Man Claps Back at Wife's Friends: Pain is NOT a Competition! 😤

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We've all been there: you're minding your own business when a group of people start making snide remarks at your expense. 😒 One man found himself in this situation when his wife had her sister and friends over. They all have kids, except for the sister who had a late-term miscarriage. The man, who lost his right ring finger in a freak accident, was mocked by the group for his pain. But when the jokes went too far, he decided to stand up for himself. 🙌 Let's dive into the story!

The Unwanted Nickname 😕

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Mocking Begins 😒

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Joining the Conversation 📱

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Pregnancy Talk 🤰

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The Unwanted Attention 😳

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His Side of the Story 🗣️

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Comparing Pain 😤

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The Finger Incident 🤕

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Biting His Tongue 😬

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Standing Up for Himself 👊

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A Reality Check 🚨

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Shocked Silence 😶

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Wife's Response 🤦‍♀️

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Not the Support He Expected 😢

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Pain is NOT a Competition! 🚫

Our protagonist found himself in an uncomfortable situation when his wife's friends mocked him for his pain, comparing it to their own childbirth experiences. 😡 He decided to stand up for himself, pointing out that pain shouldn't be minimized or trivialized, regardless of the circumstances. His wife, however, didn't support him and claimed he took their jokes too far. 🤷‍♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA claps back at wife's friends for mocking amputation. 🚩

avast2006 | avast2006

NTA. Comparing childbirth to amputation is not okay 😒

RiskyWriter | RiskyWriter

Childbirth doesn't excuse mocking others' pain. NTA claps back 👏

Ink3dmama | Ink3dmama

Childbirth vs finger amputation: different pains, but one more terrifying. NTA.

Haceldama | Haceldama

Pain is not a competition, NTA shuts down wife's friends 🙌

lobstermobstermob | lobstermobstermob

NTA shuts down wife's friends for purposefully being mean 🔥

s-mores | s-mores

NTA. Mocking someone's pain is cruel and not okay. Wife's friends are assholes.

AbundantFailure | AbundantFailure

Insensitive friends mock OP's injury and sister's miscarriage. NTA.

Sudden-Cherry | Sudden-Cherry

Pain is not a competition! NTA. 🙏

nikkiclarke614 | nikkiclarke614

Keeping the same energy. NTA shuts down wife's friends. 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Is ribbing someone over their pain okay? 🤔

youwhoyouhoo | youwhoyouhoo

Woman shuts down 'hierarchy of suffering' and invalidation of pain 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friends use OP as a punching bag, spouse doesn't defend. 🤷‍♂️

DeejLileBabe | DeejLileBabe

Defending spouse from friends' mockery. Respect is reciprocal. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Marital loyalty questioned in NTA comment. 🤔

bibbiddybobbidyboo | bibbiddybobbidyboo

Wife's friends vs husband, who's the real a**hole? 🤔

GonnaBeIToldUSo | GonnaBeIToldUSo

NTA: Pain is subjective and contextual. Losing fingers is devastating. 😱

Lemonlaksen | Lemonlaksen

Defending husband's pain, not a competition. NTA 🙏

ezermuse | ezermuse

NTA claps back at wife's friends for immature Pain Olympics game 👏

DeeLite04 | DeeLite04

Wife's friends are the real a-holes in this situation. 😒

EvilAuntBecky | EvilAuntBecky

Don't let anyone invalidate your pain! 🙌

slooshy_moloko | slooshy_moloko

Defending himself against insensitive friends, man is NTA 👏

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Natural birth isn't a competition, don't belittle others' pain 🙏

