Dad's Farm Punishment for Son's Tantrum: Genius or Cruel? 😲

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We all know how kids can be sometimes, right? One minute they're excited about a family camping trip, and the next, they're throwing a tantrum and refusing to go. Well, one dad decided to teach his 10-year-old son a lesson when he refused to join the family on their weekend getaway. Instead of letting him stay home and play video games, Dad came up with a different plan. 😏

Family Camping Trip Gone Wrong 🏕️

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Dad's First Solution: Fishing 🎣

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Son's Stubborn Stance 😤

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Dad Lays Down the Law 🚫

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Babysitter and Chores: The Initial Plan 🧹

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Son Feels Grounded 😠

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One Last Chance 🙏

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The Farm Idea 💡

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Grandpa's Swift Arrival 🚗

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Son's Displeasure 😒

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Grandpa's Farm Duties 🐑

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The Real Plan 🌞

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The Ultimate Goal 🌳

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Dad's Farm Punishment: A Lesson Learned? 🤔

So, this dad decided to teach his son a lesson about the importance of family time and enjoying the great outdoors. Instead of letting him stay home and sulk, he sent him to work on his grandpa's farm. While it may not be hard labor, the boy will have to feed the lambs and swim in the pool. It's clear that Dad's goal is to get his son outside and away from screens. What do you think about this father's approach? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🌐

NTA parent receives praise for teaching child to take orders.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Feeding lambs and spending time with grandpa? Sounds like a win! 😍

Epicmondeum17 | Epicmondeum17

Debate on whether it's NTA or NAH parenting strategy 🤔

AshurBadaktu | AshurBadaktu

NTA comment suggests quality time with grandpa is more important 👍

Sinjury | Sinjury

Grandpa's farm might be the perfect break for a frustrated kid 😊

chaenorrhinum | chaenorrhinum

Commenter points out lack of conflict resolution and empathy in parenting.

that_big_negro | that_big_negro

Commenters question sibling dynamic in farm punishment debate 🤔

OhFFSSeriously | OhFFSSeriously

Dad's punishment for son's tantrum deemed cruel by commenters. YTA.

coatrack68 | coatrack68

Debate over whether dad's punishment for son's tantrum is fair. 🤔

nehraw | nehraw

Parenting win! Teaching a lesson, not just punishment 👏

sinloxie | sinloxie

Curiosity about the fight sparks discussion and empathy 🤔

saintofhate | saintofhate

Parenting advice: Incentivize, don't punish or trick with grandfather punishment 🙏

Kiaz33 | Kiaz33

Parenting advice sparks debate: YTA or NAH? 🤔

Ummah_Strong | Ummah_Strong

Commenter explains bad outcomes of dad's punishment for son's tantrum 😒

cyanidelemonade | cyanidelemonade

Parent shames child for not sharing hobbies, called out 👏

tossback2 | tossback2

Don't punish kids for having emotions, it can backfire 😔

LoZgirl85 | LoZgirl85

Rewarding stubborn behavior: good parenting or bad precedent? 🤔

Mammoth-Cheesecake | Mammoth-Cheesecake

Commenter calls out dad's cruel punishment for son's tantrum. 😱

egru-no | egru-no

Did the son know about the trip? Context matters 🤔

ClassyPat98 | ClassyPat98

Parenting fail? Commenter calls out dad's punishment as cruel 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parental punishment or hobby forcing? YTA gets backlash. 🤔

nicwampler | nicwampler

Commenter calls out dad's punishment, sparks no replies. YTA.

Pancreasaurus | Pancreasaurus

Grandpa as punishment? YTA, but gently. 😕

laurenj2210 | laurenj2210

A silver lining to the punishment? 🐑

totally_ej | totally_ej

👍 NTA comment receives approval for parenting approach.

RvBSarge08 | RvBSarge08

Engage in discussion: Is the punishment justified or excessive?

