Medical Worker Asks Nun If She's Pregnant: Holy Outrage Ensues! 😱

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Imagine working in the medical field and having to ask a nun if she's pregnant. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Well, that's exactly what happened to one medical worker, who found themselves in hot water after asking a young nun this very question. The nun's older companion was furious, accusing the worker of disrespecting their religion and calling them sinners. The drama didn't end there, as the worker's supervisor got involved and threatened to fire them if they ever asked such a question again. But was the medical worker really in the wrong? 🤔 Let's dive into the story and find out!

The Medical Worker's Dilemma

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The Fateful Question

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When Worlds Collide

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Nun Too Pleased

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Supervisor Steps In

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A Stern Warning

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Seeking Validation

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Edit: Appreciating the Feedback

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Learning from the Experience

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Taking Action

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Grateful and Wiser

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A Holy Mess: Was the Medical Worker Wrong?

Caught in a whirlwind of drama, our medical worker is left questioning if they were in the wrong for asking a nun if she's pregnant. While some argue that the question was necessary for medical reasons, others believe it was disrespectful and should have been avoided. Despite the backlash, the worker has learned from the experience and plans to handle similar situations more delicately in the future. But what do you think? Was the medical worker out of line, or just doing their job? Let's see what the internet has to say... 💬

NTA for following protocol, but could have been handled sensitively 🙏. Supervisor's threat to fire is unacceptable 😠. HR should be notified 👍.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Asking a nun if she's pregnant? Not the a**hole, says commenter.

Kris82868 | Kris82868

Asking about pregnancy is medically relevant, not asking endangers patients. NTA.

Noltonn | Noltonn

Engaging discussion on the possibility of a pregnant nun. 😍

brownies671 | brownies671

Medical worker receives support for asking nun's privacy preferences. 🙌

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Tips for medical professionals to ask sensitive questions politely 🙌

DangerousSwordfish3 | DangerousSwordfish3

Asking 'Is there any chance you could be pregnant?' is better. NTA.

Reasonable_racoon | Reasonable_racoon

Asking about pregnancy is a safety thing, not a judgment. 🙌

Commercial_Wallaby9 | Commercial_Wallaby9

Asking sensitive questions in front of others is inappropriate. 🙅

Reisevi3ber | Reisevi3ber

Virgin patient defends nun who was asked if she's pregnant 😊

Tearsofblood25 | Tearsofblood25

Commenter defends nun and calls out Catholic church's sex abuse scandals.

SoringDay | SoringDay

Asking sensitive questions in private is crucial for honest answers. 🙌

ledasmom | ledasmom

Medical worker asks nun if she's pregnant, gets called out. NTA.

MamaofTwinDragons | MamaofTwinDragons

Asking sensitive questions in public can lead to awkward situations.

ifsnakescouldspeak | ifsnakescouldspeak

Even nuns can be pregnant? The medical worker did right! 😳

Nay_nay267 | Nay_nay267

Medical worker wrongly accused of pregnancy, advised to speak up. 👨‍🎓

anonbelieverr | anonbelieverr

Medical worker criticized for lack of sensitivity when asking nun.

BadWolfCreative | BadWolfCreative

Asking sensitive questions is necessary for medical professionals. NTA.

Caribe92 | Caribe92

Religion's power hinders honest medical questions. 😔

Decou | Decou

Suggests a delicate approach to asking sensitive medical questions. 👨‍⚕️

SnakesCantWearPants | SnakesCantWearPants

Be mindful of how you ask sensitive medical questions 🚧

exhauta | exhauta

Medical worker asks nun if pregnant, comment amused but supportive.

lilpeep1400 | lilpeep1400

Medical worker faces backlash for asking about pregnancy rule 😱

redditor191389 | redditor191389

Asking sensitive questions in public? Yikes! 🤭

Gagoga123 | Gagoga123

Asking a nun if she's pregnant: medically necessary or rude? NAH.

