Desperate Parent Considers Building Fence to Protect Son from Bully 😱

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Imagine living in a friendly neighborhood with a shared green space for all the kids to play together. Sounds perfect, right? 😍 But what if a bully starts targeting your child, making them feel scared to even step outside? 😢 This is the heartbreaking situation one parent is facing, as their son is being verbally abused by a middle school-aged bully. Despite multiple attempts to contact the bully's parents, this desperate parent is now considering building a fence to protect their child. 💔

The Shared Green Space 🌳

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The Bully's Arrival 😠

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Avoiding the Bully 🚫

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Escalating Situation 😨

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Parental Intervention 🗣️

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Confronting the Bully 😡

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Considering a Fence 🚧

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Son's Worries 😟

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Attempts to Contact Parents 📞

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Parental Boundaries 🚪

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Last Resort 🏡

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A Parent's Dilemma: Fence or No Fence? 🤔

This parent is torn between preserving the shared green space they love and protecting their son from a relentless bully. 😔 Despite numerous attempts to contact the bully's parents, they've been met with silence. Now, they're considering building a fence to keep the bully away, even if it means cutting off a large portion of the backyard for other neighborhood kids. 🏠💔 Let's see what people think of this difficult situation...

Protective parent shares experience with entitled bully and neglectful parents 😠

insertemojihere | insertemojihere

Protecting your property and child from bullies: NTA advice 💪

markroth69 | markroth69

Protecting your child is always NTA! 👏

ssomethingclever | ssomethingclever

Building a fence is a last resort, parents need to communicate 🚧

parameggin | parameggin

Protecting family comes first. Little sh*t's parents need to know 😠

panic_bread | panic_bread

Security cameras and restraining order can keep bully away. 😎

astrid28 | astrid28

Parent receives playful suggestion to shoot bully with paintball gun 😂

puseyes | puseyes

Engage with the bully and teach problem-solving skills. 👍

Bartimaeus222 | Bartimaeus222

Standing up to bullies: NTA parent considers building fence 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggests a carrot vs stick approach to deal with bully 🥑

crumbs445 | crumbs445

Parent feels guilty about building fence to protect son from bully

Unsealedwheat11 | Unsealedwheat11

Concerned commenter suggests calling police for neighbor's safety 🚨

ProbablyOffendingYou | ProbablyOffendingYou

Desperate parent seeks advice on contacting bully's parents 🤔

Zadkrod | Zadkrod

NTA considers involving police to deal with corrupt bully kid 🚨

chakazuluman | chakazuluman

Neighborhood parents' involvement in bully situation questioned 🤔

MemeFarmer314 | MemeFarmer314

Fence won't stop a determined bully 😕 #NTA

phoenix25 | phoenix25

Mesh fence with cool stuff inside to make friends and exclude bullies 😎

Kompottkopf | Kompottkopf

Parent seeks help from neighbors to banish backyard bully 💪

meshark1 | meshark1

Protecting your kid's safety is NTA. Consider karate lessons 🤝

RelsircTheGrey | RelsircTheGrey

Stand up for your child, always. 👏

Solivagant0 | Solivagant0

Building a fence won't solve the problem. Consider involving school/CPS. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Uniting neighbors to stop bullying: a fence-free solution 👍

Arete108 | Arete108

Protective parent considers barbed wire fence to keep bully out 😱

s-mores | s-mores

Protective parent considers fence to keep bully out 😎

MikeRedWarren | MikeRedWarren

Protect your son at all costs 🙌 Build the fence 🛩

Defenestr-Asian | Defenestr-Asian

Protective parent takes matters into own hands with backyard fence 😡

Eddie6967 | Eddie6967

Suggest social pressure on neighbors to stop bullying and fence-building

nickis84 | nickis84

Protective parent suggests fence with note to address bullying. NTA.

m_kelly1016 | m_kelly1016

Extreme solution suggested for bullying problem. Strong negative sentiment.

Shintox | Shintox

Protecting your child from bullying is always the right thing 👍

o0oDreamWeavero0o | o0oDreamWeavero0o

Stand up to bullies with a fence 😎

GonnaBeIToldUSo | GonnaBeIToldUSo

Protecting your child's mental health is top priority 👏

jmc259 | jmc259

Parent seeks revenge on bully's family by sitting outside their house 😳

Cooldide372 | Cooldide372

Protective parent plans fence and cameras to deter bullies. NTA.

jazi_88 | jazi_88

Creative solution to bully problem gets NTA's approval 💪

newshoes12321 | newshoes12321

Enlist other families to stop bully? NTA, but worth trying 👍

throwingutah | throwingutah

Protecting family and property with fences is reasonable. NTA 👍

2Random4Chaos | 2Random4Chaos

Seeking advice on dealing with child's bully posse 🤔

analrosebud | analrosebud

Protecting your child is never a**hole move 👍

navissima | navissima

Consider son's opinion before building fence to protect from bully

TheSilverNoble | TheSilverNoble

Standing up to bullies: NTA seeks legal action 💪

hjiaicmk | hjiaicmk

Parent not at fault for building fence, but may face vandalism

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your baby and build that fence! 😎

KindResist0 | KindResist0

NTA but building a fence isn't the best solution 🤔

dreadedwheat | dreadedwheat

Build that fence! West coasters understand the need for privacy 😎

lynn620 | lynn620

Resourceful solution or petty revenge? The comments are divided 🤔

LegendaryRose17 | LegendaryRose17

Suggests Wintergreen Barberry and motion activated sprinklers to deter bully. 😬

traverpen | traverpen

Protecting your child's safety is always justified 😊

Nyu727 | Nyu727

NTA parent seeks advice on dealing with bully in community park.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Challenge to turn enemy into ally to stop bullying. 💪

Tess47 | Tess47

Teach your kid to box 🤜 and fight back 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encourage self-confidence with martial arts 🥋, not violence. #NTA

theONLYbadguy | theONLYbadguy

Police intervention and standing up to bullies can be effective 💪

CptnOn0uS | CptnOn0uS

Shaming on social media: effective or unethical? 🤔

memx12 | memx12

Suggests seeking help from neighbors to protect child from bully 👍

HypatiaLemarr | HypatiaLemarr

Savage response shuts down bully, no fence needed 💯

Nerakus | Nerakus

Building a fence seems justified, calling the work van number isn't.

remaai | remaai

Creative and petty revenge ideas against a playground bully 😏

mentalgopher | mentalgopher

Protecting your child is important, but fences can't solve everything 🤔

holiday_armadillooo | holiday_armadillooo

Protecting your child comes first 🙌 NTA

El-oso123 | El-oso123

Creative solution to deal with a bully 😊

Pandaploots | Pandaploots

Standing up to bullies with a knock and a threat 💪

dlabsx | dlabsx

Protecting your child from bullies is always a priority 🙌

JaneDough53 | JaneDough53

Clear judgement. No further explanation needed. 👍

HRHArgyll | HRHArgyll

A helpful suggestion on dealing with a bully and protection 🐶

Livid-Swordfish | Livid-Swordfish

Desperate parent receives NTA judgement and advice on dealing with bully.

Yougotmail1 | Yougotmail1

Stand up for your son and build that fence! 💪🏻

jenneration | jenneration

Build the fence, blame the bully. Win-win situation! 🙌

PokePalace24 | PokePalace24

Protecting your child's safety at home is top priority. 👍

ichosenoname | ichosenoname

Protective parent builds fence and playground for son and friends 🏞

Greedence | Greedence

Advocating for self-defense and legal action against the bully. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

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