Mum Accuses Daughter of Starving Her at Dinner Party 🍽️😱

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Imagine inviting your parents to a dinner party at your new home, only for your mum to accuse you of starving her! 😲 That's exactly what happened to one woman when she and her girlfriend hosted a Korean dinner for their parents. The girlfriend, who is half Korean, had spent a lot of time and effort preparing traditional dishes, only for the mum to complain about the lack of sushi. 🍣🤦‍♀️ Let's dive into this dramatic dinner party tale!

New Home, New Chapter 🏠💕

starvingmother | starvingmother

Dinner Party Plans 🍽️

starvingmother | starvingmother

Korean Cuisine on the Menu 🇰🇷

starvingmother | starvingmother

Hard Work in the Kitchen 👩‍🍳

starvingmother | starvingmother

Mum's Confusion 😕

starvingmother | starvingmother

Sushi Expectations 🍣

starvingmother | starvingmother

Refusing to Try the Food 🙅‍♀️

starvingmother | starvingmother

Confrontation and Disrespect 🤬

starvingmother | starvingmother

Mum's Outburst 😠

starvingmother | starvingmother

Leaving the House 🚪

starvingmother | starvingmother

Sandwich Offer Declined 🥪

starvingmother | starvingmother

Crisps and Nuts 🥜

starvingmother | starvingmother

Mum's Persistence 😒

starvingmother | starvingmother

Yelling at Mum 😤

starvingmother | starvingmother

Dinner Drama Ends with Accusations 🥢🔥

What started as a lovely dinner party turned into a dramatic showdown when the mum accused her daughter and girlfriend of starving her! 😱 Despite the girlfriend's best efforts to prepare an authentic Korean meal, mum was left disappointed and hungry, expecting sushi instead. 🍣 Even after refusing a sandwich and other snacks, the mum persisted in causing a scene, leading to an explosive confrontation. 😡 Now, the daughter is left dealing with angry texts from her family, all because mum couldn't appreciate the delicious meal that was prepared for her. 🤷‍♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA for serving food daughter refused, she embarrassed herself and family 😱

dsteere2303 | dsteere2303

Korean food vs Japanese food debate sparks cultural education 🍣

XxQueenOfSwordsXx | XxQueenOfSwordsXx

NTA comment and reply express sympathy and curiosity. 😔

cautiousoptimzm | cautiousoptimzm

NTA's mother's entitlement and ignorance is shocking 😱

Scarecrowqueen | Scarecrowqueen

Daughter stands up to abusive mom, gets shunned. NTA 👏

Opinionu | Opinionu

Commenter defends OP's girlfriend and calls out mom's behavior 🙌

ButterSunflower | ButterSunflower

NTA. Commenter suggests polite alternative to mum's behavior 👍

unluckyintro | unluckyintro

Foodies unite! Commenters praise OP's girlfriend's cooking skills.

False-Explanation702 | False-Explanation702

Commenter sympathizes with OP, calls out mom's behavior. 👏

Separate-Maize9985 | Separate-Maize9985

NTA defends girlfriend's Korean meal against mom's racist comments 😱

RM_r_us | RM_r_us

Supportive comment defends girlfriend's cooking and praises partner's backbone 😍

QuixoticLogophile | QuixoticLogophile

Mom throws tantrum over food choices at dinner party. NTA.

PurpleMarsAlien | PurpleMarsAlien

Defending cultural cuisine against childish and racist behavior 🍽️😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Guest's rude behavior at dinner party gets NTA response 😱

joanclaytonesq | joanclaytonesq

Mom mistook dinner invite for restaurant visit. NTA. Family drama.

ChewMyFudge | ChewMyFudge

Respect is key. NTA for standing up for your girlfriend 👏

Nay_nay267 | Nay_nay267

User offers to fly to commenter's house for Korean dinner 😍

KlimbingCat | KlimbingCat

Standing up to rude dinner guests like a boss 💪

sweetreats45 | sweetreats45

NTA hosts amazing dinner but mom acts like racist a**hole 😱

MrWO7Bond | MrWO7Bond

Mom's dinner party turns into a nightmare. NTA saves day 🍽️

jmenard129 | jmenard129

Congrats on the house! Lease sounded delicious. Mom's a nightmare 😱

MicIsOn | MicIsOn

NTA comment shuts down mum's victim mentality 👏

Taleya | Taleya

Commenter praised for shiny spine in NTA response 👏

Silvalirum | Silvalirum

Commenter defends Korean cuisine and supports OP, calls out bad behavior. 🍜

Nogardenfairies | Nogardenfairies

NTA shuts down Mom's childish behavior 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, commenter's parents would laugh and eat grilled cheese sandwiches 😂

heartstrawb | heartstrawb

Mom's childish behavior at dinner party gets called out. 👏

May_I_inquire | May_I_inquire

Daughter stands up to entitled mother at dinner party. 🙌

Eira_Bliss | Eira_Bliss

Baffling behavior from a supposed adult 🤔 NTA

Zero132132 | Zero132132

Savage comment gets no replies, but it's a mood 😂

MikeyS707 | MikeyS707

Suggests prep work for mom to avoid hostility 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom accused daughter of starving her, but she's NTA. Yikes!

