dilemma 👗

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The Bride's Resistance 💔

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The Accusation 🎭

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The ATM Allegation 💸

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The Family Fallout 🌩️

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A Family Feud Over Fancy Frocks: Who's Right? 🥊👗

In a tale as old as time, two sisters find themselves at odds over the wedding dress shopping experience. The younger sister, who's generously footing the bill, wants to be part of the dress selection process. However, the bride-to-be prefers to shop alone, leading to accusations of treating her sister like an ATM. The drama escalates, roping in the entire family. Now, we're left wondering - who's right in this wedding dress debacle? Let's see what the internet has to say about this... 💭

"YTA: Your title proves your sister is right. 👰💸"

theassholethrowawa | theassholethrowawa

"YTA. Using money as leverage for control? That's bullying. 😡"

thirdtryisthecharm | thirdtryisthecharm

Bride wants to choose her dress alone, YTA. 💁‍♀️

Anonnymusse | Anonnymusse

"You're a bulldozer. You want things your way, and don't see that people are not happy with those choices. YTA." 💥

aphrahannah | aphrahannah

"YTA. Gifts with hidden strings are the worst." 🚩

Screamscaper | Screamscaper

"YTA. Let her choose a dress she likes within a budget." 💁‍♀️

No_Yogurtcloset_1020 | No_Yogurtcloset_1020

YTA and so is your husband. 😠 Let her have her day! 👰

Merely_Dreaming | Merely_Dreaming

Using hubby's money to control sister's wedding? YTA! 🙄

7hr0wn | 7hr0wn

YTA! It's her wedding, let her choose her dress! 🙏

PlentyHopeful263 | PlentyHopeful263

"Using money to manipulate your sister? Apologize for forced bonding!"

madelinegumbo | madelinegumbo

Sister puts boundaries on wedding dress, OP doesn't get it 🙄

Pepper-90210 | Pepper-90210

Did you set clear boundaries when offering financial assistance? 👉

Tiffany_Case | Tiffany_Case

"Sister wants to choose her own dress, but you're dismissing her."

DoIwantToKnow6417 | DoIwantToKnow6417

🔥 YTA wants control over sister's wedding dress, causing family rift.

SnooOranges9679 | SnooOranges9679

Sibling rivalry over wedding dress: YTA doesn't get a say! 🙅

Unit-00 | Unit-00

Strong personalities clash over wedding finances, causing unnecessary drama. 🙄

AlvinOwlHirt | AlvinOwlHirt

Entitlement and money create a wedding dress dilemma 👰💸

Jillian1116 | Jillian1116

Shopping ultimatum: No dress without sister's company. Bully confirmed. YTA 😡

Slight-Bar-534 | Slight-Bar-534

"YTA, It's nice that you wanted to help pay for her wedding, but it is quite a bit controlling and if there was going to be a catch to any of this you should have specified that beforehand. It is her wedding, and if she feels uncomfortable trying on dresses in front of people that should be respected." 💁‍♂️ Not that mice. All sis wants is the spotlight

Lady_RosariaM | Lady_RosariaM

YTA, your 'gift' comes with strings attached 👎 let her plan her own wedding! 👰

jdragonz | jdragonz

Uncomfortable dress shopping as a team sport. YTA. 🙅

Fancy_Avocado7497 | Fancy_Avocado7497

Bride's decision trumps all! YTA for meddling. 🙅

TheWisestofAsses | TheWisestofAsses

Commenter calls out gaslighting and moral judgments. YTA. 😱

RudeEar5 | RudeEar5

"YTA. This is your sister's day, not a do-over of your own wedding. Manipulation at its finest."

