A New Year's Eve to Remember: Watermelon Martinis, Vomit, and a Heated Debate 🍸😲

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Picture this: you're a 24-year-old woman, excitedly ringing in the New Year with your boyfriend, your plans for the evening are simple - stay in, enjoy some homemade watermelon martinis, and welcome the year ahead. But as the night progresses, your boyfriend's enthusiasm for your famous martinis takes an unexpected turn. He ends up hugging the toilet bowl, leaving you in a whirlwind of guilt, regret, and a whole lot of mess. 😱💔

A Night of Celebration Turns Sour 🎉🍸😷

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

The Aftermath: Vomit, Tears, and Accusations 🤮😭

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

A Bathroom Door Confession 🚪😢

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

Sober Reflections 🤔💔

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

Morning After: A Heart-to-Heart Talk ☕️💬

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

The Truth Revealed: It Wasn't Just the Martinis 🌿🍸

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

Apologies and Breakfast: A Happy Ending? 🍳💕

creamcheese_wonton | creamcheese_wonton

The Famous Watermelon Martini Recipe 🍸🍉

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No Secrets, No Lies: He Knew What He Was Drinking 🍸🤷‍♀️

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A Tale of New Year's Eve: Martinis, Misunderstandings, and Making Up 🍸🎉💔

Our heroine finds herself in a New Year's Eve predicament that leaves her questioning her actions. After a night of homemade martinis, her boyfriend ends up sick and accuses her of over-serving him. Despite her guilt, she reminds him that he's a grown man and a bartender, no less, who should know his limits. The morning after brings apologies, revelations, and a greasy breakfast. So, who's really to blame here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this intoxicating dilemma. 🍸🤔💬

NTA. Letting people make their own decisions can be messy 🤬

Kris82868 | Kris82868

NTA: Your bf knew about the alcohol but blamed you 🙄

Valentine-Venom | Valentine-Venom

NTA. He's responsible for his actions. Reconsider the relationship. 😲

Bob10294759 | Bob10294759

NTA. Boyfriend can't handle his drinks and blames girlfriend. 🙄

mrlesterkanopf | mrlesterkanopf

NTA. Learning your limits: hangovers vs. meeting the toilets 🍸

gdex86 | gdex86

You're not his parent, let him be a grown-up! 👍

Keziah_70 | Keziah_70

Responsibility and drinking limits: NTA for setting boundaries 🍸

IllustratorTime4879 | IllustratorTime4879

NTA. BF's drunk blame game, hopefully sobers up and apologizes.

Cosmic__Nomad | Cosmic__Nomad

Red flag: He blamed you for his drunken mistake. NTA.

purple4lien | purple4lien

Drink responsibly and know your limits! NTA 🍹🚫

DanJBarnsley | DanJBarnsley

"NTA. Flavored drinks, not forced. Empathy for OP. 😢"

YourImaginaryFried | YourImaginaryFried

NTA. Adult responsibility and alcohol limits. 👍

bee102019 | bee102019

NTA, but FYI, shots should be 1.5 oz 🤷‍♀️

Solrackai | Solrackai

NTA: Drank 6 shots, not forced, but still a wild night! 🍸

GreatScotRace | GreatScotRace

Getting blackout drunk is not an excuse for blaming others 🙄

beast_boy_1905 | beast_boy_1905

NTA. Warned him, but he lashed out. Not his mom 🙅

tonysvanstrom | tonysvanstrom

🍹🤢 This guy needs a mommy to blame for his poor decisions.

Sweet_Meat_McClure | Sweet_Meat_McClure

Responsibility and choices: chugging vs. snacking. NTA 👏

GloomyIntroduction32 | GloomyIntroduction32

24-year-old blames others for his alcohol limit, NTA

Drewherondale | Drewherondale

Bartender defends boyfriend's drinking, calls out unfair blame 👏

BipolarLollipopxo | BipolarLollipopxo

Taking responsibility: NTA, he's not a child 🙌

JWJulie | JWJulie

NTA. Don't be his mommy, he's just looking for blame.

Wonderful_Manager_31 | Wonderful_Manager_31

NTA. He's a big baby. Hangover regrets incoming. 🤷‍♀️

Ciara881 | Ciara881

NTA, dump him if he doesn't apologize. Here's the recipe 🍸

SuspiciousJuice5825 | SuspiciousJuice5825

24-year-old fails to realize alcoholic drinks contain alcohol? NTA 🍸

winter_storm | winter_storm

"Salad bowl? Dude, get a garbage can! 😷"

demonicgoddess | demonicgoddess

Bartender's responsibility? ESH. Serving 12oz in 90 mins is wrong 😬

WoozyRadish | WoozyRadish

Girlfriend defends herself, bartender boyfriend adds a twist 😅

GoddessOfMagic | GoddessOfMagic

"Famous watermelon martinis" and a sarcastic reputation precedes them. 😏

Direct_Candidate_454 | Direct_Candidate_454

Watermelon martinis, vomit, and a grown ass man's clownery 🍸😲

MaralDesa | MaralDesa

NTA. He's a grown man. Let's hear his side.

