Mom Takes on School's Phone Policy: Hero or Karen? 😲

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Imagine your teenage daughter having to walk home in the dark and cold because her school confiscated her phone, which also held her bus ticket. That's exactly what happened to Clem, a 17-year-old student, when her school implemented a new policy that kept confiscated phones for four days. Her mom, however, wasn't having any of it and decided to take matters into her own hands. But was she right to challenge the school's policy, or was she just being a 'Karen'? Let's dive into the story. 😮

The New Phone Policy 📵

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Walking Home in the Dark 🌃

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The Confiscation Incident 🚽

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Meeting with the Head 🏫

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Mom's Demands 🔥

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The School Agrees 🤝

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Husband's Reaction 🙄

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No Bus Fare, No Warning 🚌

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New Rule, No Notice ⚠️

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Long Walk Home 🚶‍♀️

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Husband Apologizes 💔

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No Taxis, No Ubers 🚕

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The Creepy Confiscation 😳

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Phone Policy PDF 📄

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Was Mom Right to Fight? 🥊

So, after her daughter's phone was confiscated and she had to walk home in the dark, this mom decided to take on the school's new phone policy. She demanded that her daughter's phone be returned after school so she could get home safely. After some back and forth, the school agreed to her demands. However, her husband initially called her a 'Karen' for her actions, but later apologized. So, was this mom right to stand up to the school, or was she just being overprotective? Let's see what the internet has to say... 💬

NTA defends phone use in bathroom, school policy criticized. 😲

Veritas_man | Veritas_man

Taking phones for longer than school hours is unfair. NTA!

GabriellaLHeys | GabriellaLHeys

NTA defends child's safety, school policy criticized for endangerment. 🚨

thegemiinii | thegemiinii

Commenter and replies share frustration over school phone policies. 📱

lizzieaddamstookanax | lizzieaddamstookanax

School's phone policy questioned, no legal right to keep property.

checkinsm | checkinsm

Demanding change in schools' phone policy: NTA or Karen? 😲

HollyCat415 | HollyCat415

Parent defends property rights and home discipline. NTA. 💪

pcx226 | pcx226

NTA mom fights school's phone policy endangering students 😱

mrose1491 | mrose1491

Former teacher supports OP but advises daughter to follow policy 👍

Thediciplematt | Thediciplematt

NTA comment defends student punished for phone use, with supportive replies. 👏

Prechrchet | Prechrchet

School's phone policy is ridiculous, retrieval system needed. NTA 💪

glamasaurus | glamasaurus

NTA argues school should prioritize student safety in high crime area.

dutchbaboon | dutchbaboon

School's phone policy criticized for safety and property concerns 😱

holigramj56 | holigramj56

Mom defends daughter's property and safety, calls out teacher's policy. 💪

teddythepenguin | teddythepenguin

Sexist labeling of women with opinions is unacceptable. NTA.

Michaelmozden | Michaelmozden

Schools shouldn't keep students' phones after study hours. NTA.

ki11obok | ki11obok

Parent questions school's phone policy, calls out excessive punishment 😑

StellalunaStarr | StellalunaStarr

Phones are a necessity, but rules are rules. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent argues against school phone policy, worries about emergencies 🚨

dookle14 | dookle14

Parent agrees with NTA comment, calls policy theft 👍

emersj | emersj

Denying minors access to their phones can be dangerous 😱

Magi0229 | Magi0229

Mom stands up for daughter's safety, husband admits fault. 💪

GurgleQueen636 | GurgleQueen636

Parent defends child's phone rights at school. NTA. 👏

Mera1506 | Mera1506

Mom fights school phone policy and wins 💪

FunOnAita | FunOnAita

School's phone policy criticized for not considering students' needs. 👏

RuanaRulane | RuanaRulane

Defending property rights: NTA or overreacting? 🤔

daylight_comes | daylight_comes

Phones: necessary during school hours, but needed after. NTA.

