🚗💥 Coworker Hit by Car: Karma or Cruelty?

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Working with a difficult coworker can be quite a challenge, especially when they mistreat the most vulnerable among us. In a preschool environment, one would expect compassion and care for the little ones. But what happens when a verbally abusive coworker gets hit by a car? Is it karma or just plain cruel? Let's dive into this story of conflict, drama, and moral ambiguity. 😮

The Problematic Coworker 🙄

theartbook35 | theartbook35

Sharon's Nasty Behavior 😡

theartbook35 | theartbook35

Reporting the Issue 🚨

theartbook35 | theartbook35

Sharon's Accident 😱

theartbook35 | theartbook35

Back to Work, with a Limp 🚶‍♀️

theartbook35 | theartbook35

Ignoring Sharon 🙅‍♀️

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The Confrontation 😤

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Standing Ground 💪

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Expletives Ensue 🤬

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Questioning the Reaction 🤔

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Concern for the Kids 🧒

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Job Security vs. Advocacy 🤷‍♀️

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Update: Sharon's Attitude 🌤️

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Pushing for Parental Notification 📣

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Job Secure, Parents Notified? 🤞

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Karma or Cruelty? The Verdict 🏛️

In a story filled with conflict, drama, and moral ambiguity, we're left wondering whether our protagonist's reaction to Sharon's accident was justified or cruel. After all, Sharon's behavior towards a toddler was downright appalling, and her accident could be seen as karma. However, the protagonist's cold response to Sharon's plea for support raises questions about empathy and compassion. By the end of the day, Sharon's attitude improved, and the protagonist pushed management to notify the child's parents about the abuse. So, did karma play its part, or was it just a harsh lesson for Sharon? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

Commenter and replies agree that the coworker is unlikable. NTA 👍

hecaete47 | hecaete47

NTA reports coworker's abusive behavior towards children to authority. 👏

MeadowsofSun | MeadowsofSun

NTA for being cold to her. Agree about karma. Talk to parents about abuse.

eugenesnewdream | eugenesnewdream

Parental concern over child's mistreatment sparks debate on OP's actions. 🚨

Redshirt2386 | Redshirt2386

Encouraging response to NTA's concern for mistreated child at school.

Northern-lurker1 | Northern-lurker1

Parental unawareness of teacher's behavior raises concern. 😔

TwistedTomorrow | TwistedTomorrow

Heartbreaking comment on child abuse with supportive reply.

blixxic | blixxic

Respecting coworkers in a professional environment is important. ESH.

attakburr | attakburr

Commenter receives support for calling out cruel reply. ❤️

Surface_plate | Surface_plate

Compassionless coworker gets hit by car. NTA for feeling indifferent.

SuluSpeaks | SuluSpeaks

Sympathy is earned. 🙏 NTA stands up to abusive coworker.

StandardBiscuit | StandardBiscuit

Ignoring someone before an accident doesn't justify cussing them out. 😑

BrooklynKidK | BrooklynKidK

OP's passive-aggressive reaction to coworker's mistake backfired. ESH. 😑

jmgolden33 | jmgolden33

Kindness vs attention-seeking: A moral dilemma 🤔

GoldenSheep2 | GoldenSheep2

Coworker hit by car, but commenter feels no sympathy. NTA 🤷‍♀️

xxMattyxx317 | xxMattyxx317

Commenter believes abusive coworker got what she deserved 💯

RainbowSequins | RainbowSequins

Sharon's verbal abuse of a child is unacceptable. NTA.

mamagigli0 | mamagigli0

Commenter calls out Sharon's behavior, supports NTA verdict. 👏

Laudevir | Laudevir

Clear judgement, no controversy. 👍

atseasheiscalm | atseasheiscalm

Compassionate response to NTA comment about informing parents 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother of autistic child defends against cruel comment with humor.