HisDudeness316 | HisDudeness316

Taking responsibility for getting drunk and blaming others? NTA! 😊

Fluid_Presence_1623 | Fluid_Presence_1623

NTA. Set boundaries and remind friends of their limits 🚫🍸

Slow-Bumblebee-8609 | Slow-Bumblebee-8609

NTA: Know your limit, avoid watermelon martinis and vomit 🍸🤮

ColdstreamCapple | ColdstreamCapple

Drunk guy gets sick after 6 martinis, NTA for calling him an idiot 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

🍹🤢 Alcohol strength, consent, and gender dynamics spark heated debate.

Advanced-Extent-420 | Advanced-Extent-420

NTA: He's a big boy, he should know when to stop 👍

Cokeycane | Cokeycane

NTA. He's an adult. Does he want you to micromanage him? 🤷‍♂️

tacodorifto | tacodorifto

NTA: He's an adult 👨‍💻

CarelessCow2599 | CarelessCow2599

NTA. Don't be afraid to cut him off! 🍸😲

cassowary32 | cassowary32

NTA: Pace yourself, drink responsibly, and have a good time 🍸

Forsakenbeets | Forsakenbeets

How many hours for 6 drinks? The ultimate party question!

daynewolf036 | daynewolf036

NTA. Girlfriend calls out immature boyfriend's drinking behavior 😲

Severe_Development96 | Severe_Development96

Engaging debate: NTA vs. reversed roles. Who's responsible? 🤔

Dazzling-State-165 | Dazzling-State-165

Dump him and find someone who can handle their own mess 👍

Aspen9999 | Aspen9999

NTA: He's 24, he can cut himself off 🙌

bisexualspikespiegel | bisexualspikespiegel

🍸 A wild night: NTA, he got himself drunk

catherinecalledbirdi | catherinecalledbirdi

NTA. Setting ground rules for a fair relationship is important.

rynnmango | rynnmango

He's grown, he can act grown. 👏

crystalfairie | crystalfairie

NTA. He's acting like a child 🚶‍♂️ Sounds like a him problem 🤷‍♂️

iampotat0o | iampotat0o

🍸 A booze-induced mess, but not the a**hole. 🙌

freakinuk | freakinuk

NTA. Let him drink, he's responsible for his own limits 👍

ReekyRumpFedRatsbane | ReekyRumpFedRatsbane

Partner supports adult's choices, not a babysitter. 👭

whichwitchwhohoots | whichwitchwhohoots

Grown adult, no excuses for not knowing his limits 🙌

Basic-Vermicelli-928 | Basic-Vermicelli-928

NTA for giving alcohol to a 24-year-old, but BF's immature 🙄

Thermitegrenade | Thermitegrenade

NTA. Hilarious night! 🍸🤢 Let him take responsibility for his choices.

loranlily | loranlily

Blaming you instead of apologizing? NTA, he's in denial 😑

Mrwaspers007 | Mrwaspers007

NTA for serving watermelon martinis, he's TA for whining and puking 🍸

Lazy_Bastard247 | Lazy_Bastard247

Let him learn from his mistakes, not your responsibility. 🙏

regus0307 | regus0307

18 shots in, responsibility and trust, but unacceptable behavior. 🍸

BakugouOffIGuess | BakugouOffIGuess

Men underestimate cocktail strength, leading to their downfall 🍸

Scottish_lullaby | Scottish_lullaby

🍹🤢 NTA. Don't let him blame you for his mistakes!

bloonfroot | bloonfroot

NTA. He's a grown ask man. 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cheers to being an adult! 🍹🎉

sillykitty_ | sillykitty_

"Blaming others for my own choices? Not a good sign"

Wissa38 | Wissa38

Lightweight Alert! 6 drinks and he puked 🍸🤮

Krraaazzy | Krraaazzy

Boyfriend's alcohol limits cause drama. Who's the real a**hole? 🍸

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Drink responsibly, adulting 101 🍸

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

Stay hydrated and avoid hangovers! 🍹💧

[deleted] | [deleted]

24 and blaming you? Not the a**hole! 😍

witchesbeslytherin | witchesbeslytherin

Not the a**hole. Let's dive into this juicy debate! 🍉

sarahlenk | sarahlenk

NTA! Share your watermelon martini recipe for a refreshing summer!

Revolutionary-Cook17 | Revolutionary-Cook17

NTA. Blaming others for behavior? Grow up! 🍸

costello77 | costello77

Adult gets drunk on watermelon martinis, sparks heated debate 🍸

Decou | Decou

"NTA. He asked for it. 😂"

Melin_Lavendel_Rosa | Melin_Lavendel_Rosa

NTA. Responsibility for fruity drinks mishap lies with him 😲

charlieprotag | charlieprotag

Engaging debate on responsibility and alcohol consumption 🍸

AnUnchartedIsland | AnUnchartedIsland

Stand your ground! You're not responsible for his choices 💪

rainbow_mak3r | rainbow_mak3r

NTA. Boyfriend needs to take responsibility for his actions 🙄

nice_and_unaware | nice_and_unaware

Not your responsibility to be his mom, let him drink 🍸

Kadkhnin | Kadkhnin

Taking responsibility: You did nothing wrong. NTA 👏

OsageBrownBetty | OsageBrownBetty

Taking responsibility for your own drinks 🍸

Elephant_homie | Elephant_homie

NTA questions if the puking adult is sick or poisoned?

lordcommander55 | lordcommander55

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