Wife Refuses to Let Klepto Sister-in-Law Move In 😱

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Marriage comes with its fair share of challenges and compromises, but what happens when your spouse's family becomes a source of conflict? One wife found herself in a sticky situation when her husband hinted at having his younger sister move in with them. The problem? The sister has a history of stealing, and the wife doesn't feel comfortable with her living in their home. Is she being too harsh, or is she simply protecting her space? Let's dive into the story. 😬

The Backstory 🏠

nadeeah | nadeeah

Missing Belongings 😟

nadeeah | nadeeah

No Apology 🤷

nadeeah | nadeeah

Shoplifting Trouble 🚨

nadeeah | nadeeah

In-Laws' Marital Problems 😣

nadeeah | nadeeah

The Hint 💡

nadeeah | nadeeah

Wife's Discomfort 😕

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COVID Concerns 🦠

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Parents' Responsibility 🧐

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A Whole Different Responsibility 🤔

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Opening a Can of Worms 🐛

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For Clarity 📝

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Sister's Age and Tendencies 🕵️‍♀️

nadeeah | nadeeah

Wife Stands Her Ground 🚫

This wife is caught in a tough situation as her husband hints at having his kleptomaniac sister move in with them. She's sympathetic to her sister-in-law's struggles but doesn't feel comfortable opening their home to her, fearing it would only create more problems. While she's willing to help in dire circumstances, she believes it's her in-laws' responsibility to provide a stable home for their daughter. Is she being too harsh, or is she simply protecting her space? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

NTA for not letting untrustworthy SIL move in 😱

Kiwitechgirl | Kiwitechgirl

NTA. You both sacrificed for your own house. Be honest.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter is NTA for not letting sister-in-law move in 😱

milee30 | milee30

Sister-in-law not in danger, NTA for refusing to let her in 😊

Boss_R4ge | Boss_R4ge

NTA. Big bro needs to talk to parents about SIL.

lincmidd | lincmidd

Supportive comment with celebratory tone 🎉

WritPositWrit | WritPositWrit

👍 Not the a**hole for not wanting a potential thief.

You_just_never_know | You_just_never_know

Offer a safe space, but NTA for not wanting a thief.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Klepto sister-in-law wants to move in? NTA for refusing 😱

ur_mom_cant_get_enuf | ur_mom_cant_get_enuf

Setting boundaries with klepto sister-in-law. NTA 👍

NorthCoastToast | NorthCoastToast

Commenter suggests sister-in-law needs help with family issues 🙏

Geeky-Chick | Geeky-Chick

NTA. No way you should take on klepto sister-in-law 😱

Maximum_System_7819 | Maximum_System_7819

Encouraging therapy for klepto sister-in-law, NTA but empathetic 🤝

Disastrous_Arugula_2 | Disastrous_Arugula_2

Don't risk your valuables, NTA. 🚫🔑

Please_no_autographs | Please_no_autographs

SIL's kleptomania is causing tension between couple. NAH judgement.

Pknuck88 | Pknuck88

Husband hurt by NTA response to sister-in-law's move-in request 😞

riley125 | riley125

Don't let a thief take over your home! NTA 🙌

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Protect your home and marriage, don't let klepto in-law in 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compassionate suggestion to help SIL despite not taking her in. 💜

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Don't let a thief live with you 😱 NTA

sparrowhawk75 | sparrowhawk75

Don't let a klepto into your home! NTA 😱

The_Amazing_Username | The_Amazing_Username

Commenter supports wife's decision to not let sister-in-law move in 😊

Lordblight92 | Lordblight92

Protect your loot! NTA for not letting thief move in 👏

snarkravingmad | snarkravingmad

Compassionate reply suggests therapy for sister-in-law's kleptomania 👍

GC_Man | GC_Man

Set strong boundaries and don't let a klepto in-law in 😱

FurryChildren | FurryChildren

Curious about SIL's age? She's a teenage student.

Skull-Bearer | Skull-Bearer

Are the parents' marital problems related to the klepto sister-in-law? 🤔

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

Sister-in-law wants to move in but she's a thief 🙅‍♀️

Splunkzop | Splunkzop

Commenter sympathizes with sister-in-law's behavior but agrees with wife's decision.

flax92 | flax92

NTA stands up to klepto sister-in-law. No room for thieves 🚨

nova9001 | nova9001

Protect your home from thieves 👮🏻‍♀️🚫

Kiwi_bri | Kiwi_bri

Sister-in-law banned from home for kleptomania 🚫

NJ2CAthrowaway | NJ2CAthrowaway

Commenter supports wife's decision to not house sister-in-law 😊

fibbi18 | fibbi18

Agreeing with the commenter's decision, NTA 👍

Gigafive | Gigafive

Former teenage klepto offers advice on showing sister-in-law support 👍

GFdesserts | GFdesserts

NTA - Sister-in-law's kleptomania poses a risk. Invest in security measures. 🚨

StormingBlitz91 | StormingBlitz91

Set boundaries with spouse to keep klepto sister-in-law out 🙌

rizuliz | rizuliz

Offering a stable home to SIL is not feasible. NTA 👍

Ladyughsalot1 | Ladyughsalot1

IL stands for In Laws, TIL!