Mot_20 | Mot_20

Curious Redditor asks for context in farm punishment debate 🤔

1qaz0plmgh | 1qaz0plmgh

Commenter thinks dad is the a**hole for farm punishment.

annefrankhc | annefrankhc

Parent criticized for punishing son for not wanting to be outside 😕

kaitou1011 | kaitou1011

Forcing kids to do things they hate breeds resentment 😔

Chrisis-not-myname | Chrisis-not-myname

Commenter deems dad the a**hole for farm punishment 😠

A_Guy_Named_John | A_Guy_Named_John

Commenter deems dad the a**hole for farm punishment. 🤬

Shazam4ever | Shazam4ever

Commenter unequivocally declares YTA, sparking no replies.

ryukage99 | ryukage99

Commenter finds humor in dad's punishment, offers to feed lambs. 😂

koinu-chan_love | koinu-chan_love

Parenting should involve validating children's feelings, not just punishment. 👍

ICONICAssMaster | ICONICAssMaster

YTA for punishing your kid for expressing emotions 😠

cornixad | cornixad

Ignoring his son's feelings and blackmailing him? YTA, OP. 😡

plantsandmoosic | plantsandmoosic

Setting boundaries early on is key to avoiding future tantrums 🙌

desert_red_head | desert_red_head

Memories with grandpa are priceless. NTA, parenting is tough 👍

I_love_my_fish_ | I_love_my_fish_

From lazy to loving it: farm punishment turned life lesson 🌺

hamzayjk | hamzayjk

City slicker defends son's punishment for tantrum at farm. 🐑

DaveDonnie | DaveDonnie

Teaching responsibility or child labor? The farm debate 🤷

Pinklily28 | Pinklily28

Quality family time on the farm! 😍

monkey_trumpets | monkey_trumpets

Parenting win! Stand your ground and teach responsibility. NTA 👏

my-cat-fat-chicken | my-cat-fat-chicken

Parenting win: teaching consequences without being an a**hole 👏

Amraff | Amraff

Son had a choice and a chance to change his mind. NTA 👍

Apostrophe_T | Apostrophe_T

A weekend on dad's farm: punishment or paradise? 🥳

CA716 | CA716

Sitcom-worthy punishment? NTA comment sparks laughter 😂

IntelligentAioli0 | IntelligentAioli0

Farm punishment gets NTA approval from fellow parents 👍

rappoccio | rappoccio

👍 Dad's farm punishment for son's tantrum receives support.

lilfox13 | lilfox13

👍 Positive feedback for good parenting skills

ArachWitch | ArachWitch

Relatable! 😂 Parents unite in farm punishment solidarity.

Cleonce12 | Cleonce12

Farming punishment not cruel, teaches son valuable lesson. 👍

green_tea1701 | green_tea1701

Growing up on a farm builds character 👨‍🌾

fakemidnight | fakemidnight

👍 Good parenting or 👎 Cruel? NTA thinks genius.

dreadfulNinja | dreadfulNinja

Commenter praises NTA parenting style with cool twist 🤩

ahtnamas86 | ahtnamas86

Leaving a 10-year-old alone: NTA, but possibly illegal 😱

oylaura | oylaura

Fair punishment or too harsh? Commenters weigh in. 🤔

Bread_is_smexy | Bread_is_smexy

Not the a**hole, but what was the punishment?

follower888 | follower888

Parenting win! Commenter praises dad's farm punishment. 👏

Tie-Dyed | Tie-Dyed

Fond memories of farm work, not punishment. NTA wins.

veggie124 | veggie124

Not the a**hole, but what was the punishment?

youm3ddlingkids | youm3ddlingkids

Creative farm punishment teaches lesson. NTA parenting win 👏

wilburstiltskin | wilburstiltskin

👍 Dad's farm punishment praised by commenter as good parenting.

Southerntaters | Southerntaters

Parenting advice and support for dealing with difficult kids. 👍

Zenopus | Zenopus

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