AlyKhat | AlyKhat

Commenter believes coworker hit by car is karma, defends their personality.

annabadams13 | annabadams13

Commenter calls out neglectful behavior towards verbal abuse at work 🔥

plswah | plswah

Professionalism is key, even with disliked coworkers. 👍

Eviternityyy | Eviternityyy

Sharon's motive for approaching OP questioned 🤔

thin_white_dutchess | thin_white_dutchess

Standing up against child abuse. NTA wins the day 💪

SistaSaline | SistaSaline

No sympathy for an unpleasant person hit by a car. 👍

CuriosiT38 | CuriosiT38

NTA stands firm: getting hit by car doesn't excuse behavior 🙌

FlagCityDiva | FlagCityDiva

NTA for not feeling sympathy for a bully. Consider reporting to management and contacting the child's parents. 👍

jupiter235 | jupiter235

Emotional investment demand: ESH but response was rude 🤷🏻‍♂️

CaptHayfever | CaptHayfever

Keeping a child safe is heroic. You're NTA 🦸‍♀️

cridhebriste | cridhebriste

Document and report toxic behavior to protect others 📝🚫

thetoiletslayer | thetoiletslayer

Commenter calls out OP for immature behavior with ESH verdict 🤷‍♂️

SituationSoap | SituationSoap

Setting boundaries at work. 🚫🤝

slimypayload | slimypayload

Navigating difficult coworkers at work can be tricky. Good advice 👍

ShupShoo | ShupShoo

Former toddler room worker advises to report concerns and confront bully.

kickingyouintheface | kickingyouintheface

NTA suggests informing parents to straighten out coworker's behavior 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Anonymous letter to child's parents to stop coworker's cruelty. NTA.

Kittylady54 | Kittylady54

Classy NTA response receives praise from comment section 👏

ameinias | ameinias

Savage political quote sparks agreement and controversy 🤬

M3zza | M3zza

Hot Topic kid and garbage monster clash in ESH comment.


NTA for standing up to unstable coworker picking on toddlers 👏

msredhead71 | msredhead71

Coworker hit by car, commenter thinks it's karma. 🚗

nymphaetamine | nymphaetamine

Commenter receives mixed judgement for possibly rude response. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sharon's mistreatment of children is unacceptable, regardless of the accident. 👎

Fullofshitguy | Fullofshitguy

NTA celebrates karma and encourages speaking out against wrongdoing. 💯

Charly-Bowen | Charly-Bowen

Standing up to toxic coworkers: NTA prevails 💪

PedanticPlatypodes | PedanticPlatypodes

Standing up to a rude coworker, NTA 🙌

DivineTarot | DivineTarot

NTA. Stand up for the child and report Sharon. 👊

Pencils_ | Pencils_

Reporting abusive behavior towards children is crucial. NTA.

Telfaatime | Telfaatime

Commenter defends NTA verdict with a touch of sass 😎

Superbikethrowaway | Superbikethrowaway

Commenter believes coworker deserved the accident. Not cool. 😔

Jypahttii | Jypahttii

Schadenfreude at its finest: NTA finds amusement in teacher's misfortune 🤣

DryKoala6 | DryKoala6

Karma wins again! 💯

itsjustmejttp123 | itsjustmejttp123

Being NTA is always a good thing! 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

No sympathy for child abusers. NTA. 👍

sarah3962 | sarah3962

Commenter calls out narcissistic behavior in coworker after accident. 🙄

ElenaBad | ElenaBad

NTA for reporting abusive coworker. Don't prioritize abuser's feelings. 👍

Teflonicus | Teflonicus

Daycare worker mistreated children, got fired for stealing money 💰

willferalchild | willferalchild

Commenter believes coworker deserved to be hit by car for mistreating toddlers.

thelionintheheart | thelionintheheart

Sassy response leaves commenters picturing hilarious meme 😂

summerspring_ | summerspring_

NTA calls out unsympathetic teacher, suggests office job instead 🤔

Space_Kid1854 | Space_Kid1854

Commenter feels coworker deserved to be hit by car 😬

AwkoTacoBell | AwkoTacoBell

Comment removed due to violation of subreddit rules.

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH. Commenter suggests informing child's parents and praises management involvement.

ffbe4fun | ffbe4fun

Commenter suggests coworker hit by car deserved it. 😬

coatrack68 | coatrack68

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