Man's Pregnant Wife or His Aging Cat: Who Gets to Stay at Home? 😿💔

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Imagine having to choose between your pregnant wife and your beloved aging cat. This is the predicament a man found himself in when his wife developed sudden allergies to their 16-year-old cat. With the baby on the way, the wife insisted the cat be rehomed, but the man, fearing the trauma it might cause his elderly feline friend, proposed a compromise. Let's dive into this emotionally charged tale... 😿👶

The Furry Friend and the Pregnancy Predicament 👶🐾

aitapwaway | aitapwaway

The Allergic Reaction 💔😷

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The Heartbreaking Decision 🏡🐈

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The Compromise Proposal 🤝🏡

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The Accusation 💔😡

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The Unexpected Twist 😱🐾

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The Heartbreaking Revelation 💔😿

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The Tragic Outcome 🌈🐾

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The Final Goodbye 😿💔

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The Aftermath 🤔💔

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A Sad Farewell and an Uncertain Future 💔😿

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the man's wife took the cat to an animal shelter while he was at work. The cat, unused to such environments, suffered a panic attack and tragically passed away. The man, now grieving the loss of his long-time feline friend, is left in a state of shock and betrayal. His brother, outraged, suggests reconsidering his relationship with his wife. As the dust settles, the man is left to ponder his next steps in this emotionally charged saga. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😿💔

Cat vs. Wife: A tough decision with no clear winner 😿

ThinkCow83 | ThinkCow83

Cat lover prioritizes feline over pregnant wife, receives backlash 🙄

Special-Attitude-242 | Special-Attitude-242

Commenters sympathize with the cat owner's no-winning situation 😿

Cheap-Explorer-9711 | Cheap-Explorer-9711

🤔 Not a compromise. Kicking out a pregnant wife? Really?

plscallmeRain | plscallmeRain

Cat vs. Wife: Who should adapt? 😿

Shitsuri | Shitsuri

"YTA for prioritizing cat over pregnant wife. Wife's health comes first!"

RealTalkFastWalk | RealTalkFastWalk

Heartbreaking betrayal: NTA's trust shattered, pet's life lost 💔

Sudden-Eggplant8065 | Sudden-Eggplant8065

"Man's love for his cat causes conflict with pregnant wife." 😿💔

KoontzKid | KoontzKid

Heartbreaking story of choosing between family members. Pets are family 💔

RainbowSparklePie | RainbowSparklePie

Impatient wife gives away cat, reconsidering marriage. 😔

WhereasFuzzy7229 | WhereasFuzzy7229

NTA: Wife ignores solutions, reconsider life with impulsive partner. 🙅

kanap | kanap

Heartbroken NTA shares devastating story of spouse's lack of respect. 💔

Epicpopcorn_K | Epicpopcorn_K

"YTA. Your wife and baby should come first. 😿💔"

BlueNote01 | BlueNote01

Heartbroken over wife's callousness and lack of empathy towards cat 😢

Hatecookie | Hatecookie

Heartbreaking update: Cat dies from stress, AH commenters show no remorse 😢

EnvironmentalPoem262 | EnvironmentalPoem262

Divorce her! She's a monster for killing your cat! 😡

maenoodles | maenoodles

Heartbroken over OP being judged as the a**hole for rehoming

slightlysparkly | slightlysparkly

"YTA there's a lot of wishy washy might maybes here."

duckysmomma | duckysmomma

Heartbreaking dilemma: Wife vs. aging cat. Divorce on the horizon? 😿💔

Barnaclebay | Barnaclebay

YTA prioritizes cat over pregnant wife. 🐱💔

fightingnflder | fightingnflder

Wife's selfish act of getting rid of husband's cat sparks outrage 😡

Aggressive_Sale_7196 | Aggressive_Sale_7196

Vet student advises rehoming cat for pregnant wife's well-being. 💔

SkittlesKittenz | SkittlesKittenz

Heartbreaking update to AITA post. Condolences for your loss. 😢

orchestralgenius | orchestralgenius

YTA - Moving your pregnant wife out for cat allergies? 😱

justsaygay | justsaygay

Choosing between pregnant wife and aging cat? Tricky situation, no winners. 😬💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA comment receives backlash and sparks heated debate 👊

