Small Business Owner's Dilemma: Custom Order, No Payment, What's Next? 😲

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Ever been in a situation where you've poured your heart and soul into a project, only to be left hanging when it comes to payment? 😱 Meet our small business owner, who runs a home-based custom order business. They're caught in a sticky situation with a customer who seems to have a knack for making promises, but not keeping them! 😓 Let's delve into this intriguing tale of conflict, drama, and moral ambiguity. 🎭

The Home Business and the Usual Routine 🏠💼

anonymous2278 | anonymous2278

The Problematic Customer 🚩

anonymous2278 | anonymous2278

A Myriad of Excuses 🙄

anonymous2278 | anonymous2278

The Second Order and the Broken Promise 😤

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The Unending Excuses Continue 🔄

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The Threat of Disposal and the Begging Begins 🗑️😢

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The Principle of the Matter 💔

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The Guilt and the Dilemma 😔

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A Peek into the Business 🎨

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The Item in Question 🥤

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The Final Decision? ⏳

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Small Business Drama: The Final Verdict Awaits! ⌛

Our home-based business owner has been through quite the rollercoaster with this particular customer. From delayed payments to broken promises, the drama seems never-ending! 😓 The owner's patience is wearing thin, and they're considering disposing of the custom-made tumbler and blacklisting the customer. But guilt is holding them back. 😔 They've given the customer an ultimatum – pay up by Friday or the tumbler goes in the trash! 🗑️ Will the customer finally pay up? Or will the tumbler meet an unfortunate end? Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation... 🍿

NTA: Set a deadline, dispose of item, refuse future orders. 😲

StarStriker3 | StarStriker3

NTA. Secure payment upfront, watermark photos, blacklist unreliable clients. 👍

CozyCosey | CozyCosey

Advice from a seasoned entrepreneur: Toughen up for business success! 💪

supermouse35 | supermouse35

NTA - Set a deadline, keep records, and move on. 😲

Cosmos47 | Cosmos47

NTA, but don't waste it! Donate, sell, or make a statement 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Generous small business owner threatens to dispose of unpaid custom order 😱

Zil_of_Green_Gables | Zil_of_Green_Gables

Don't be fooled again! Blacklist her to protect your business. 😲

astralreflextion | astralreflextion

Supporting local businesses and fair payment methods. NTA 👏

WITtwit | WITtwit

NTA: Let her freak out, it's just a manipulation tactic. 😲

moonlightracer | moonlightracer

NTA - Your item at this point 👍

SubjectiveAssertive | SubjectiveAssertive

Blacklisting a non-paying customer: NTA, not worth the hassle 😲

awaysaway23 | awaysaway23

Small business owner stands up for themselves, says 'no more!'

jeffsang | jeffsang

NTA. Unpaid custom order? Rude and unprofessional. No payment, no product! 😑

BumbleBri7 | BumbleBri7

NTA: Play it cool, wait for her to reach out 😎

smooze420 | smooze420

NTA: Don't take another order unless she pays upfront 💰

Reddoraptor | Reddoraptor

NTA - Set clear protocols to protect yourself and your business. 💪

JesWithOneS33 | JesWithOneS33

NTA, sell the item to recoup costs and cut ties. 👍

CeeGeeWhy | CeeGeeWhy

NTA. Protect yourself by requiring upfront payment for custom orders. ❤️

-Babyyodasoda- | -Babyyodasoda-

NTA, but consider changing store policy to avoid future issues. 🙏

AussieBelgian | AussieBelgian

Generous NTA offers to donate product to someone less fortunate. 🙏

VTnative | VTnative

NTA, but can't sell it? Maybe try a discount sale? 🤔

addisunshine | addisunshine

Keep it for your portfolio or sell it on Etsy! 👍

mercutie-os | mercutie-os

Selling on Etsy or eBay: Secure payment before making custom orders! 💰

kristiane01 | kristiane01

Turn a potential loss into profit! 💰💡

Budget_Cartographer | Budget_Cartographer

NTA: It's yours until paid. Collect dust, request interest payment. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Small business owner stands their ground after customer's lack of communication 😲

AlwaysStayGold | AlwaysStayGold

NTA: You set a deadline, she missed it. Be kind, but firm. 🙌

Jendi2016 | Jendi2016

"NTA. Forgetful MIL leaves paid item in shop for months! 🤦‍♂️"

flashaahahaah | flashaahahaah

Stand up for your worth and put it up for sale! 💪

Agammamon | Agammamon

Always get payment up front for custom projects to avoid issues. 👍

Sybellie | Sybellie

Double the price or keep it? A tricky situation! 🤔

smokintritips | smokintritips

Small business owner handles custom order without payment. Not the a**hole.

