Boyfriend Fumes Over Medical Students Observing Girlfriend's Gyno Visit 😱

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Imagine being comfortable with your body and allowing medical students to observe your routine gynecologist appointments, only to find out that your boyfriend is upset about it! 😲 That's exactly what happened to a woman who thought she was doing a good deed by letting future doctors learn from her appointments. Little did she know, her boyfriend would have a problem with her decision. 🤔 Let's dive into the story...

Gyno's Office in a Hospital 🏥

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No Pressure, Just Learning 📚

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Comfortable and Informative 👩‍⚕️

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Awkward Students, Not Sexy 😅

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Boyfriend Overhears Conversation 📞

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No Big Deal to Her 😌

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Boyfriend's Questions Begin 🤔

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Boyfriend's Uneasiness 😟

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Just College Kids? 🎓

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Still Bothered 😠

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Gyno Drama: Boyfriend vs. Medical Students 🥊

So, our protagonist was just trying to help future doctors learn by allowing them to observe her routine gynecologist appointments. But her boyfriend's reaction took her by surprise! 😳 He bombarded her with questions and expressed his uneasiness with the situation, even calling the medical students 'just college kids.' 😤 She agreed to say no next time, but he's still bothered by her nonchalant attitude. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿

NTA, medical students are professionals and it's her call. 👨‍🇫⚕️

wobblebase | wobblebase

Boyfriend's porn-influenced views cause unnecessary drama at medical exam 😒

cassidy1111111 | cassidy1111111

NTA - Boyfriend's insecurity over medical students observing girlfriend's gyno visit 😱

butt5000 | butt5000

Insecure BF thinks med students will fetishize GF's genitals 🙄

biscottt | biscottt

NTA - Boyfriend's strange reaction to medical students observing visit. Talk it out.

xXSandwhichXx | xXSandwhichXx

Girlfriend's boyfriend displays ownership issues over her genitals 😱

km89 | km89

BF insecure about medical students observing GF's gyno visit 😱

loloannd | loloannd

Supportive comment defends medical students observing gyno visit 🩺

TreKopperTe | TreKopperTe

Patient shares positive experience with medical students observing gyno visit 👍

MrPotato2753 | MrPotato2753

Partner expresses discomfort with medical students observing gyno visit. NAH.

relationshipsbyebye | relationshipsbyebye

Medical students are not just college students. BF is ignorant. NTA 🙌

cleveraccountname13 | cleveraccountname13

NTA defends gyno visit, calls out men's immaturity 😱

OverallDisaster | OverallDisaster

Support for med students observing gyno visit, boyfriend overreacts 😏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Male med student defends observing gyno visit, calls bf immature 💪

lowry4president | lowry4president

Woman defends medical students observing her gyno visit. Partner uncomfortable.

DrVerryBerry | DrVerryBerry

Debate over whether distinction between med students and doctors matters 🤔

bethfromHR | bethfromHR

Boyfriend tries to control girlfriend's medical visit, internet disagrees 💪

rleaky | rleaky

Medical student observation helps their practical learning, NTA 👍

PersonBehindAScreen | PersonBehindAScreen

Medical student observation is normal and necessary. Boyfriend overreacts 😒

DorothyZbornaksArmy | DorothyZbornaksArmy

Boyfriend's insecurity mocked by commenters. 😂

Aperscapers | Aperscapers

Body autonomy is important, NTA comment advocates for it 👏

brazenthought | brazenthought

Boyfriend's insecurity over med students observing girlfriend's gyno visit 😱

Pure_Cup | Pure_Cup

Boyfriend expresses discomfort with medical students observing girlfriend's gyno visit.

gingabitch96 | gingabitch96

Medical students observing gyno visit? NTA, but still uncomfortable 🤨

hoxaou | hoxaou

Giving birth to an audience 🤰👶🎉. Boyfriend's red flag 🚩

PinkHorror44 | PinkHorror44

Girlfriend's medical exam, boyfriend's not the patient, NTA wins 👏

melxcham | melxcham

Supportive comment defends girlfriend's medical visit with students 👍

FangDangDingo | FangDangDingo

Maintaining your reproductive health is your choice, not his 👏

legalizemavin | legalizemavin

Consenting to medical observation doesn't make you a**hole 🩺✅

assiduous-asshat | assiduous-asshat

👩‍⚕️Thankful doctor praises patient for supporting medical training and education. NTA

kaysharp1782 | kaysharp1782

Girlfriend stands up for herself, boyfriend not happy 🤬

gloompicnic | gloompicnic

Medical students observing gyno visit - NTA, boyfriend insecure 😱

_LaVidaBuena | _LaVidaBuena

Trust in doctors and communication are key in relationships 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

birknsocks | birknsocks

Insecure boyfriend can't handle medical students observing girlfriend's procedure 😒

imwaytoinvested | imwaytoinvested

NAH verdict, boyfriend uncomfortable with medical students in room 😐

philipquarles | philipquarles

Supportive comment applauds medical education during gyno visit 👏

WineAndDogs2020 | WineAndDogs2020

Medical students vs. frat boys: who would you trust more? 🤔

vodka7tall | vodka7tall

Boyfriend sexualizing girlfriend's medical care? Not the a**hole here! 😱

justlurkingnjudging | justlurkingnjudging

🙌 NTA comment shuts down immature boyfriend's behavior

Rogues_Gambit | Rogues_Gambit

Commenter defends girlfriend's medical visit, calls boyfriend insecure 😍

awnothecorn | awnothecorn

Med students' motives questioned in awkward gyno visit 🤔

limonsasha | limonsasha

Take control of your body, not your boyfriend. 💪

therainbowsweater | therainbowsweater

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