Man Shatters Family Tradition by Choosing Cat Over Dog 😾🐶

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Family traditions can be a beautiful thing, but what happens when you just don't fit the mold? One man found himself in the middle of a furry family feud when he decided to break a longstanding tradition by choosing a cat over a dog. 🐱🐶 While he's not much of a pet guy, he and his wife have taken in a stray cat that has won their hearts. But his mother-in-law is not having it, and the drama that unfolds is nothing short of a cat-astrophe! 🌪️

Not a Dog Person 🐶❌

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The Cat's Out of the Bag 😺

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Mother-in-Law's Expectations 🐕

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Breaking the News 💔

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Tradition Drama 😱

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MIL Won't Let It Go 🚫

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Wife's Support 🤝

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Enter the Cat 🐈

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Taking Care of the Cat 💕

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MIL's Reaction 😤

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Tradition vs. Choice 🤷

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Facebook Drama 📱

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Taking a Stand ✊

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Backlash Ensues 😠

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Feeling the Pressure 😓

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A Furry Family Feud 🐾

Caught in the middle of a doggone dispute, our protagonist is facing backlash for breaking a 5-generation family tradition by choosing a cat over a dog. 😿 His mother-in-law is outraged, and the drama has even spilled over to social media, with friends and family chiming in. 📲 But with his wife's support, he's standing his ground, refusing to bow to the pressure. 🚫 Will the family ever come to accept their feline friend, or will this furry feud continue to escalate? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

NTA. Adopted a cat instead of a dog. Commenters advise microchipping, shots, and spaying/neutering. 🐱

Circle_Breaker | Circle_Breaker

NTA for choosing a cat over a dog. MIL is batshit insane 😱 and cruel for threatening to get rid of your cat. Lots of men love cats 🐶

tudorcat | tudorcat

In-laws criticize man for choosing cat over dog, but he's NTA 🐶

PhillyMila215 | PhillyMila215

Breaking family tradition by choosing cat over dog 🐶😾. NTA for standing up for himself.

cyfermax | cyfermax

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA. Dogs are an enormous responsibility.

OhEightFour | OhEightFour

Protect your cat from vindictive family members. Consider a rescue.

codeverity | codeverity

Choosing a cat over a dog shouldn't be a family feud 🐶

TMalander | TMalander

Commenter questions tradition, replies get humorous with lost minds.

DDarlinNikki | DDarlinNikki

Commenters agree: woman's behavior is concerning 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cat lover defends choice over dog, suggests parrot for MIL 🐶

KBWordPerson | KBWordPerson

NTA stands up to MIL's tradition of forcing pets on family. 💪

Weak-Status | Weak-Status

Commenter and reply call out post for being fake and unnecessary 😑

Aprils-Fool | Aprils-Fool

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA. But watch out for allergies 🤔

Thrwforksandknives | Thrwforksandknives

Choosing a cat over a dog leads to family drama 😱

Norpu01 | Norpu01

Commenter questions why post, receives mixed responses including cat tax.

i_live_by_the_river | i_live_by_the_river

Breaking gender stereotypes: Man chooses cat over dog 😾🐶

grimbaldi | grimbaldi

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA! Your life, your choice 🐶

KatJen76 | KatJen76

Commenter doubts authenticity, gets witty reply. 🤯

SoConfused2020 | SoConfused2020

Choosing a pet is personal, cat tax required 😎🐶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Discussion on responsible breeders and dog overpopulation. 🐶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter jokes about family tradition of procreation, gets support.

Zeddicus11 | Zeddicus11

Choosing a cat over a dog breaks family tradition. NTA.

clauclauclaudia | clauclauclaudia

NTA stands up to in-laws, commenters suggest getting a duck 🦆

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cats vs. dogs debate ends in NTA victory 🐶🐕

AdamantiumElbow | AdamantiumElbow

A simple knitting question sparks a NTA judgement.

Sick-Spasmoid | Sick-Spasmoid

Commenter finds men who own cats attractive, supports choice over dogs 😍

CarterCage | CarterCage

Breaking family tradition over pets? NTA wins the argument! 👏

phonypony_ | phonypony_

Cat lover shuts down dog people with hilarious comment 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking tradition: Man chooses cat over dog, and that's okay 😾🐶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter supports OP's decision and demands cat pictures. 😻

Yuliyana78 | Yuliyana78

Breaking family tradition: Man chooses cat over dog. NTA.

rivermama2 | rivermama2

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA. MIL needs to chill 🐶

frumpybuffalo | frumpybuffalo

Choosing a pet shouldn't be about tradition, NTA 🐶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA and family is bonkers 😾🐶

Thyumos | Thyumos

Commenter suggests man's love for cat is like wanting grandchildren 🤷🏻‍♂️

loopylandtied | loopylandtied

OP chooses cat over dog, but forgets to pay cat tax 😼

DA-numberfour | DA-numberfour

Choosing a cat over a dog? Ruining family tradition! NTA

simplplan540 | simplplan540

Breaking family tradition for a cat 🐱 #NTA

undividedsun | undividedsun

In-laws called 'loonytunes' for opposing cat over dog choice 🐶

Adventurous_Coat | Adventurous_Coat

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA! Stand your ground 🐶

CirclX | CirclX

Breaking family tradition: man chooses cat over dog 🐶

_BennPenn777 | _BennPenn777

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA, MIL needs to chill 😎🐶

sagetrees | sagetrees

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA. Responsibility isn't for everyone 🐶

S2rulL | S2rulL

Choosing a cat over a dog: NTA and dog culture

CulturalFlamingos | CulturalFlamingos

Commenter suggests extreme action, gets banned. NTA wins.

evilmotorsports | evilmotorsports

Choosing a cat over a dog? NTA. Keep your kitty safe 😾🐶

FreshNebula | FreshNebula

Cat lover defends choice over dogs, calls out dog people 🐶

jackalope78 | jackalope78

Passionate cat lover stands up to dog enthusiasts 🐶👏

ModernCoffee | ModernCoffee

Commenter compares person to controversial subreddit. Ouch 🤯

PJabbers688 | PJabbers688

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