Envy_Harr | Envy_Harr

Keep the custom order as a sample piece for your portfolio! 👍

79Freedomreader | 79Freedomreader

NTA, sell it on eBay to make some money! 💰

feneralgank1 | feneralgank1

Anxious small business owner contemplates blacklisting client for poor conduct 😲

Prettyinareallife | Prettyinareallife

Confused small business owner deals with entitled customer. 😕

PuffyPinkCow1 | PuffyPinkCow1

NTA. Turn lemons into lemonade! Sell/donate item & blacklist her. 😲

PassThePopcornPlz | PassThePopcornPlz

NTA, sell it on eBay instead of throwing it away! 💸

Scare_D_Cat | Scare_D_Cat

NTA, consider selling the item on eBay or FB marketplace 😲

Buckley92 | Buckley92

Resell it at a discount and make some money! 💰

NoirAmour | NoirAmour

Alternative markets for unsold custom items? 🤔

CreepyTale8 | CreepyTale8

Creative solution: sell custom item to someone else for discount! 👍

Many-Rest | Many-Rest

Fire flaky customers, they're toxic to your business and health 😲

greendev | greendev

NTA - Cosplay commissions: Due dates, deposits, and contract terms. 🎉

AMHousewife | AMHousewife

NTA. Explore other selling options to avoid wasting the merchandise. 😲

resjudicata8 | resjudicata8

Creative revenge plan! Break it and send her the pics! NTA 😲

jekodama | jekodama

Storage fees legality: what you need to know! 🚧

Cloudinterpreter | Cloudinterpreter

NTA: Try selling it or discounting to minimize losses. 💰

idkwhattotypehere123 | idkwhattotypehere123

NTA, sell it as a pre-made item if possible 👍

small-goblin-bastard | small-goblin-bastard

NTA and I recommend getting 50% upfront for custom orders 👍

exhauta | exhauta

NTA: Don't let her BS cost you money. Blacklist her! 👍

StrykerC13 | StrykerC13

NTA, offer it at a discount or for free before tossing! 👍

ObiWanCombover | ObiWanCombover

Set a deadline ⏰ for payment 💰 or dispose of item 🗑️

insane_contin | insane_contin

Reselling custom orders? Let's find out the details! 🤔

NYCScribbler | NYCScribbler

Set a deadline for payment and consider interest for future orders! 💰

AnIncognitoUsername | AnIncognitoUsername

Lesson learned: Get payment up front to avoid losing time and compensation. 🙌

mikenzeejai | mikenzeejai

Engaging caption: Turn the tables on non-payment with a clever sale tactic! 😲

NoeTellusom | NoeTellusom

NTA - Prepayment is key! Spread the word about slow payers. 💰

Chewiesbro | Chewiesbro

NTA. Consider donating or selling the item online. Fool me twice...

[deleted] | [deleted]

Client constantly no-shows, doesn't apologize. Time to cut ties? 😲

snackthattalksback | snackthattalksback

Maximize profit: Sell at discount, still make money! 💪

kschmit516 | kschmit516

Don't let that custom order go to waste! Get your money! 💰

melimineau | melimineau

NTA. Protect yourself with partial payment policy for new customers.

theperknert | theperknert

Empathy for struggling customer, consider payment plan to resolve situation 🙏

krystalBaltimore | krystalBaltimore

NTA, she's the one being flaky. 😍

DemonDuckOfDoom1 | DemonDuckOfDoom1

Set a time limit for pick-up to avoid unpaid custom orders 🙌

rosiefit | rosiefit

No payment, no item owed. Sell it to someone else! 💰

Opal_Blue | Opal_Blue

NTA: Blacklist her. She's not worth your time or material. 😲

bayou_boat_trash | bayou_boat_trash

NTA, sell it to someone else! 💪

ChimoEngr | ChimoEngr

NTA. Set a deadline, notify her in writing, and take action. 👍

AltruisticBox8 | AltruisticBox8

Creative solution: Sell to someone else and be NTA! 👍


NTA: Don't let impulsive buyers take advantage of your kindness. 😲

s_hinoku | s_hinoku

Offer a deadline, resell if not picked up. Get your time back! 💪

patches0208109 | patches0208109

NTA: Sell it on Ebay/Etsy to recover costs and blacklist her. 😲

FurryPrawn | FurryPrawn

Stand your ground! Secure your payment for custom orders. 💪

Korooo | Korooo

NTA suggests blacklisting and offering item to charity as alternative.

MeiMei91 | MeiMei91

Engaging caption: Small business owner deals with non-paying customer. NTA.

formerlyknownaslurk | formerlyknownaslurk

Order, pay, get: The golden rule of McDonald's principle 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Charging upfront for custom orders is the key to success! 💪

Lourdez01 | Lourdez01

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