🤯 Woman Blames Mom for Infertility & Adoption Threats: Was She Too Harsh? 😱

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Imagine suffering from a rare reproductive issue that could have been fixed if caught earlier, but instead, you're left infertile due to your mother's negligence. This is the heartbreaking reality for one woman in her early thirties. When she confides in her mom about her plans to adopt, her mother's response is far from supportive. Instead, she's met with scolding and threats to sabotage her adoption process! 😡🤯 But did this woman go too far when she blamed her mom for her infertility? Let's dive into this dramatic tale! ✨

Gruesome Periods and a Mother's Denial 😖

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No Help, No Doctors, No Relief 😢

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A Rare Reproductive Issue Discovered 🚨

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The Difficult Choice: Infertility or Risky Surgery 😔

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Marriage, Adoption Plans, and Mom's Reaction 💍

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Mom's Outrageous Demands and Threats 😡

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Sabotaging Adoption and Ignorance About Surgery 🤬

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Confronting Mom and Cutting Her Off 🗣️

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The Fallout: Family Backlash 😞

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Years of Conditioning and Lack of Support 💔

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Husband's Intervention and Doctor's Visit 🙌

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The Struggle with Brainwashing 🧠

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A Mother's Negligence, Infertility, and Adoption Drama: Was She Too Harsh? 🤔

After years of suffering from a rare reproductive issue, this woman is left infertile due to her mother's negligence. When she finally opens up to her mom about her plans to adopt, she's met with scolding, threats, and outrageous demands. 😡💔 But did she go too far when she blamed her mom for her infertility and cut her off? Let's see what the internet thinks of this intense situation... 🌐✨

NTA, shut all that sh*t down 🙅‍♀️🚫

reallynah75 | reallynah75

NTA. DNA does not make a family. Wishing you luck with adoption! 👏

conditionalinterest | conditionalinterest

NTA, but risks losing family if she keeps abusive mother.

nippitybibble | nippitybibble

NTA for standing up to mother's harassment for grandkids. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends OP's decision and blames mother. 👏

Dixie_Flatlin3 | Dixie_Flatlin3

NTA. Mother's behavior is abusive and unsuitable for adoption. 🛑👩‍👧‍👦

pluckymonkeymoo | pluckymonkeymoo

Neglected medical condition, NTA for pursuing safe treatment. ❤

thistle-bea-rat | thistle-bea-rat

Supportive commenters suggest resources for abuse survivors and encourage NC. 👏

felix-felicis45 | felix-felicis45

Commenter and replies express shock and outrage at mother's cruelty 😱💔

Apricottree05 | Apricottree05

👏 NTA stands up to awful mom's disgusting reaction to adoption

mygawd | mygawd

Standing up to unsupportive parents. 💪

Dammit_Janet5 | Dammit_Janet5

NTA, commenter provides clarification on infertility vs sterility terminology 🤔

Desert_Fairy | Desert_Fairy

Self-doubt and family bullying. 😔

timeforknowledge | timeforknowledge

Overcoming years of destroyed self-esteem is a real battle. 🙏

Alarid | Alarid

Supportive comment encourages OP to prioritize their own happiness ❤️

Colourful_Dream | Colourful_Dream

NTA. Good job telling off your narcissistic mother. Keep her out.

Elathetra | Elathetra

Parental negligence and victim blaming is unacceptable 💯. NTA.

roachsgirl | roachsgirl

NTA. Advocating for oneself is important and healing. 👏

Dismal-Passenger | Dismal-Passenger

Cut ties with toxic mom to protect adoption chances. NTA 👏

all-i-live-for | all-i-live-for

Mother's neglect and abuse justified OP's NTA verdict. 👍

gg2341 | gg2341

Supportive comment validates OP's feelings and suggests reason for mom's behavior 👍

msdemonic | msdemonic

🙌 Standing up for yourself is never harsh. #NTA

RatTrapCheese | RatTrapCheese

You're not the a**hole, and neither is your family 👏

JKmusclebunny | JKmusclebunny

👏 Short and sweet, this commenter doesn't hold back. #NTA

Namron06 | Namron06

Find support and validation on r/raisedbynarcissists subreddit. 🤝

Vintagemegs | Vintagemegs

Father's ignorance caused infertility at 19 😢

naostalgic13 | naostalgic13

NTA. Woman shares her experience with medical negligence and judgment.

caramel1110 | caramel1110

Mother's medical neglect and manipulation make her the a**hole. 💊

Snail_jousting | Snail_jousting

👏🏼 NTA stands up for herself against mom's infertility blame.

randombucketofmilk | randombucketofmilk

Mother failed basic responsibility, now making it about her. NTA 👏

literositynow | literositynow

Commenter fully supports OP's actions 👍

talinomedina | talinomedina

Woman with infertility due to untreated condition confronts family members. NTA.

harimarierose | harimarierose

🙌 Absolutely NTA! Your mother's delusional and cruel behavior is unacceptable.

ManoftheOasis | ManoftheOasis

Supportive comment offers sympathy for difficult situation. ❤️

KatJen76 | KatJen76

Adopted commenter supports OP's NTA decision, calls out mother's behavior 😡

A90Supraw | A90Supraw

Supportive comment, wishing the best with heart emoji ❤️

kdmcr | kdmcr

Block them all! Victim blaming and harsh words from a monster.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman shares heartbreaking story of mother's neglect causing infertility. NTA.

JippityB | JippityB

Mother accused daughter of faking pain, now blames her infertility 😱

awesameen | awesameen

NTA comment supports OP and advises to keep mom away. 👍

sukinsyn | sukinsyn

Supportive comment and offer of sisterly help for adoption journey 😊

N_Jay_Bee | N_Jay_Bee

Family backlash: Commenter doubts if she's the a**hole.

shezabel | shezabel

Woman shares heartbreaking story of infertility due to mother's neglect 😔

Bookaholicforever | Bookaholicforever

Mother's lack of support caused infertility blame and adoption threats. #NTA 👏

jsher1998 | jsher1998

👍 Speaking truthfully is not being harsh, NTA wins!

EmilyAndCat | EmilyAndCat

Supportive comment and well wishes for future parenthood. 🙏

Yuzucha | Yuzucha

Sibling shares similar experience, advises going no contact. NTA 👍

Craven_Hellsing | Craven_Hellsing

NTA for calling out neglectful mother's adoption threats. 👏

Trepenwitz | Trepenwitz

Supportive comment, encouraging adoption and calling out toxic behavior. 🙌

Fishkimo | Fishkimo

Mother neglects daughter's health leading to infertility. NTA 👏

yellowflowers315 | yellowflowers315

Cutting toxic family members out of your life is necessary 👍

djean060 | djean060

Commenter defends OP and criticizes OP's mother's mental state. 🤔

deeznutsiym | deeznutsiym

NTA! 🙌 Short and sweet solution to toxic family drama.

[deleted] | [deleted]

🙌 NTA stands up to narcissistic mother. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman rightfully defends her choice to adopt and sets boundaries. 💪

SiobhanMcF | SiobhanMcF

NTA but family full of a**holes 🙄

Whenitrainsitpours86 | Whenitrainsitpours86

👍 NTA comment calls out awful behavior of parent and receives agreement.

zee714 | zee714

Supportive mom defends OP against cruel mother's infertility blame. ❤️

Calpernia09 | Calpernia09

Cutting ties with toxic family - NTA 🙌

aeiou-y | aeiou-y

Commenter calls out abusive mother, supports OP's decision to adopt. 👏

SPdoc | SPdoc

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