CityBride | CityBride

Polite phrasing suggestion for sensitive question sparks no reactions.

OkapiEli | OkapiEli

A heartwarming story of love and faith ❤️

Dia_Dhuit_ | Dia_Dhuit_

Radiological assistant suggests tactful way to ask about pregnancy 🤰

bolonkaswetna | bolonkaswetna

Being cautious around sensitive topics is always a good idea 🙌

ThottyThalamus | ThottyThalamus

Medical worker's invasive question to nun sparks justified outrage.

BetterWithLatte | BetterWithLatte

Navigating ethical dilemmas with nuns and pregnant patients 🤔

Alyssa_Hargreaves | Alyssa_Hargreaves

Liability trumps embarrassment: Catholic school vaccine protocol explained 👍

SiameseCats3 | SiameseCats3

Commenter defends medical worker for asking nun about pregnancy.

quietly_consumed | quietly_consumed

Age is just a number when it comes to pregnancy 🤰

Amaranth-13 | Amaranth-13

Medical worker called NTA for asking nun if pregnant. Outrageous reactions.

Iwasinthedabsquad | Iwasinthedabsquad

Gender-neutral medical questions spark debate in comments 👨‍⚕️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Importance of tact when asking sensitive medical questions. 👨‍🎓

Invisibleamber | Invisibleamber

Navigating sensitive questions: not innocent, but not an idiot either 🤔

Oz365 | Oz365

Recognizing nuns as individuals, not just religious figures. 🙌

Em4Tango | Em4Tango

Medical worker advises on apologizing to nuns when asking pregnancy status. 😊

pixiecantsleep | pixiecantsleep

Patient defends medical worker after nun's overreaction. NTA.

sadlandlordde | sadlandlordde

Avoiding a holy mess: Medical worker just doing their job.

roselle3316 | roselle3316

Polite explanation of mandatory question, NTA comment section.

ComedicHermit | ComedicHermit

Sensitive medical questions can be necessary for proper diagnosis. NTA.

sassar67 | sassar67

Guilty pleasure: finding humor in awkward situations 😂

Ravengirl1017 | Ravengirl1017

Medical worker advises how to ask sensitive questions to nuns. 😇

krankykitty | krankykitty

Hysterectomy doesn't stop the pregnancy question. Religious overreaction?

thebutchone | thebutchone

Polite but public pregnancy inquiry causes holy outrage. 😱

SnooFloofs4281 | SnooFloofs4281

Cultural awareness is key when asking sensitive questions 🙌

Known_Character | Known_Character

Asking personal questions in private? INFO needed. 🤔

maddr_lurker | maddr_lurker

Asking personal questions without privacy is unprofessional 🙅

maddr_lurker | maddr_lurker

Asking sensitive questions requires tact, even in medical settings. 🙏

imjustpeachy2020 | imjustpeachy2020

Polite approach to sensitive medical questions prevents holy outrage. 🙌

JadedTourist3819 | JadedTourist3819

Following protocol saves lives, but some people love drama 😒

pretzel_nuggets | pretzel_nuggets

Navigating awkward situations with nuns. HR intervention needed. 😇

superfastmomma | superfastmomma

Medical worker receives support for reporting incident with patient

DrizzleMyNizzle1234 | DrizzleMyNizzle1234

Asking about pregnancy for safety is NTA, better safe than sorry 🙌

mattpel1 | mattpel1

Navigating sensitive questions with companions present, NTA gets support.

ADDhope | ADDhope

Protocol questions can be silly, but still necessary. NTA.

serabine | serabine

Supervisor fired for asking nun if pregnant. NTA comments agree.

jontss | jontss

Medical worker crosses the line, gets called out. NTA

RAnAsshole | RAnAsshole

Suggests respectful approach to avoid future overreactions. 🙏

LittleFairyOfDeath | LittleFairyOfDeath

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