Embarrassed_Ad_7218 | Embarrassed_Ad_7218

Mom fights unsafe school policy, husband suggests dangerous walk home 🤯

ih-shah-may-ehl | ih-shah-may-ehl

Parent demands phone policy change and safer options for daughter.

xxxtentacles420 | xxxtentacles420

Cell phones are important, school policy is harassing. #NTA 👏

ShiggnessKhan | ShiggnessKhan

Commenter supports OP, criticizes husband's callousness and undermining behavior 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

School's phone policy questioned after teacher takes phone in bathroom 😲

Nova_Lurker | Nova_Lurker

Mom fights school phone policy to keep child safe. 🙌

FactBearsEatBeetss | FactBearsEatBeetss

Defending phone rights in high crime area. NTA 💪

Abyssal_Minded | Abyssal_Minded

School's phone policy criticized for ineffectiveness and liability risk 😕

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Mom challenges school phone policy and wins, praised as hero 👏

Prongs42 | Prongs42

Parent defends child's phone use for safety, sparks debate. 📱

ShyDLyon | ShyDLyon

Student's phone for emergencies: reasonable or school policy necessary? 😱

Georgieboy_14 | Georgieboy_14

Commenter strongly agrees with NTA, using humor and emphasis.

Stokbakko | Stokbakko

Parent advocates for child safety against strict school phone policy. 😎

madriverdog | madriverdog

📵 School's phone policy leads to accusations of theft. NTA


School phone policy criticized, commenter supports daughter's autonomy. 😊

cowboyfairy | cowboyfairy

Safety first! Commenter defends mom's phone policy against critics. 🙌

SunflowerFreckles | SunflowerFreckles

Mom fights school phone policy for safety, NTA wins!

ollyator | ollyator

Parent defends children's safety against school's phone policy 🙌

misswinterbottom | misswinterbottom

School's phone policy questioned, privacy concerns raised in bathroom search 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent defends school phone policy, avoids power struggle 💪

thisizthebadplace | thisizthebadplace

NTA suggests better punishments for phone use in schools 📵

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent defends giving phone to teen, school policy questioned. 💥

Iwillsingyoulullabys | Iwillsingyoulullabys

NTA parent defends phone policy against school board with dad.

doomkittyofdoom | doomkittyofdoom

No phone policy debate: NTA wants property control. 📞

silent_whisper89 | silent_whisper89

NTA mom defends daughter's safety, not her rule-breaking. 💪

montanagrizfan | montanagrizfan

Mom challenges school's phone policy, asks for legal advice. 📱

poolswithoutladders | poolswithoutladders

👍 Good parenting or overbearing? NTA comment section debates.

CaptainKruck | CaptainKruck

Mom defends daughter's safety and privacy in school bathroom. 🙌

enonymousCanadian | enonymousCanadian

Husband's behavior worse than school's policy? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother defends daughter's safety, husband's response criticized 😠

Half_Man1 | Half_Man1

Parental control or school policy? Let's discuss 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter's phone confiscated for 4 days, NTA for policy change.

broke_reflection | broke_reflection

Safety concerns raised over school's phone policy 🚨

brokencasbutt67 | brokencasbutt67

Commenter warns of potential lawsuits over school phone policy. 😱

kttykt66755 | kttykt66755

Commenter criticizes school's phone policy and suggests legal action. 😏

Hangnail_puller | Hangnail_puller

Mother defends daughter's cellphone use due to serious health issues 🙌

mlcooperclassen | mlcooperclassen

Conflicting phone policies at school - frustrating for students. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Commenter advises daughter to not walk home alone and suggests alternative solutions. Replies defend daughter and criticize victim blaming.

Mekkalyn | Mekkalyn

Taking someone's phone like that seems wrong. NTA 👍

maddfroggie | maddfroggie

Commenter questions daughter's actions during phone policy incident 🤔

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

Commiserating over strict school phone policies and sharing success story 👏

camipretzel | camipretzel

School's phone policy endangers students, NTA mom fights back 😊

arisyl | arisyl

NTA stands against ridiculous school phone policy 👏

GroovyQueen67 | GroovyQueen67

Spouse's reaction to NTA comment surprises commenter 🤔

needfulsalsa | needfulsalsa

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