FeistyFiveFeetTwo | FeistyFiveFeetTwo

Spouse should have your back when friends pile on 👭

wrosmer | wrosmer

Wife's friends suck, but NTA for standing up for yourself. 👍

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Pregnancy pain vs losing a finger? Not a competition. 😒

janesyouraunt | janesyouraunt

Commenter questions wife's social distancing practices during pandemic 🤔

Cloudinterpreter | Cloudinterpreter

Man shuts down pain competition with facts. 💪

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

Pain is not a competition! 🙏 Let's support each other instead. 👍

rjw223 | rjw223

Pain is not a competition, drowning in a puddle or ocean. 😢

iguessitgotworse | iguessitgotworse

Childbirth vs. toothache: which is worse? 🤔

zazziethegiggles | zazziethegiggles

Bye bye toxic friends! NTA husband deserves respect 👏

MrTubbyTubby | MrTubbyTubby

"NTA" stands up against wife's toxic friends. 💪

FerretAres | FerretAres

Pain Olympics are pointless and mocking amputation is low blow 😡

bichonborealis | bichonborealis

Commenter deemed NTA, no replies yet. 👍

xpoisonferns | xpoisonferns

Choosing between childbirth and losing a finger 🤨

WheelMyPain | WheelMyPain

Pain is relative, why belittle others for having less misery? 🤔

CasuallyNocturnal19 | CasuallyNocturnal19

Birth and amputation are not comparable, NTA claps back! 🙌

gothlord9000 | gothlord9000

Defending his home and reputation against sexist accusations 💪

gersanriv | gersanriv

NTA claps back at wife's friends, makes world better place 👏

eDgEIN708 | eDgEIN708

Man shuts down pain competition with facts and empathy. 👏

Adalaide78 | Adalaide78

NTA claps back at wife's friends for minimizing his pain 😠

chibihaley | chibihaley

NTA calls out wife's friends for playing the 'pain olympics' 😡

ReaffirmReality | ReaffirmReality

Man defends himself against wife's insensitive friends. Not the a**hole.

TheSilverNoble | TheSilverNoble

Pain is never comparable, even if it's not on the same level 😢

Bloody_Flo | Bloody_Flo

Pain is pain, not a competition 🙏

SandersonKay | SandersonKay

Man receives support and advice on dealing with wife's friends.

rilesmcjiles | rilesmcjiles

Giving birth and losing a finger are both painful, but one is natural. NTA.

Elegant-Despair | Elegant-Despair

NTA. Wife's friends insulted him, wife should have stood up. 🙄

apracticalpoet | apracticalpoet

Man defends himself against wife's friends. NTA, but oops!

winree | winree

Woman shuts down pain comparison, childbirth not worst pain imaginable 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman's pain trivialized, commenter disagrees with wife's friend. 🤔

userwife | userwife

Pain is not a competition 😤. Human bodies register pain differently.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter supports OP and criticizes wife's friend and wife.

arahzel | arahzel

Pain is not a competition! 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wife's friend mocked amputated finger, husband NTA, wife slightly AH 😕

cheffy3369 | cheffy3369

Pain is not a competition, and this man gets it! 🙌

LizardPNW | LizardPNW

Not the a**hole, but who's competing in pain? 🤔

jmc259 | jmc259

Short and sweet: Not the a**hole! 👏

Bob4Cat | Bob4Cat

NTA claps back at wife's friends. 😎

AccioAmelia | AccioAmelia

NTA claps back at wife's friends, considers marriage reconsideration 🤔

Pixamel | Pixamel

Wife's friends lack tact, husband not in the wrong. 👍

cmband254 | cmband254

Breaking gender stereotypes and standing up against pain shaming. 💪

DandyWarlocks | DandyWarlocks

Shocking! Friends make fun of amputation. NTA shuts them down. 😱

LeadCrow17 | LeadCrow17

Pain is subjective, and all pain is valid. 🙌

imsorrydontyellatme | imsorrydontyellatme

Fiance's amputation vs childbirth: not a competition. NTA.

the_pot_princess | the_pot_princess

Pain is not a competition, childbirth isn't special. 😒

ihaveinvertedanus | ihaveinvertedanus

Don't let guests insult you in your own home! 🙌

speaker_for_the_dead | speaker_for_the_dead

Childbirth vs losing a finger: Pain is not a competition! 😱

imabanddork | imabanddork

COVID-19 shaming: ESH for ignoring social distancing rules. 😒

workthrow3 | workthrow3

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