nancee23 | nancee23

Husband's past inaction justifies wife's refusal to let SIL move in 🙅

AelinAGalathynius | AelinAGalathynius

Compassionate advice to help troubled teenager turn her life around 👍

aXeworthy | aXeworthy

Clear and concise judgement - NTA! 👍

Rhm85 | Rhm85

NTA, living with a remorseless thief is a no-go 😱

Flippn_Freddy | Flippn_Freddy

You're in the clear! Don't let her steal your peace 😊

saros19 | saros19

Commenter agrees with wife's decision, no drama here 😊

youm3ddlingkids | youm3ddlingkids

NTA for not wanting Little Miss Thievery to move in 🙌

moonlettuce13 | moonlettuce13

Trust issues with sister-in-law. NTA for refusing.

quaterlife_crisis | quaterlife_crisis

NTA advises checking SIL for kleptomania 🤔

searchfordankest | searchfordankest

Protect your home and belongings - NTA for setting boundaries 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Feeling safe in your own home is important 🙌

sycarte | sycarte

Setting boundaries with klepto sister-in-law. Therapy recommended if accommodating.

Chrysdelight | Chrysdelight

A cautionary tale about involving family in marital decisions 😢

Dani2386 | Dani2386

NTA for refusing klepto SIL. Empathy for her, consequences exist.

Wildracheonappears | Wildracheonappears

Don't let her move in. Protect your relationship and sanity. 😱

TheDevilsAdvokaat | TheDevilsAdvokaat

Standing up to a klepto sister-in-law. NTA 💪

Narshalla | Narshalla

NTA. Don't let a proven thief move in with you 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Lost in translation? Commenter confused by IL abbreviation 😕

soepie7 | soepie7

No room for a**hole kleptos in this house 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband's sister stole, wife says no to living together 😕

Maladict33 | Maladict33

Setting boundaries with a kleptomaniac SIL. NTA 💪

emotional-hedgehog | emotional-hedgehog

👍 Stand your ground against klepto sister-in-law

daisy_no | daisy_no

Security over sister-in-law, NTA takes no chances 🚨

pkkballer22 | pkkballer22

NTA! Don't let a klepto stress you out at home 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

SIL's manipulative behavior and kleptomania could damage marriage and family 😱

Swedishpunsch | Swedishpunsch

Commenter thinks OP is not the a**hole. 👍

AnnaBanana3468 | AnnaBanana3468

Commenter supports wife's decision to not let sister-in-law move in

ahy27r | ahy27r

Sister-in-law not homeless, just doesn't like rules 😒

reptilesni | reptilesni

Husband's family drama affecting daughter, NTA for setting boundaries 🙏

ZoukDragneel | ZoukDragneel

NTA shuts down klepto sister-in-law with no mercy 😎

Spiral-knight | Spiral-knight

Protect your sanctuary! 🏠 NTA, install cameras 📹

SnowWhiteCampCat | SnowWhiteCampCat

Commenter believes wife is not the a**hole 😊

Talithathinks | Talithathinks

Sister-in-law stole and didn't apologize. NTA for refusing.

JWJulie | JWJulie

Suggests installing cameras to catch klepto sister-in-law. 📹

evam1985 | evam1985

Setting boundaries with a kleptomaniac sister-in-law 🚫

secretlyacunt | secretlyacunt

NTA. Confrontation and consequences may help klepto sister-in-law understand.

BowTrek | BowTrek

Setting boundaries with family is important for a healthy marriage 👍

kilabot123 | kilabot123

Commenter agrees with wife's decision not to enable sister-in-law 😊

mkr3611 | mkr3611

Stand your ground! Don't let a klepto move in! 🙌

EnvironmentalSafe9 | EnvironmentalSafe9

Compromise and set conditions for sister-in-law to stay? 🤔

Geofery-the-Pig | Geofery-the-Pig

Commenter agrees with the wife's decision not to enable sister-in-law 👍

jessikatnip7 | jessikatnip7

Avoiding teen drama and marital problems with sister-in-law 🤔

starkistuna | starkistuna

Compassionate response to SIL's behavior. 🤔

Surfer_wave_dolphin | Surfer_wave_dolphin

Commenter supports wife's decision to not let sister-in-law move in.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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