HPNerd44 | HPNerd44

Bridezilla alert! OP gets called out for bullying her sister. 👎

Knock5times | Knock5times

Petty and entitled sister ruins wedding dress shopping experience. 😠

stripedmacaron | stripedmacaron

Sibling rivalry over wedding dress shopping sparks family feud! 👰💸

endlesslies | endlesslies

Gift-giving gone wrong. YTA for not considering their wishes. 👎

OrphanageBestSeller | OrphanageBestSeller

YTA wants control over wedding, but it's not their day! 🙅

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

"YTA. Kindness without expectations is the key. 👍🏻"

Capable-Shame-8469 | Capable-Shame-8469

Pressuring sister to buy dress backfires. YTA, both of you. 🙄

StonewallBrigade21 | StonewallBrigade21

YTA, listen to her and apologize for being bossy 🚩

MissNikitaDevan | MissNikitaDevan

"YTA. It's HER wedding, not YOURS. Let her choose." 🙄

IneedBleach123 | IneedBleach123

YTA. Brace yourself for some harsh judgment! 🤔

Ellie_Reads_Romance | Ellie_Reads_Romance

Let her plan her wedding her way and listen to her.

mjsmore33 | mjsmore33

Let her have her moment! 🙌 It's her day and her dress.

eb331 | eb331

Generosity with strings attached? YTA for crossing boundaries. 🚫

noncit | noncit

"YTA. Let her choose her own dress. 👰💸"

AgentAlpo | AgentAlpo

"YTA, you're bulldozing her choices with your entitled attitude. 😠"

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA: Using your husband's money to control your sister's wedding! 😑"

MischievousShallot | MischievousShallot

Expectations of daddy's role in wedding planning and finances. 🤷‍♀️

WavesnMountains | WavesnMountains

YTA gets called out for being a selfish ATM machine! 😱

sharp-Yarn | sharp-Yarn

Let her pick her own dress! Stop being controlling! 🙏

chelsea8794 | chelsea8794

"YTA. Threatening financial support over a dress? Not cool. 🙄"

thundaga0 | thundaga0

YTA for dictating your sister's wedding dress shopping. 🙅‍♂️

BonsaiZombie | BonsaiZombie

Bullying turned manipulative? 🤔 YTA should honor original offer.

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA: Stop being a control freak and let your sister have her wedding her way! 🙄

TrayMc666 | TrayMc666

Wedding dress drama: YTA using hubby's money to control sister! 😱

KittyKatKaz | KittyKatKaz

YTA and being a 'zilla' at that! 😈 This is NOT your wedding.

Ducky818 | Ducky818

"YTA- Offering to buy the dress is a kind gift. Gifts aren't supposed to come with conditions. And its gross you're dismissing her fears about being pressured. Sooooo many brides regret their dress and feel terrible on their wedding say because they got pressured. You're being rude and controlling. If you want to help pay for the dress do so because you love your sister and want to help. Expecting anything in return is a huge AH move. You may think dress shopping is fun, but for many of us its a complete nightmare. I literally ordered a dress off Amazon to avoid it and its the perfect dress." 😡👗

Strange_Salamander33 | Strange_Salamander33

"YTA. You're being petty. It's her wedding, not yours. 🙄"

Illustrious-Shirt569 | Illustrious-Shirt569

Generous offer backfires, causing tension on sister's wedding day. 👰💸

redphoenix932 | redphoenix932

Respect her wishes! It's her special day, not yours. 🙏

80sForeva | 80sForeva

YTA - Don't blackmail your sister into going with you! 🚫

CauseStandard | CauseStandard

"YTA. You offered to pay and the only input you have is the amount you're willing to budget for it and **that's all**. You ARE gaslighting her and being rude. Just because you invited people to go dress shopping with you does not mean you are owed the same courtesy." 💁‍♂️

simpathiser | simpathiser

Pressuring someone to bond? YTA. Ignoring other issues? 🙄

Ambitious_Policy_936 | Ambitious_Policy_936

Opinions don't matter! It's her wedding, not yours! 🙄

Crazyspitz | Crazyspitz

YTA - Paying for the wedding doesn't mean you control everything! 👰💸

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

Bullying accusation: YTA for forcing your taste on her! 😱

Martha90815 | Martha90815

"Gifts with conditions? YTA! 🎁"

LadyF16 | LadyF16

Respect her wishes and support her financially. Don't be controlling. 🙏

Intrepid_Potential60 | Intrepid_Potential60

"YTA: It's not about you! Let her choose her dress! 🙄"

BigWeinerDemeanor | BigWeinerDemeanor

"YTA. You're pushy and she feels railroaded. Facts speak." 👍

Flintejae | Flintejae

"YTA. Your controlling behavior caused this. Support your sister. 🚫"

Accurate-Tell8 | Accurate-Tell8

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