Man Gifts Fake Designer Perfume to Girlfriend, Sparks Unexpected Reaction 😮

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We all know that love languages can vary from person to person, but what happens when one person's love language clashes with the other's values? In this story, a 23-year-old man tries to impress his 19-year-old girlfriend by buying her a designer perfume she'd been dreaming about. But instead of spending $300 on the real deal, he found a cheaper alternative online. When she received the gift, her reaction was not what he expected. 😬

A Magnetic Girlfriend 💖

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The Expensive-Looking Dream Girl 💅

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The Designer Perfume Dilemma 🛍️

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A Promise Made 🤞

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The $300 Perfume Alternative 💸

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Gift Unwrapped, Reaction Unleashed 😐

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A Hug and a Kiss, But Not Enough? 😕

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The Truth Comes Out 🤔

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Name-Calling and Accusations 😠

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Her Response 🗣️

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His Defense 🛡️

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A Different Light 💔

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A Love Language Lost in Translation? 😓

In an attempt to show his love and appreciation, our 23-year-old protagonist decided to buy his girlfriend a designer perfume she'd been admiring. But instead of splurging on the $300 original, he found a cheaper alternative online. When she received the gift, her reaction was less than enthusiastic, leading to accusations of materialism and ungratefulness. As the situation escalated, both parties were left questioning their relationship. Let's see what the internet thinks of this perfume predicament... 🧐

Hilarious narration of events, but YTA for lying and tantrum.

Rowanever | Rowanever

Man gifts fake perfume, takes girlfriend to McDonald's. Commenters say YTA.

bgraphics | bgraphics

Girlfriend calls out boyfriend for gifting fake perfume. YTA.

TheDevilsJoy | TheDevilsJoy

Fake perfume gift leads to major red flag. YTA.

oodlesofschmoodles | oodlesofschmoodles

Deception backfires: Man gifts fake perfume, called out for being YTA 😑

Hopium_Dealer | Hopium_Dealer

Buying fake perfume is dangerous and lying about it is worse 😱

7thatsanope | 7thatsanope

Gifted fake perfume, called her materialistic, YTA and suck.

LailaBlack | LailaBlack

Buying fake perfume can be harmful, and high-end perfumes use quality materials.

aldebear | aldebear

Gifted fake perfume, called out for classism. Yikes 🤯

deisand | deisand

OP is called out for being a brat and deceiving girlfriend 😬

sweaterboypdx | sweaterboypdx

Man gifts fake perfume, girlfriend calls him out for being cheap 🤑

Chaos-n-Dissonance | Chaos-n-Dissonance

Fake perfume gift leads to unsafe ingredients and YTA judgement 😬

0biterdicta | 0biterdicta

Girlfriend politely accepts fake perfume gift, boyfriend insecure about providing 💔

Beneficial_Ad_7666 | Beneficial_Ad_7666

Commenter calls out OP's misogyny and insecurities. Yikes 😱

hryelle | hryelle

Commenter calls out YTA for being immature and condescending 😞

RealWanderingWizard | RealWanderingWizard

Man buys fake perfume, gets defensive when girlfriend notices. YTA.

Darkingnight | Darkingnight

User calls out OP's toxic behavior and offers advice. 👏

cotysaxman | cotysaxman

Girlfriend rejects fake gift, gets yelled at for knowing it's fake. YTA 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP's girlfriend for poor taste in men 😬

BigDweebEnergy | BigDweebEnergy

Gifted fake perfume, got mad at girlfriend's reaction. YTA 😑

salgod420 | salgod420

Fake perfume sparks real anger. YTA for faking it.

noonemi | noonemi

Gifted fake perfume, called GF materialistic. YTA got roasted.

lareinadelsarah | lareinadelsarah

Red-pilled incel? Is this guy for real? 🤔

HmnCllTr | HmnCllTr

Gift fail: Commenters deem OP the a**hole for fake perfume.

Effective-Being-849 | Effective-Being-849

OP tried to pass off fake perfume as real, called girlfriend a "brat". YTA.

danceswithronin | danceswithronin

Buying a fake perfume and expecting her to like it? YTA. 😑

Rowanever | Rowanever

Fake perfume sparks YTA comment and a sassy reply 😏

buttercupbeuaty | buttercupbeuaty

Man gifts fake designer perfume to girlfriend, gets called out.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Gift-giving charade to indebt girlfriend? Yikes. Major YTA 😱

marginalkynes | marginalkynes

Man buys fake perfume, calls girlfriend materialistic for noticing. YTA 😮

charriecoco | charriecoco

Girlfriend deserves better, fake perfume was not the issue 😮

mintyoreos_ | mintyoreos_

OP disregards girlfriend's wishes, gifts fake perfume, and plays victim. YTA 😡

Equivalent_Tea_4230 | Equivalent_Tea_4230

Debating the authenticity of the article 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Man gifts fake designer perfume, girlfriend calls him out for being cheap 😬

00Lisa00 | 00Lisa00

Fake perfumes can cause skin damage and burns. YTA 😕

Little_Option_6421 | Little_Option_6421

User calls out abusive behavior in fake perfume gift. #YTA 😱

RowRow1990 | RowRow1990

Buying fake perfume for girlfriend backfires. YTA 🙄

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

Man gifts fake perfume to girlfriend, called out for being dishonest 🤨

mkhc90 | mkhc90

Insecure boyfriend gifts fake designer perfume, gets called out. 😮

Phantasma64 | Phantasma64

Commenter finds OP's description of girlfriend creepy 🤨

Orcasareglorious | Orcasareglorious

Man buys fake designer perfume for girlfriend against her wishes. YTA.

tandoori_taco_cat | tandoori_taco_cat

User calls out OP for insulting girlfriend's common sense. 😡

jaroffailure | jaroffailure

Gift-giving gone wrong: Commenter calls out selfish boyfriend. 😕

hannarenee | hannarenee

Gift-giving isn't her love language, but YTA for expecting worship 😑

cato314 | cato314

Gifting fake perfume is like giving a Chinese BMW copy. YTA 😬

MMart_123 | MMart_123

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