devlin94 | devlin94

Daughter called NTA for mother's inexcusable and offensive behavior 😱

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Comment calls out the mother's behavior, uses 'asshole' acronym.

agentsometime | agentsometime

Mother's racist outburst over sushi at dinner party. NTA.

3OrcsInATrenchcoat | 3OrcsInATrenchcoat

NTA defends girlfriend's Korean food, calls mom childish 😱

ckim118 | ckim118

Food wins again! Daughter not guilty of dinner party sabotage 🍽😍

HotAge5962 | HotAge5962

Daughter refuses to try food, accuses mom of starving her 😱

Unsolicitedadvice13 | Unsolicitedadvice13

Sushi and racism? NTA calls out mum's behavior. 👏

WetMonkeyTalk | WetMonkeyTalk

Concerned Redditor questions mother's behavior, suspects early dementia. 🤔

leftcoastanimal | leftcoastanimal

Supportive comment suggests couples counseling to deal with toxic in-laws ❤️

Lundy_trainee | Lundy_trainee

Daughter's mom is overdramatic and awful 😒

Fit-Establishment219 | Fit-Establishment219

NTA, distance yourself from toxic mom for marriage's sake 👍

letsgetit899 | letsgetit899

Daughter not at fault for mum's hunger 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clear judgement: Not the a**hole (NTA)

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter takes a side against the mother with a twist 🤪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Be gracious, take small portions, ask questions, compliment the chef 😊

CaptainBasketQueso | CaptainBasketQueso

Support for OP standing up to mom, plus recipe request 🤩

kgrimmburn | kgrimmburn

Food's great, but is her mom a narcissist? Overreaction alert 😱

terrapharma | terrapharma

Food shaming and cultural ignorance? Not cool. #NTA 👏

Adorable_Specific_37 | Adorable_Specific_37

Daughter's mom acted childish, commenters agree. NTA 👍

that_was_way_harsh | that_was_way_harsh

Daughter not at fault for ignorant guest's racist outburst 😱

Revolutionary-Good22 | Revolutionary-Good22

Daughter stands up to mom's dinner party accusations. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter not at fault, but is mom always this crazy? 🤔

Screamformereddit | Screamformereddit

Defending GF's Korean food, OP is NTA. Family milks drama. 🍽️

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Defending girlfriend from racist mom, NTA. Family needs manners 🙌

ghostforest | ghostforest

Daughter stands up to mom's accusations, sparks family drama 😱

SteeleMyHeart11 | SteeleMyHeart11

Mother's behavior was disrespectful and rude. NTA for calling her out 😱

HomeOnTheWater | HomeOnTheWater

Picky eater sympathizes, but mom's rude reaction makes her TA. NTA 👍

RadioactiveMermaid | RadioactiveMermaid

Mom's assumptions lead to dinner party drama 🍽️😱

throwawayyourfun | throwawayyourfun

Korean feast vs sushi expectations. NTA wins.

ashakilee | ashakilee

Commenter defends daughter's cooking skills with sarcasm 😎

Wallie_tdrk | Wallie_tdrk

NTA. Support for standing up against racism at family dinner. 👏

itsme_uglyasshoe | itsme_uglyasshoe

Food steals the show in dinner party dispute 🍽🍕

Live-Mail-7142 | Live-Mail-7142

Mother expects sushi, refuses to try it. NTA wins.

recyclable-trash | recyclable-trash

Commenter empathizes with OP's narcissistic mother, suggests research 🤔

Ihopeyoufindsomebody | Ihopeyoufindsomebody

Defending girlfriend against racist mom. NTA. 💯

Horror-Perception-50 | Horror-Perception-50

Commenter sympathizes with NTA and jokes about delicious menu 😋

Roaming_Cow | Roaming_Cow

Commenter suggests daughter's friend was looking for drama 🤔

MaliciouslyMinty | MaliciouslyMinty

Commenter jokes about being hungry, agrees with OP's actions.

pr1ncessazula | pr1ncessazula

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