millac7 | millac7

Defending the scared indoor pet, allergies aren't an excuse! 😿

usernamessuckfuck | usernamessuckfuck

Supportive comment defends OP against unfair judgment. #NTA

Linebmj | Linebmj

NTA for valuing your cat over your wife's alarming behavior. 😿

Unfair_Rhubarb_13 | Unfair_Rhubarb_13

Pet abandonment viewed as betrayal, on par with infidelity. 💔

FlyinOrange | FlyinOrange

Cat vs. baby: Who will survive the crying? 😂

pastelpixelator | pastelpixelator

Find a temporary home for your cat until baby arrives 😿

Fuzzy-Ad559 | Fuzzy-Ad559

NTA. Wife's rash decision killed your beloved cat. Heartbreaking loss. 💔

ginnychewsley | ginnychewsley

Heartbreaking betrayal: Wife chooses inconvenience over beloved aging cat. 💔

ypranch | ypranch

Heartbreaking loss of a beloved cat causes marital conflict. 💔

cassidy026 | cassidy026

NTA: Prioritizing comfort over defenseless creatures? Future parenting concerns 💔

Historical_Agent9426 | Historical_Agent9426

🙀 Your wife is evil? Let's hear the juicy details!

wonkytatas | wonkytatas

YTA for prioritizing your cat over your pregnant wife's health 🙄

Contrell56 | Contrell56

🐱💔 OP tried to find a solution but ended up at a shelter. NTA.

el_torko | el_torko

Heartfelt comment about the loss of a beloved pet. 💔

Independent_Wolf_571 | Independent_Wolf_571

Fierce defender of feline rights won't let anyone mess with cat 🐱

Laura_Writes | Laura_Writes

Heartbreaking loss of a beloved cat sparks family conflict. 😢💔

lamroN_dnoyeB | lamroN_dnoyeB

Bond with aging cat makes rehoming difficult for pregnant wife.

Neon-Panic-13 | Neon-Panic-13

Choosing a cat over your pregnant wife? YTA. 🙀💔

happybanana134 | happybanana134

Heartbroken over lost cat, commenter supports leaving unsympathetic spouse. 🍣

scratch-scratch-meow | scratch-scratch-meow

Heartbreaking dilemma: Wife vs. beloved cat. 💔 Who's to blame?

SufficientQuestion13 | SufficientQuestion13

Heartbreaking update. 😢

cthululuvsu | cthululuvsu

"YTA. Your wife deserves to be comfortable during pregnancy. 🤷‍♀️"

Darkalleyandabadidea | Darkalleyandabadidea

Heartfelt condolences to OP for their devastating loss. 💔

Sweetsmyle | Sweetsmyle

🚩 Huge red flag! Use this to get full custody!

True-Dust-8664 | True-Dust-8664

Heartless wife? 😱 Condolences for your loss. 💔

kehlarc | kehlarc

Compromise offered, cat killed. Wife's pregnancy not an excuse. NTA.

StockComprehensive96 | StockComprehensive96

NTA. Wife's secret decision to give away cat is heartbreaking. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA prioritizes cat over pregnant wife. Find temporary cat solution. 😿

blksoulgreenthumb | blksoulgreenthumb

Commenter finds wife's behavior disgusting 😒

bestbeaver | bestbeaver

Heartless wife prioritizes herself over husband's aging cat 😿💔

Neither_Lifeguard_26 | Neither_Lifeguard_26

Opinions on OP's behavior before and after edits. 🤔

killerqueen2004 | killerqueen2004

YTA: Wife needs her own space during pregnancy, not her parents'

Primary-Friend-7615 | Primary-Friend-7615

Heartbroken over lost cat due to pregnant wife's actions. 😢

Tasty_Possession4637 | Tasty_Possession4637

YTA for not empathizing with your pregnant wife's discomfort. 😿

neverthelessidissent | neverthelessidissent

Heartless wife chooses cat over terrified husband and unborn baby. 😡

QueenFancyPlants | QueenFancyPlants

NAH, tough choice between pregnant wife and beloved cat 😿

StatisticianSea2200 | StatisticianSea2200

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